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Home : Awards / Grants : Regional Excellence : 2009-2011 Showcase of Regional Excellence Recipients

2009-2011 Showcase of Regional Excellence Recipients

Creating Welcoming Environments Category

Alpha Beta Chapter - Spring into Excellence!
The Alpha Beta Chapter has implemented various initiatives throughout the year to create a welcoming environment for both current and future members. These include:

Induction Brunch: In recognition that our membership enrollment was less than desired, the Board changed the induction ceremony from Sunday to Saturday morning and encouraged free attendance of guests. As a result, 70% of the undergraduate students accepted the invitation.

Holiday Tea: Each holiday season the chapter hosts an opportunity to get together and talk with members on campus. This past season the decorations came from Denmark as part of our celebration of the International Year of the Nurse. For the third year, the chapter collected stockings for a center that provides counseling and clothing to unemployed woman who want to return to work.

Membership Drawing: To encourage members to attend education programs and celebrations one winner was drawn at each event for a fully paid membership to STTI. This increased member attendance and recruited new members through community leader applications.

Palmer Day Research Symposium: For many years, the Alpha Beta Chapter has co-sponsored this program with the Marcella Neihoff School of Nursing. The chapter now has a table at the event to create a visible presence. The Alpha Beta Chapter research grant winners are announced at the event.  

Education programs: At least two events are held each year in the fall and spring times. As part of the International Year of the Nurse, we focused on the mission work completed by Loyola nurses. This spring the chapter had a panel discussion on the recent IOM report explaining the new roll out of Value-Based Purchasing from CMS that will affect all future reimbursements. These programs offered one contact hour and were free to the community.

Fostering communication: To increase communication with its members, a presence on Loyola’s School of Nursing website was created. A quarterly newsletter devoted to current topics was created and distributed.  The chapter also plans to appoint a web master to create a welcoming environment on the Circle.

Alpha Chi Chapter - Leading the way for research, scholarship and community service
In the spring of 2010, we celebrated our 40th year anniversary of Alpha Chi Chapter. We sent out special invitations to our former elected presidents to attend this event. It was a very special evening where each of our former leaders were acknowledged with a 40 year commemorative pin to be attached to the STTI pin. The program was well-received by new and senior members alike and we received many positive accolades for this event.

Although, we have a large member base for our chapter, attendance at our programs was often low. We evaluated our present programs and concluded that a potential opportunity to encourage participation would be to offer continuing education (CE) credits for attendance. A sub-committee of our executive board was developed and as a result, we were able to successfully offer CEs for our programs during the past year. This effort has successfully increased our participation rates for all programs by up to 50% over the past year. We also recently sent out an electronic online survey to our members requesting information regarding their suggestions and comments to help us stay vibrant and grow. This online survey has resulted in almost 200 of our members giving us invaluable feedback. We are analyzing the data from these surveys and will be incorporating their suggestions as we move forward.  

Our executive board is strongly committed to reaching out to both our seasoned and newest members to solicit their participation in our chapter. As a result of the efforts, we have been able to enlist the support and expertise of nursing students in establishing and maintaining our social media page on Facebook. This has been a major enhancement to our ability to announce our activities to our members. We have encouraged our members to “friend us” and are striving to make sure that this electronic effort will keep all of members involved and welcomed. We are also moving towards more electronic versions of our communication to all of our members but will continue to maintain some “paper” communication for our members who are not interested in the electronic versions.

One area that we have really improved upon is engaging our nursing students. In the past, a few students would get involved but often not be able to sustain their efforts due to a variety of competing obligations. We encourage their ideas, help and energy. To show our commitment to students' involvement, we have offered many incentives. For example, we are working hard to reward the students who do make a commitment to work for the chapter. Last year, we decided to hold a raffle for our active student members to win a chapter scholarship to attend the biennium conference. The recipient of this award was very excited and really enjoyed her experience at the biennium. With our encouragement, she wrote about her experience at the conference, which was published in our chapter newsletter. We received a lot of positive feedback on her article and it has piqued other student’s interest in attending future STTI conferences. This year we are again sponsoring another student member who will serve as one of our delegates. She is very excited about attending this international event.

Alpha Eta Chapter - Supporting the Future
Alpha Eta provides many opportunities for members, both new and seasoned, to work closely together to improve the health of our community and to improve our work environments.

On May 12, 2010, the Nursing Student Council and Alpha Eta Chapter of STTI co-sponsored a learning opportunity for nursing students. A speaker from the Center for Health Professions presented Skillfully Engaging in Difficult Conversation. Nurses at all levels and in all fields are faced with difficult conversations, however, many nurses would prefer to avoid these conversations. This three-hour course to address this issue consisted of both a didactic presentation and interactive exercises designed to provide hands-on learning. Attendees participated in case-study discussions, role-plays, and small-group discussions. The workshop was held in the evening on campus and was open to all students. Free food and beverages were provided, and the event was free to attendees.

As a result of attending this program, UCSF nursing students gained the knowledge and tools that will both enhance their current leadership skills and empower them to effectively engage in difficult conversations, resulting in positive changes in the health care system. This collaboration with the Nursing Student Council provided a comfortable and supportive environment for UCSF nursing students to learn and grow and introduced them to the leadership development opportunities that Alpha Eta and STTI provide.

Delta Lambda Chapter - Bringing STTI Closer to Students
The Delta Lambda Chapter decided to induct students at the junior level this year. In order to do this, they collaborated with the Student Nurses’ Association in February to present an event focused on Women’s Heart Health. This stirred interest in STTI among the students. Students were inducted in May and the event was followed by a welcoming reception.

This fall, the chapter sponsored a “Short N Sweet, Meet N Greet” evening get together to get to know their new members, who are now senior nursing students. The event was well attended and the students expressed, “It’s nice to talk with you when you are not being our teachers.” Based on the students’ discussion at the chapter’s fall event, a luncheon will be held in January to discuss activities for the spring semester. The chapter has found that the students bring a fresh energy to their chapter and plans to continue creating a place where they feel welcome.

Delta Omega Chapter – 30th Anniversary Celebration
On Sunday, April 18, 2010 the Delta Omega Chapter celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The event was associated the Annual Induction Ceremony.  All past presidents and charter members were invited to both the induction ceremony and the 30th anniversary dinner celebration. Approximately 10 of the 17 past presidents attended the event along with current members and charter members of the chapter.  The entire day was a way to embrace both new and existing relationships in the chapter by having both Induction and the Dinner Celebration together. Both of these events established welcoming environments for both our new and existing members. The Region 10 Coordinator, Cathie Walker attended both events creating again a welcoming environment for individuals at a higher level in STTI and from our neighboring country of Canada. Making phone calls and sending invitations to both the Charter members and Past presidents was a wonderful way to hear others’ memories about Delta Omega. The first president from 1981, Virginia Newburn wrote a handwritten letter regarding her experience as the 1st president and her memories of the welcoming environment of Delta Omega. 

Delta Rho Chapter - Making the Connection
Founders Week is a long time Delta Rho tradition at Jefferson School of Nursing, held every September of the new school year. This is the first introduction to our potential members in making the connection to STTI. A Founder’s Week poster is displayed in the School. Board members provide JSN baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral students with an overview of STTI, a complimentary fact sheet and membership information. The information session is delivered to students in-class with complimentary pretzels, and to our distance students online through an e-mail. 

Each year, Delta Rho maintains the connection with members by sending them an electronic  newsletter filled with information about Delta Rho. In addition, invitations are sent to members about upcoming Delta Rho events. Reminders are sent electronically before each event and the newsletter includes the URL for Delta Rho so that members can easily access information at a glance.

Delta Rho also sponsors two undergraduate nursing students each year who are interested in learning more about STTI to attend the annual Tri-State Consortium Brunch. Students are recognized for their participation in a thank you letter from the Chapter Board Members.

In May, to commemorate Florence Nightingale’s birthday, Delta Rho hosts an induction ceremony for all new inductees. Generally 75 to 90 members are inducted annually and are exposed to all the pomp and circumstance befitting of a prestigious celebration. The guest speakers are strategically selected to expose the new inductee to current issues in nursing such as caring for the geriatric patient in long term care, managing your career after nursing school, and women’s health in Iraq. A reception follows the induction where new members and their guests can personally meet and network with board members.

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter - A Focus on Student Participation
The Epsilon Epsilon Chapter implemented several ideas to increase student member participation in chapter activities. Board members wrote notes to new student members—congratulating them and inviting them to attend chapter activities.  The chapter co-sponsored an International Year of the Nurse speaker with the Bradley Nursing Student Association in October 2011.

Students were invited to attend the annual meeting by the chapter president and were offered to have their brunch paid for by non-student members. The start time of the meeting was also pushed back to begin later in the morning. The three senior students who attended the annual meeting were offered free registration to an Evidence-Based Practice conference (that was required for all senior nursing students to attend) if they agreed to man the registration tables for 45 minutes. They were also offered a free brunch for the 2011 Induction if they manned the “welcome” table.

Results were positive. All three senior students stated they probably would not have attended the annual meeting if it would have been held at 8:30 am. They also appreciated free registration to the evidence-based practice conference and the Induction brunch. Although two out of the three students will not remain in the area, they did ask how they could find a chapter in the Chicago area and remain active in STTI. (Of course the president took the opportunity and talked with them about dual membership and the importance of continuing to support Epsilon Epsilon!)

The week following the annual meeting, several student members talked with the president about how they had heard great reviews of the annual meeting and wished they could have attended. The two non-STTI members who helped plan the International Year of the Nurse event accepted membership invitations into STTI. Epsilon Epsilon plans to continue all the efforts started this year and will brainstorm other ways to increase student participation in the future. 

Epsilon Kappa Chapter - Welcoming Environment Initiatives
At Epsilon Kappa, we have worked diligently to create a welcoming environment for students and new members and continuing members. These include:

When you enter the floor of the nursing division, the first thing you see is the display case with  all of the STTI materials, awards and plaques. The charter is placed on the wall adjacent to the display case.  As you walk around the floor, you would see the bulletin board that is dedicated to upcoming activities and the attributes of STTI membership.

All of the first nursing courses include STTI in their course work, introducing the concepts that STTI embraces. They are invited to attend all events and contribute ideas for continuing education courses. 

We collaborated with the Molloy College Student Nurse Association in two events this biennium. The first was called “Zumba for Nursing,” where one of our new members ran a Zumba exercise class. We distributed T-Shirts with the name of the event and the co-sponsors. We also provided for increased levels of giving that gave some contributors a water bottle and a pedometer. The attendees also received a fact sheet about the benefits of aerobic exercise.The second event celebrated the Year of the Nurse and sold purple wristbands to raise monies for scholarships and research. On the wristband, we inscribed “Celebrate Molloy Nursing”.

We have 3 continuing education programs a year, trying to reach out to different specialties and interests. We always do a research-based program that is in collaboration with the research center at Molloy College. Our other programs have ranged from starting your career in nursing to health-related topics. here is a concerted effort on the part of the executive board to reach out to the staff at local hospitals and schools to meet educational needs.

Epsilon Xi Chapter - Brunch on us
For six years, the chapter has greeted the incoming University of Rochester nursing students with a “Brunch on Us." This occurs during both the fall and spring semesters, and is held in a large, bright, airy, centrally-located lounge at the school. The diverse population of students is invited to learn about STTI during the first week of class, and the brunch is held the following week. There is a posting on the school’s large electronic board and flyers are placed at convenient locations. The nursing faculty announce the “Brunch on Us” in class, and the date and time are chosen with care to maximize the number of potential attendees. The average attendance is 45-60 students.
It is a joyous occasion. The coffee is hot, the bagels and pastries are fresh, and there is ample,  seating for all. Many board members attend each semester, and alternate in leading the presentation. We begin with a warm welcome, followed by the introduction of board members and then a formal slide show. Included in the latter are historical highlights of STTI, the emphasis on  global connections within the organization and a review of the vast online resources available to new members. This is followed by a question/answer session. Afterward, board members join potential members at the tables and talk about their personal connection with Sigma, and of course, are available to answer additional questions. One week later, students receive a
letter signed by the chapter president.

Eta Mu Chapter - Welcoming Environment Programs and Projects
Eta Mu Chapter set the groundwork for creating a welcoming environment by conducting a chapter member needs survey to get to know our members and tailor chapter events to meet their professional nursing needs. The survey informed us that our members were most interested in learning activities focused on evidence-based clinical nursing practice and nursing education; obtaining contact hours; and participating in community service projects. In response, we now offer free contact hour programs during our fall and spring chapter meetings. Topics have included care of the psychiatric-mental health patient on a medical-surgical unit, management of Celiac disease, and initiating simulation in the clinical environment to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration. 

We have also taken our chapter newsletter online to more-effectively reach our members and have added a “clinical corner” to promote evidence-based clinical nursing practice. This has created a collaborative environment in which nursing educators and clinicians work together to conduct a review of the literature on common clinical topics which have undergone practice changes in response to development of nursing evidence. 

To address the desire of members to participate in community service, our chapter now coordinates two service projects annually. Our service projects this past year have included providing dinner for Ronald McDonald family visitors and donating needed supplies to the Ronald McDonald House.
Introducing nursing students and nurse leaders in the local community to our chapter and STTI is an important function of our chapter. To best accomplish this goal, a Facebook page and a website for the Eta Mu Chapter were established to keep our member up-to-date with chapter events and to let potential members know about our chapter.

Our chapter now participates in the new student orientation at our affiliated School of Nursing. This has allowed prospective members to learn about STTI and our local chapter, and this also serves as an impetus for students to obtain good grades in order to become eligible for induction. New students also receive a copy of STTI’s resource guide. We also sponsor a “Senior Nursing Student: Meet and Greet” annually. Our chapter also recruits nurse leaders and even held a “New Member Meet and Greet” to get to know our newest members and let them know how our chapter can assist them in meeting their professional nursing goals.

Eta Omega Chapter - Innovative Banner
Eta Omega Chapter designed a beautiful new expandable banner that promotes STTI membership and defines the activities that our chapter supports, such as global outreach activities. The chapter has financially supported the Nursing Students without Borders to provide teaching activities during their trips to Ghana, Africa. The intent of this new and innovative banner, which is composed of colorful pictures of members in action, is to create a welcoming environment for all current and potential members into our chapter. This banner is used at all Eta Omega events as well as other outreach events that we take part in. The presence of this banner on campus also promotes STTI to nursing students early as an avenue to introduce them early to the Chapter and spark their interest for future application when qualified to apply.

Gamma Phi Chapter - We Welcome You!
Gamma Phi chapter is committed to creating and maintaining welcoming environments. The chapter has taken a multi-pronged approach to getting more members involved and enabling students to desire membership in STTI. 

Contacting inactive members – 32 reactivated so far!

Gamma-o-rama – a monthly hour-long program at which members present their activities; 21 members have presented. This has increased chapter programming from an average of 6 events to 18 events per year. 

Prelicensure classes - membership information is presented to all new classes and students are reminded of membership criteria as they move toward the time of eligibility. 

Medical Center – clinical leadership is reminded of the opportunities available to staff to meet their professional organizational requirements just prior and subsequent to the yearly performance reviews thus allowing the unit manager to suggest STTI as an excellent opportunity for development and growth. Gamma Phi supplies information to the Professional Nursing Staff quarterly newsletter to increase the awareness of all the nurses and involvement of members. 

“October Fest” - The chapter hosts an informational table at the university’s annual event  

Poster how-to’s - Presentation to the nurses in the residency program as they near the end and need to create a poster highlighting their EBP project. Member also speaks about STTI to encourage inactive or transfer members to become active and to describe the opportunity to be invited become a member as a nurse leader.

Social Media - The chapter has created its own Facebook and Linked In page and has begun to engage members on the Circle. 

STTI Events - Gamma Phi has sponsored both students (6) and members (7) to the Leadership Academies and the 40th Biennium.  

Iota Nu Chapter - Viability of STTI
Iota Nu Chapter depends largely upon the inclusion of members from areas of clinical practice, leadership/management, and nursing education. On Thursday, 13 May 13 2010, Iota Nu Chapter took the lead to collaborate with members from the Greater East Texas Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the Texas Nurses Association- District 19 to present a workshop and awards dinner presentation. Dr. Mary Lou Sole, PhD, RN, CCNS, FAAN, was the guest speaker. The purpose of this event was to instill in the minds of nurses from all areas of nursing the importance of each member’s role in the organization’s future mission, goals and vision.

The workshop “Developing a Career Trajectory: A Balancing Act” provided a forum to create a welcoming environment for participants. Nurses were able to 1) describe career trajectories for nursing clinical practice, nursing leadership and management, and nursing education, 2) discuss strategies for advancing one’s education, 3) articulate methods for increasing knowledge and skills in implementing evidence-based practice and conducting research, 4) describe a trajectory for professional development, including professional organization involvement, presentations, and publication, and 5) discuss the importance of maintaining balance while developing a career. 

The evening awards dinner and presentation “Great Expectations: Intentions and Connections” was a time for celebration of nurse accomplishments as leaders, scholars, researchers and nurse educators in areas of nursing clinical practice, nursing leadership/management and nursing education. Student nurses, clinical nurses, nurse leaders, nurse educators and community leaders were in attendance at this event to identify expectations and an action plan for achieving nursing excellence and to describe the importance of connections in professional practice. 

Acting with intentions by building networks through connections and seeking great expectations inspire nurses from various professional backgrounds to achieve excellence in nursing. The Presidential Call to Action was evident in this event, which exemplified creating a welcoming environment for all nurses, regardless of their nursing focus and specialty area of practice. Iota Nu Chapter led initiatives in this event to bridge the gap between academia/nursing education, clinical leadership and nursing clinical practice. This workshop made significant strides to further development of Iota Nu’s Mentoring program, which links mentors/mentees from newly inducted undergraduate, graduate, and nurse leader classifications. Iota Nu Chapter promotes nurse balance in all areas of nursing to have meaningful daily achievement and enjoyment in the four spheres of work, family, friends, and self. In the current changes within the health care system, all nurses must work together to create and sustain welcoming environments within their professional organization of STTI to advance the nursing profession in connecting through knowledge of global health.

Kappa Tau Chapter - Creating a Warm Environment
Creating a warm chapter stimulates members to be involved at all levels. Kappa Tau engaged new inductees to become more active in the chapter by having a Pizza Party at the beginning of a board meeting. This gave the board a chance to find out more about the new inductees. The new inductees learned about what happens during a board meeting and what it is like to participate.

We developed an e-mentoring program for new inductees to be matched with board members based on similar interests. All new inductees were sent a personalized e-mail welcoming them to Kappa Tau and asking them to fill out a short survey. Board members were e-mailed a similar survey. Of the thirty- six new members inducted in 2009, seven requested a mentor. The mentoring relationships were matched on similar practice areas or recreational interests. Coaching for both the mentors and the protégé was sent out in e-mail to engage them in the program. The protégé that were mentored participated in 1-2 chapter events and participated in board meetings. Retention rate of the new inductees increased by 10% after the first year of induction and received positive feedback from both mentors and protégés. Mentors reported being re-energized in their commitment to the organization and to the nursing profession.

A new policy was developed to wear name tags to all meetings and to encourage board members to introduce themselves to members. We paid for new inductees to attend our annual Heart of Leadership Dinner. This dinner has no formal agenda, which gives our members the time to network with other members and nurses in the community. 

Kappa Zeta-at-Large Chapter - Road to Excellence
Kappa Zeta-at-Large has worked very hard over the last biennium to create and foster a welcoming environment for all members. Each meeting that KZ holds, we invite all members and encourage them to present at the meetings in whatever specialty they may have. An exemplar is October, 2010, when a member who was not active for a very long time was recruited by the chapter president to present on Breast Cancer awareness. She did a wonderful job, presented handouts, give-aways and in July took the position as the community counselor on the board.  Since then, she has recruited several members and increased attendance at the annual meeting of community members substantially. Members presenting saves money, time, and encourages the not typically involved member to come and support their colleague!

We have had more non-board members come to meetings, as each meeting starts with a social/networking time and also a recognition time for any member with exciting news, whether it is publication, presenting, or something as wonderful as getting married or pregnant. We try to eliminate the idea that STTI is only for academia, and foster personal relationships to enhance the level of comfort in our organization. We celebrate birthdays, have cookouts, holiday parties and are most currently are including member profiles in our newsletter. This will help other members see who is in KZ and make them see that you do not need a doctorate to be on the board- or a dean… if you are a nurse who is dedicated to your profession, then you are invited to come to the table and contribute to the society.

Something else we have done to foster a welcoming environment is to have members feel free to “bring a friend”. With this approach, we increase our visibility, possibly recruit more community members, or re-activate inductees from the past. This is an action that has made our presence much more known in hospitals and long-term care facilities, versus just the academic institutions.

For students who are just inducted, we have a welcome tea and also ask them to get involved by creating study snacks to sell during finals week as a fundraiser for the chapter. This shows them that something simple and an hour of their time can enhance their membership experience. It’s very casual, and while they are creating the snacks, it’s a great time to inform them of other opportunities to get involved, whether it be a task force or helping hands.

Lambda Delta Chapter – Bringing Lambda Delta, STTI to the Philippines (New Member Orientation)
Since 2005, Lambda Delta has fostered a relationship with DeLos Santos School of Nursing, the Philippines. In 2009 twenty nurse leader candidates were recruited and a face-to-face orientation was held at DeLos Santos.

As members are inducted, welcome greetings are extended and new members are kept updated of the chapter’s current activities and events. Members can also keep abreast of Lambda Delta’s activities by logging into the chapter’s Facebook page. 

Omicron Delta Chapter - Creating Welcoming Environments
To create a welcoming environment, Omicron Delta implemented many new initiatives. All types of members were targeted and many different lines of communication were opened. The chapter reached out to inactive members in the fall of 2010 by inviting them to a teleconference on Florence Nightingale. The invitation encouraged them to attend the teleconference and also highlighted some of the activities the chapter was doing as well as reminded the members about the benefits of membership. This teleconference was offered at two different times to provide options to all members. 

The next membership group that was targeted was the active membership base. All current members were invited to participate in a General Membership Survey in December of 2010. The results were overwhelming that the members were interested in being involved but they needed more opportunities. The chapter opened additional lines of communication by creating a Facebook page, enhancing the monthly newsletter that goes out electronically to over 5000 members and creating “member events” in each of the six geographical areas of the chapter. These member events will continue to be an annual event and their location will rotate so that more of the membership base can be reached. 

Finally, the chapter wanted new members to understand what STTI was about and how they could benefit from being active with STTI and Omicron Delta. Chapter President, Dr. Pam Fuller, sent out a welcome letter by email to all new members. This letter highlighted the activities of the chapter as well as directed the new members to the videos that are offered by STTI on the benefits and resources available with membership.   

Other initiatives included creating a book give-away on Facebook during Nurses Week for those that participated in Omicron Delta discussions, implementing a New Inductee Award that awards a new inductee with money to attend a Chapter Leadership Summit, and creating a Volunteer Data Base that the chapter can engage members in assisting local events, committees, and task forces that have needs for volunteers throughout the year. The Education Committee also increased the chapter’s conference offerings from one to two each year so that more members in different regions would have an opportunity to attend and be involved. Omicron Delta is very pleased with the changes that have been made and have heard from many members regarding how excited they are to be a more active part of the chapter. 

Pi Pi Chapter - Mentor-Mentee Mixer
The Pi Pi Chapter creates a welcoming environment to its newly inducted members by having a Mentor-Mentee Mixer. Each new inductee is assigned a Mentor who is either a Board Member or an experienced Pi Pi member to serve as someone who sends personal invitations to chapter events and is a contact person if the new inductee has any questions about responsibilities or benefits of membership in Pi Pi or Sigma Theta Tau International. At the Mentor-Mentee Mixer, the new inductees are introduced to their assigned Mentor. The video “A Benefit to Belong” from the STTI website was shown to the inductees. Then a game of STTI/Pi Pi Trivia is played using information learned at induction, from the video, and from introductions of Pi Pi Board Members.  This is a great way to refresh and reinforce STTI/Pi Pi facts and information that will be useful to the new members. Finally, groups that included both new inductees and mentors had a scavenger hunt. The teams were required to collect items starting with the letters of each word in Sigma Theta Tau / Pi Pi. The first team to collect all of the items is the winner and the members each received a STTI mouse pad as a prize.

Additionally, each new member was requested to complete the New Member Survey. This information will be used to invite the new members to become active in chapter committees that match their interests indicated on the survey. New members were also encouraged to complete their VIProfile on the STTI website.

Rho Delta Chapter - Mental Health Awareness Programme
As part of their 10th Anniversary celebration, Rho Delta Chapter hosted a  Mental Health Awareness Programme.  The programme included presentations to raise awareness for mental health, poetry and small skits related to the theme. The presenters were mental health nurses involved mainly in nursing education as faculty members, and practicing in hospital setting as administrators, as well as nursing students. A yoga and aerobic exercise session was conducted by an Aerobics & Yoga Instructor working at Aga Khan University Sports and Rehabilitation Centre. The instructor gave the demonstration of the exercise and participants were guided to follow the instructions. This strategy was to motivate them to practice yoga during their office/work hours as one of the strategy to promote mental health.

A display was also arranged to lay out the handicrafts and artwork by patients as an output of treatment regime and rehabilitation initiatives for the patients hospitalized or those that come as day care for treatment of mental disorders. This activity was organized by an occupational therapist. The display showed appreciation of the clients’ work and served to educate participants on the treatment regime for the promotion of mental health.

Emails, flyers and word of mouth were the strategies used to inform the participants and as a result of intense marketing around 400 hundred participants attended the programme. Participants included Chapter members and Health Care Providers who are not the chapter members as well as members of the general public.     

Tau Omicron Chapter - Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Tau Omicron’s induction ceremony is held annually in April. After noticing that many new members did not return to meetings in the fall, the chapter developed a means of integrating new members into the organization. Scheduling an event the month after Induction promoted the transition from the excitement of the ceremony to the hospitality of membership. The chapter began hosting a Cinco de Mayo party to enhance the new members’ connection with other members. Amidst Mexican food and soft drinks, tables decorated with red, green and black crepe paper, and margarita glasses filled with Mexican candy; established members shared memories of their own inductions and expressed reasons why the organization was still vital to them. Opportunities available through STTI were offered to new members; including the opportunity to serve on the Board or in other roles vital to the chapter. In addition, members completed the online VIP Profile using the computer available in the room.

Tau Tau Chapter - "Tau Tau Newbies" Program
The Tau Tau chapter identifies a problem with undergraduate nursing students becoming members  and then never renewing membership. An informal survey revealed that new members felt abandoned by the chapter once they were inducted. In April 2010, 6 new inductees and 9 recent graduates attended a meeting with the purpose of identifying ways to retain new members. The group identified a need to form a subgroup of the chapter with the title of “Tau Tau Newbies.” The faculty counselor was the initial mentor for the group. The Newbies, with support from the faculty counselor, identified the purposes of the group to be: retain new members; develop annual service project goals; and provide mentorship to current undergraduate nursing students. The Newbies meet every-other month and have been involved in many service and mentorship activities. For service activities, they have provided flu shots, assisted faculty clinical skills testing for undergraduate nursing students, provided & served food for families with children in the local pediatric hospital. They have helped with new student orientation and a provided a forum for all nursing students to ask a “new graduate panel” about NCLEX, getting a job, working as a new graduate. The Newbies have also had one social event each year for all members. Since the formation of the Newbies, 2 members have gone on to be membership involvement committee chairs for the chapter. The Newbies are now a part of the membership Involvement committee and have issued challenges to the “oldies” for service projects (and won!). After the formation of the Newbie group, the chapter has shown a 40% increase in retention of new undergraduate students.

Upsilon Chapter - "Meet the Board"
The Upsilon Chapter noticed that many new inductees had questions about the process of accepting the invitation to join and registering for the induction ceremony. Many new members also had questions about how to get involved with STTI and the chapter. As a result, in Spring 2010 the Upsilon Chapter held its first Pre-Induction Session. Soon-to-be members were greeted by board members and mixed and mingled with each other. During the session, the chapter President spoke to the incoming members about what STTI was, what it stood for and what an honor it was for them to be a part of this organization. Any questions, concerns or comments about the registration process were answered right then and there. Several people expressed an interest to become more involved with the chapter. In addition, chapter leaders were able to ask their members directly about what programs or events would interest them. Thus in the Summer of 2010, several of their newly inducted members came to the chapter’s volunteer event, and as of the Fall of 2010, two newly inducted members have been elected to the chapter board. The chapter plans to continue these “Meet the Board” events to give members a chance to meet those elected into office and allow the board to find out what most interests their members and to create programs and events for them.

Zeta Lambda Chapter - Welcoming Activities for Potential New Members
Zeta Lambda began to participate in IUP’s Nursing Department’s "Welcome Back Students" ice cream social at the start of each academic year. The chapter first had board members host a welcome table to meet and greet nursing students and inform them about STTI. Over the years, this grew to include student inductees to also represent the chapter and bring a peer presence to the chapter recruitment efforts early. As a result, many more undergraduates have expressed an interest in joining the chapter when they become eligible. We see this as an avenue to develop both leadership skills and communication in our student members who needed an enhanced role and visibility in the chapter’s activities. 

Also, the chapter participated in a University Freshman Orientation week where parents and students learn about professional organizations.

Enhancing Knowledge Resources and Networks Category

Joint Southern California Chapters - SoCal Consortium Annual Odyssey Conference
In 1995, six  STTI chapters undertook a joint venture to provide an annual research and education conference in southern California (SoCal). Since that time, the planning committee has grown to include 13 chapters representing 15 universities. Our conference goals are to: Promote the goals of the society to increase nurse leaders and scholars; Provide an avenue for dissemination of research, clinical, and educational topics; Utilize role models to encourage excellence in students and colleagues of nursing; Increase networking opportunities and promote collegiality among local chapters; and Encourage nurses to spread their influence globally to effect positive health care change. We have shifted away from a strictly research focus to include more innovation in clinical practice, nursing administration and education with a special effort to have some sessions that are student friendly. 

Our price structure was established to provide a great discount to students and a small return to the chapter for research grants. Several chapters go one step further and offer stipends or scholarships to deserving students attending the event. We work hard to obtain sponsorships and fees from exhibitors that are used to subsidize student registration. One chapter has been successful in obtaining an internal grant for the past few years to support student registration at the conference. These students are required to volunteer during the conference.

It has brought us all closer together and enlarged our networking at the same time. Students and other attendees also benefit from the opportunity to network with each other and with our presenters. Conference presenters are a unique blend of students and practicing clinicians. From a research perspective, master’s and doctoral projects are presented as well as projects by nurse scientists in either academia or the service sector that were done to generate new knowledge. Typically, approximately 60% of our attendees are students who not only attend, but also volunteer and present. 

Planning committee representatives hold positions in academic settings and service settings, so the networking among our members builds bridges between these sectors. Committee members find it enriching to work together like this as nurse leaders from a variety of perspectives and settings.   

Chapters of Region 10 - Region 10 Regional Conference
At the Region 10 meeting held during the Baltimore Biennium, chapter leaders made the decision that a Region 10 Conference would be held in 2010. Consensus was that such an event would nurture a stronger sense of Region 10 identity because it would allow chapter leaders and members to meet face to face. The conference focused on enhancing participants’ knowledge regarding leadership development. It was a mix of keynote addresses, a coaching skills workshop, graduate student presentations of thesis research, posters, and concurrent sessions by Region 10 members.

Alpha Eta Chapter - Supporting a Legacy
Alpha Eta is dedicated to supporting nursing research in order to ensure that nursing knowledge current and relevant in the constantly changing healthcare environment. During this biennium, Alpha Eta launched a campaign for the creation of a new fund that will ensure funding for the chapter’s annual awards in perpetuity.

Some of the chapter’s awards are long-standing: since 1980, Alpha Eta has funded six to eight research grants a year ($15,000 per year) to support student and faculty research. Other awards are newer: we initiated the STTI/Alpha Eta Collaborative Research Grant to support Tau Lambda-at-Large for research and advancement of nursing knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa. Alpha Eta’s Board of Directors also initiated a new award to support leadership development ($2,000 per year) during this biennium. The award supports active Alpha Eta chapter members who are engaged in activities such as the STTI Leadership Program and the Maternal-Child Health Leadership Academy; those who are campaigning for offices in state, national, or international organizations; or those attending conferences such as the American Academy of Nursing, the American Organization of Nurse Executives or the STTI Biennial Conference. The grants were first awarded in 2009.

Delta Lambda Chapter - Disseminating Research Findings
To celebrate their 30th anniversary as a chapter, the Delta Lambda Chapter sponsored a major research presentation by Patricia Benner, RN, PHD, FAAN.  The following day, Dr. Benner and her assistant, Molly Stuphen, PHD, presented a day-long seminar, Redesigning Nursing Education: Challenges and Opportunities. Over 200 faculty attended from universities, nursing schools, and clinical agencies in the Midwest. The chapter was able to arrange for clinical partners to attend the seminar free of charge. Dr. Benner presented new information about important components of nursing education. By using its network and resources the chapter was able to disseminate Dr. Benner’s research to a broad audience and enhancing the knowledge resources of attendees at the seminar.

Delta Rho Chapter - Research and Network Focus
Introduced in 2010, Delta Rho hosts a research symposium on campus at Thomas Jefferson University each Fall and Spring. The timing of the events are purposeful for they capture the graduate nursing students who are involved in their nurse practitioner research coursework and the undergraduate nursing students who  are involved their first research course. This affords students an introduction to an STTI event, networking with Delta Rho members and research and evidence-based projects. Poster sessions and a reception are followed by a lecture on topics related to the students’ coursework, yet interesting to all who attend. The three presentations were on Child Abuse: Recognition and Treatment”, “A Qualitative View of HIV – One Side of the Story”, and “Women and Heart Disease”.

Delta Rho is one of the sponsors along with three other area hospitals and one school in the tri-state area, for the annual Nursing Research Conference held each November. Members of Delta Rho use this opportunity to meet other STTI members and to recruit community leaders from the area hospitals who attend the conference. Board members present posters and speaker sessions on research such as David Jack’s “Aggression in School-Aged Children“, Julia Ward‘s, “Measurement of Empathy in Undergraduate Nursing Students: Psychometric Testing of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy”, Katherine Lucatorto’s “Enhancing Health Education through Home Videos”,  and Susan Egger’s, “Improving Clinical Environments”.

Epsilon Eta Chapter - Martha Welch Research Conference
The Epsilon Eta Chapter holds the Martha Welch Research day every other year. This year, the conference entitled “Evidence Based Practice Globally and Locally” attracted over 62 participants. The conference focused on  contributions of nursing research that have been translated to clinical practice as demonstrated in posters, presentations, concurrent research and evidence based practice sessions. The keynote speaker, Dr. Suzanne Prevost, President-elect of Sigma Theta Tau International, presented on Evidence Based Practice. She discussed practice in Canada and Africa. In addition, faculty, community leaders, and students of all levels had an opportunity to see the global and local impact of evidence based practice on the future practice pathways of nursing. The presenters were 8 oral breakout sessions and 11 posters, one of which was a recently graduated traditional student. Example paper presentations included  Assessment of Employee’s Heart Failure Risk Behaviors”, presented by Dr. Kim White, SIUE Faculty, and “Assessment of Factors Related to Medication Adherence Among Adolescents Who Have Undergone a Kidney Transplant”, presented by a masters prepared nurse from a local hospital. Poster awards went to evidence based topics including “Innovative RN Residency Program Key to Graduate Nurse Retention at One and Two Years of Practice” and “Bedside Leadership Transforms Patient Postoperative Nausea/Vomiting Experience” both from local hospitals. The program lasted 4 hours and provided 2.8 contact hours for participants.

Gamma Epsilon Chapter - Building community and scholarship with Gamma Scholars
The Gamma Epsilon chapter has focused its energies during this biennium on enhancing knowledge development and dissemination among its membership. We revitalized our Gamma Scholar Research Award with a focus toward encouraging and supporting the research activities of our members. This award is directed to members engaged in a program of research and to nursing students who are learning to conduct research. The application process is comprehensive and competitive with a review of submitted proposals conducted by the chapter’s research committee. The research committee selects the award recipients and recommends to the board the monetary value. The announcement and presentation of the Gamma Scholar Research Awards take place at our annual induction ceremony. This allows our new members to witness the chapter’s commitment to the scholarship and advancement of its members. During the biennium, the chapter supported 5 research projects with a wide range of topics.

Gamma Scholars agree, as a condition of acceptance of this award, to present their research findings to the membership at a future meeting. This criterion has enabled our chapter to offer an excellent research presentation series to current and prospective members. The launch of The Circle and ongoing participation in STTIconnect provide effective methods of communicating with all  members about our scholars’ programs of research. As a result, our Gamma Scholar presentation series is well attended by both members who practice in the community and recently inducted members. Second, our Gamma Scholars present at the annual nursing research symposium held at the Northeastern University School of Nursing.

Gamma Phi Chapter - Gamma-o-rama
Every other month, Gamma-o-rama is cosponsored by the Center for Excellence in Nursing Education Innovation and Scholarship at Rush University College of Nursing. In keeping with the mission and vision of STTI, the topics include member activities demonstrating how Gamma Phi chapter leads in using knowledge, scholarship, service and learning to improve the health of the world’s people. The topics presented include several research studies addressing both clinical and educational questions, educational innovations, practice issues and global responses. There have been 21 members who have presented and many more members who have attended and benefitted from the information shared.

In addition, Gamma-o-rama has been an excellent opportunity for focused mentorship of new leaders within the chapter as they learn to coordinate the monthly programs. These new leaders have learned the process of establishing this as an on-going program that is becoming more widely-known within the institution. The need to inquire into member activities and recruit speakers, plan ahead, coordinate the speaker schedule,  obtain continuing education units for each program, ‘market’ the program, keep records, as well as, welcoming and assisting the speakers when they present were new skills learned. 

Epsilon Xi Chapter - Tales from the U.S. and Thailand
In May 2011, during National Nurses’ Week, Epsilon Xi Chapter hosted a “Lunch and Learn” program, sponsored by the Office of University Development. This program featured one of our chapter’s distinguished members, Dr. Jeanne Grace, Fulbright Scholar and internationally recognized expert on evidence-based practice. Her presentation was titled, “In Search of Evidence: Tales from the US and Thailand."

The audience was a mixture of retired chapter members, faculty, students and hospital clinicians. Dr. Grace elegantly outlined the basic principles of evidence-based practice, discussed the global challenges of translating principles to practice, and generously offered to mentor those interested in pursuing a Fulbright. Following Dr. Grace’s talk, we presented the annual Honor Society awards in the following categories: distinguished dissertation; excellence in evidence-based practice; and outstanding poster in the categories of leadership and research. Subsequent to the program, Dr. Grace has introduced us (by email), to her colleagues in Thailand. We at Epsilon Xi are in correspondence, with plans to support their efforts to become a full member in Sigma Theta Tau International.

Kappa Tau Chapter - Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium
In early 2009, Kappa Tau and Gamma Delta members convened with nurses from other local professional organizations, health care facilities and academic institutions to create a forum to showcase the incredible work nurses contribute to the health care field. On 4-5 December 2009, the Inaugural Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium was conducted. Over 100 nurses gathered to view posters and hear oral presentations by nurses from the New England region as well as Quebec, Canada. It was so successful, we organized our 2nd Annual Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium in 2010, which also had over 100 attendees.

The 2nd Annual Symposium started with four tutorial sessions put on by the University of Vermont’s Medical Librarians. Throughout the 2 days, 12 oral and 26 posters featuring quality improvement and evidence based practice projects and empirical research were presented. During the free evening reception; “Honor a Nurse” is presented; a PowerPoint presentation set to music honoring nurses who have died and were influential to one of the attendees. The two day Symposium concludes with a Capstone Address by the Keynote speaker.

This event has surpassed our expectations. It is a wonderful event to learn and earn continuing education credits, for networking, sharing of ideas, and recognizing what nurses do and are capable of doing. It is a wonderful way to bring together medical centers, home care, teaching institutions and professional nursing organizations to work on a common extraordinary event. The intent is to help nurses build their presentation skills as well as their evidence and research knowledge base. The 3rd Annual Symposium, set for November 2011, had over 40 abstracts submitted from all over the Northeast United States and Canada. The theme this year is “Power of TEAM Inquiry: Together Everyone Achieves More.” Our keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Karen Speroni. The program of oral and poster presentations looks to be another exceptional networking and learning event this year.

Kappa Zeta-at-Large Chapter - Looking Beyond
In prior years, Kappa Zeta had held its own board meetings and only offered 2-3 events a year to members. Over the past 18 months, we have made all meetings member meetings (allowing all members to attend and network with one another). We also share information on each others’ professional organizations (i.e. events occurring with ANA Maine, or AACN Southern Maine Chapter). We have found increased attendance to our meetings when we make it about the nurses there instead of only KZ. Sharing information and allowing organizations to work together to make stronger nurses has been a very difficult obstacle to overcome. Hospitals and facilities have tried to hold on to their information and not share. We have representatives now from each local hospital and we use our meetings as a forum to information share and bring it back to each facility. 

Kappa Zeta is not fostering limitations due to ego; we are opening the eyes of nurses who say “Why recreate the wheel if I don’t have to?” Instead, we foster them to say, “How can I make this wheel better for the next nurse and patient?” 

Over the past year, we have advertised events at hospitals, ANA, ANA-Maine, AACN SMC, and ENA, SANE nurse events, Magnet, EMS events and many more.  e support one another in gaining knowledge in our specialties and encourage each other to diversify our education and skill set. Probably the best part of implementing this has been that we use our own experts to present at our meetings each month. This allows our experts to share their knowledge and for our members to see what else each member does and knows. It’s a great networking and learning tool.  It gives each member multiple resources to look into and more tools in their tool belt!

Lambda Delta Chapter – Annual Research Day
The Annual Research Day allows Monmouth University nursing students and nurse researchers from local hospitals to showcase their research activities by doing a podium or a poster presentation. Last year, there were about 30 abstracts and posters submitted for presentation. On this occasion, research grants are awarded and the recipients have the opportunity to present the outcomes of their study at the following research day event.

Several area hospitals such as Centra State Medical Center, Raritan Bay Hospital, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center, contributed in the diffusion of knowledge through their evidence-based research findings. Experts from the different areas of nursing practice are invited to discuss “hot” nursing or healthcare topics. The success of the Annual Research Day is a collaborative effort of Lambda Delta, Monmouth University and Monmouth Medical Center (MMC). Since continuing education is valuable to all nurses, contact hours were provided by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). 

Lambda Iota Chapter - Quest for Knowledge
Lambda Iota Chapter of Kean University presented a “United Nations Day” on Thursday April 7, 2011. Approximately 25 members and faculty attended “Update on Millennium Development Goals” and “Update on Global Health Issues.” The participants toured the United Nations Headquarters and exhibits. The purpose of the program is to build on the relationship between the United Nations and STTI and promote the UN Millennium Development Goals in local communities.

In collaboration with Kean University, students of all levels demonstrated their findings/outcomes from research and evidence-based practice projects at the 28th Annual Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium. The goal of the program is to enhance nursing knowledge with a focus on Transcultural issues. The guest speaker, Monique Eckmann, Visiting Fulbright Professor of the Human Rights Institute for the University of Applied Sciences, presented her research on “Interculturalisation as a Dialogue Process.” In addition to the oral presentations, there were poster presentations demonstrating nursing research, excellence and leadership. Information regarding STTI and the chapter was distributed.

The Lambda Iota Chapter also inducted 65 new members at the 21st Annual Induction Ceremony held at the Woodbridge Hilton on May 1, 2011. Over 150 people were in attendance, including family members, faculty and existing members. In addition, the new Board of Directors was sworn in at the induction ceremony. The Keynote speaker was Dr. Kathleen Neville, Faculty Advisor for Lambda Iota Chapter. Her presentation, “Sigma and You: Perfect Together for Professional Development” demonstrated the possibilities for professional growth and networking that STTI provides. Due to a donation in the honor of Lucy Warren, two scholarships were awarded to an undergraduate and a graduate student.

Lambda Rho Chapter - Increased Connectedness
Lambda Rho Chapter-at-Large has made successful progress toward the President’s 2009-2011 Call to Action in the category of “Enhancing Knowledge Resources and Networks”.  We recently launched a new website as a portal of information for our members.  The website contains links to The Circle, our Facebook page, the two schools of nursing and more.  The chapter has recently amended its bylaws to include a newly developed Webmaster and Public Relations committee with a dedicated Webmaster that attends many of the board meetings.  

Over the last biennium, the chapter has also increased its connectedness in the community. We have more board members from clinical practice than ever before and it has truly breathed new life into the chapter!  We now have a contact list of liaisons throughout the area hospitals that greatly assist the chapter in distributing information such as annual voting, scholarship/research grants, conferences and other items of importance. Additionally, we have been able to offer research programs that are well attended by nurses from many different healthcare facilities.

We hosted a new member orientation in the theme of Oktoberfest in October 2010 that was attended by approximately 60 people, including board members, new inductees, and nurses throughout the city. This was an exciting event to welcome the new inductees and let them know about the chapter. They were given the opportunity to volunteer on one of our committees as a way to get actively involved. We recently appointed two of these new members as chapter interns. They will be mentored throughout the next year as a potential future board member.

Lambda Rho Chapter-at-Large has had a consistent presence at national and international conferences offered by STTI. Consistent attendance at these conferences provides our members with an opportunity to network with other members throughout the country and the world. 

Finally, numerous members in our chapter had multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals over the last biennium. Our chapter has a strong commitment to scholarship in teaching, practice and administration. The content of these articles is accessible through the Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library. Therefore, our chapter has made a significant contribution to the global dissemination of nursing knowledge through this important vehicle.

Pi Pi Chapter - Clinical Topics Educational Programs
Pi Pi Chapter sponsors Clinical Topics Education Programs every February, the most recent program on February 15, 2011 was titled “Patient Centered Care at the End of Life” and had over 300 students, nurses, and other health care professional in attendance. This program featured two nurses and a social worker as presenters who specialize in end-of-life care. The purpose of this program was to address critical end of life issues such as ethical/legal concerns, symptom management, and communication/relationship strategies. The collaborative relationship of the health care provider with the patient/family was the framework for the discussion.

The program lasted 3 hours and was offered twice. Evaluations of the program were excellent. CEUs were awarded to RNs and LPNs. Agencies who provided grants included: Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, Blessing Hospital, BRCN Student Nurses Organization, Blessing Alumni Association, John Wood Community College, Western Illinois University Nursing Honor Society, and Illinois Nurses Association District 8.

Pi Psi Chapter Supposts the "Determined Divas"
The Pi Psi Chapter supports the “Determined Divas”, a group of inner city young girls ages 13-19 who have been involved in gangs and violence but are trying to turn their lives around. Through education and positive role models, the girls are encouraged to seek a more hopeful future. They meet every other Friday and after a home cooked hot meal the girls have an opportunity to talk about their progress.  Since many of these young girls lack the most essential basic necessities to begin their day, the chapter has been collecting and donating personal hygiene items for them.

In the fall the chapter donated school supplies and some chapter members attended one of their meetings to see how they could support in a more involved way.  Pi Psi brought them to Nazareth’s campus for a tour and ice cream social this past fall and hopes to host an evening at the Art Center at a future date. This month they asked for chapter support with an overnight spa event where the girls relax while watching movies and playing games. The chapter is collecting snacks, breakfast items and beauty supplies and will help out at this evening event.

Pi Psi believes this type of program can help these young women create a positive, nonviolent future for themselves and for their community and is committed to supporting them in this effort by continuing to provide resources and experiences to support their goals.

Rho Delta Chapter - Celebration International Nurses Day and International Day of Midwives to Enhance Knowledge Resources and Networking
Rho Delta Chapter celebrated International Nurses Day (IND) and International Day of Midwives (IDM) in the Year 2010 and 2011. On both these occasions activities were planned to enhance knowledge resources and networking.

In 2010 the chapter focused on the themes; “Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Chronic Care” and “The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever”. There was an open invitation for competition of scientific posters and art gallery which received an overwhelming response. Around 600 participants registered and attend the day.  

In 2011 the chapter focused on the themes “Closing the Gaps: Increasing access and equity” and “The World Needs Midwives Today More Than Ever”. Rho Delta Chapter members’ achievements were presented through posters and stalls. In addition to learning about the chapter’s achievements, participants expressed interest in joining the chapter and were inquiring about criteria for chapter membership. National and international leadership participated in this ceremony which provided an opportunity for networking.

Rho Omega Chapter - Nightingale's Nursing
Since 2003 the Rho Omega Chapter has hosted an annual Fall Dinner Series where distinguished nursing scholars are invited to share a research based presentation. The past two years the chapter has also included new member induction with this event. This year it was an International Year of the Nurse Event and Constance Ayers PhD, RN shared her research on Florence Nightingale. Dr. Ayers is a leading authority on the life and works of Florence Nightingale and her impact on modern nursing throughout the world.

At total of 81 Rho Omega members, BSN students, and members of the general public attended.  The presentation was informative and interesting to the varied audience and gave a renewed appreciation and respect for the impact of Florence Nightingale’s life work on modern nursing throughout the world.  The event provided an excellent opportunity for networking between clinical, academic, and public domains in Northeast Missouri. It also provided an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of both professional nurses and the general public on the impact of Florence Nightingale in the development of professional nursing as we know it today.

Tau Iota Chapter - Display at Children’s Hospital Research Day
Tau Iota Chapter sponsored a display table at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Research Conference. Several members manned the booth and gave out handouts of information regarding STTI and Tau Iota Chapter. General information was printed on purple sheets of paper and given to those who stopped by the booth. Brochures with information on STTI were also handed out. The most exciting item handed out were purple ID tags with the STTI logo on one side of the tag. Approximately 100 people stopped by to talk to the officers/members. This event enhanced knowledge about STTI and formed networks among the health care providers who stopped by the booth. 

Upsilon Chapter - Research Day Speakers
Every year at Induction, the Upsilon Chapter awards members for their research projects based on topic and merit. However, a question that was posed to the chapter was "What happens to the research afterward?" To help answer this question, the chapter board decided that, as part of our annual Research Day event, they would not only speak to attendees about the research process and how to get started in nursing research, but also invite past research award recipients as well. These recipients would return as speakers for the event, and present not only the research for which they won an award and scholarship grant for, but also to present any progress that was made. Attendees were not only given a chance to hear about their peers' efforts, but have a forum to freely network with accomplished researchers. Speakers were able to give advice about the research process and become a resource to those who were interested in the field.

Zeta Lambda Chapter - Research Symposium and "Going Green" Initiative
In Fall 2011, the chapter expanded its Education program to include a Research Poster Session.  This is a welcomed addition to our chapter events as the research emphasis has not been as visible in past. Currently, there are presentations on childhood obesity interventions in lower SES rural communities; a cardiovascular focus on evidenced-based practice for postsurgical open heart patients & families education; and an examination of Self-Silencing and Leadership: Case Studies of Women Chairpersons of Nursing Programs. Undergraduate nursing research students are provided vouchers to attend this programming and network with both graduate students and faculty researchers.   

The chapter, through the efforts of Dr. Edith West, has also been diligently working on establishing new electronic networking as “going green”. The design of a MOODLE online network has been used for basing chapter newsletters and archival printed material. It has also been a mechanism to network membership, recruits and inductees. We continue to build this resource for improved knowledge sharing and scholarly networking. 

Contributing to Global Health Category

Alpha Eta Chapter - Supporting Nursing Research in Africa
Alpha Eta chapter believes that collaboration with other agencies, chapters and organizations is the most efficacious way to address global health needs.

Alpha Eta chapter decided to support nursing research in a region where funds for nursing research are not easily attained. Therefore, Alpha Eta dedicated funds for an annual Nursing Research Award for the Tau Lambda-at-Large Chapter in Africa. During this biennium, the STTI/Alpha Eta Collaborative Research Grant supported Tau Lambda-at-Large for research and advancement of nursing knowledge. The first award funded a study titled, "The Experiences of Grandmothers Who Are Taking Care of Orphan Grandchildren," by Sheila Shaibu, PhD, RN in Botswana. The grant also supported Leana Uys, DSocSc, RN, RM from the University of KwaZulu‐Natal, School of Nursing in Durban South Africa. Her project, “Task Analysis of Nurses in African Health Services,” investigates the relevance and appropriateness of nursing and nursing education for the sub‐Saharan African population and its health services. This study is another sign of Africa's growing independence from its colonial roots, and its engagement with finding its own answers to old questions. Such answers can be expected to be more relevant to the African context and more acceptable to the African health systems. This collaborative project brings together nursing scholars from all three language groups and also advisors from a range of regional organizations. 

Nursing scholarship in Africa is developing and is addressing the needs of the continent through research and development activities. The success of such awards will determine ongoing funding, currently at $2,000/year.

Alpha Omicron Chapter - Global Health Awareness Day
Alpha Omicron Chapter sponsored Global Health Awareness Day at Saint Xavier University in October 2009 and October 2010. The purpose of the Nursing Global Awareness Day is to share with nursing faculty and students the learning experiences of students who completed the nursing travel abroad course. The travel abroad courses offered by the SXU School of Nursing include opportunities to travel to Ireland, Croatia, Venice and Turkey. The purpose of these trips are to  learn about international health care and to see how health policy affects the delivery of health care to infants, children and adults. Students learn about and experience unique cultures, religions and civilizations known to the world. Moreover, students explore and analyze the nursing profession in the country they are visiting as well as the historical perspective with a modern appreciation of the cultural, religious differences as well as the food and societal differences for these various countries. The outcome for the Global Health Awareness Day is to expose nursing students to global nursing, health, science, culture, food and religion. The course faculty selects the student presenters and they prepare a presentation with extensive slides in order to share their unique learning experiences. Not all nursing students can afford to go on these trips. Thus, this yearly event will engage nursing students to appreciate and learn about global health, nursing curriculum, and nursing practice in other countries. 

Also, in April 2010, the Alpha Omicron chapter sponsored the “Celebrating Care: Honoring Nurses’ Voices, Values and Wisdom,” a commemorative prayer service recognizing the 2010 International Year of the Nurse and the 100th Anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death at Saint Xavier University School of Nursing in Chicago.

Beta Beta (Dallas) Chapter - Works with Region on Global Efforts
Beta Beta (Dallas) Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, six Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Examples of annual contributions efforts include Beta Beta (Dallas) donating 250 dollars toward uniforms for the graduates of RANSON in Bangalore, India.

Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided  donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations. Mary Gilliland of Beta Beta (Dallas) chapter visited Grace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on November 9, 2009 in participation of educating nurses and spoke on the topic of H1N1.

Finally, Texas Woman’s University (TWU) and Beta Beta (Dallas) hosted students for two weeks from South Korea for the 2011 Pilot Global Nursing Program (PGNP). The students focused on simulation instruction using MicroSim to learn and demonstrate skills for critical cardiovascular disorder cases. The TWU instructors were all Beta Beta (Dallas) chapter members. The luncheon was sponsored by the chapter.

Beta Sigma Chapter funds Students and Faculty for a Pediatric Experience in Ecuador
Nancy L. Kashlak, MS, MSN, CRNP participated in her sixth pediatric cardiac surgery medical mission in March 2010, sponsored by Penn State Hershey Children’s Heart Group and Variety Children’s Lifeline, to Hospital de Ninos Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde, Guayaquil, Ecuador and with funding from the Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.  She was accompanied by five senior baccalaureate students and three LPN to RN students. While in Ecuador, students became integral team members as they cared for postoperative patients in the critical care units, assumed a circulating nurse role during surgery, assisted in patient screenings in the cardiology clinic and during ablation procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab, participated in medical rounds in the cardiology in-patient unit, and taught basic nursing skills to high schools students participating in the mission. Patients came from all parts of Ecuador, sometimes traveling for days, for an opportunity to receive needed health care and heart surgeries.

The nursing students visited Hospital Gineco-Obstetrico Enrique C. Sotomayor (Maternity Hospital) where 100 to 150 infants are born daily. The students also toured the pediatric services of Sociedad de Lucha Contra el Cancer del Ecuador/ Instituto Oncologico Nacional Dr. Juan Tanca Marengo (SOLCA Cancer Hospital), a government hospital that was formerly privately managed.  Students had an opportunity to learn about health care, nursing education, history, and culture. The students described their experiences as amazing and forever life-changing.

Delta Lambda Chapter – Textbooks for Nursing Students in Sierra Leone
In the summer of 2011, Delta Lambda Chapter member Omolara  Fyle Thorpe visited one of the only baccalaureate nursing schools in Sierra Leone (College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences of the University of Sierra Leone in Freetown, The Republic of Sierra Leone).  Sierra Leone is on the West Coast of Africa.

When she returned, she presented information about the health of the citizens of Sierra Leone, the health care system, and the nursing school.  Sierra Leone has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world and a life expectancy of 41 years. She also presented about the needs of the nursing students.  The school is relatively impoverished.  Students must share the few books that they have in their library. 

Based on Ms. Fyle Thorpe’s presentation, Delta Lambda members decided to sponsor a nursing textbook drive.  In the Spring of 2011, student and faculty members worked together to collect books.  In total, eleven boxes of books have been shipped to the nursing students that Ms. Fyle Thorpe visited and two more boxes are waiting to be sent.  The Delta Lambda members believe this small act will contribute to the health of the citizens of Sierra Leone and therefore, the global health of the world.

Delta Omega Chapter - Celebrating Nursing Contributions to Global Health
Delta Omega’s October program was held in conjunction with Children’s Hospital of Akron as the Pre-Conference of Kids 2010: Diversity in Pediatric Nursing 17th Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference. As part of the focus on Global Health, table top posters describing nursing in a variety of cultures and countries and showcasing what Delta Omega members are doing to support global health were displayed. Many participants enjoyed learning about nursing in different cultures and were given a reminder that Nurses are Key to Global Health.

A silent auction was held and as a result of contributions of 18 Delta Omega members who either donated or purchased silent auction items, the chapter raised funds which will be donated to ACCESS, a women’s shelter in Akron.  ACCESS is dedicated to addressing the plight of homeless women and children in our community. The agency encourages the development of self-esteem and the attainment of self-sufficiency through its commitment of providing a holistic, safe and supportive environment, and through its programs of housing, advocacy and empowerment. 

Delta Rho Chapter - Making an Impact on Global Health
Faculty Counselors David Jack and Cecilia Borden work tirelessly each year to select recipients for the Community Award. An inductee was the recipient of the Community Award for her work with vulnerable citizens. Philanthropic Chair Kathryn Shaffer spearheads annual drives that benefit a homeless shelter, an adolescent clinic, and a summer camp. She motivates nursing students to match Delta Rho’s contribution to collect and distribute supplies, toys and clothing to those underserved populations.

Delta Rho decided to stay locally to improve global health. We are sponsoring a first grade class in an underprivileged urban school by collecting supplies and items needed to maintain the students’ ability to participate in class. Delta Rho was invited by Xi Chapter to participate for the Walk for Haiti last Spring. Delta Rho members, along with undergraduate nursing students contributed to, and “walked the walk” for water for Haiti.

Delta Theta Chapter - Works with Region on Global Efforts
Delta Theta Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment Internet access.

Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations. Since the Haiti earthquake, a fundraiser for the Haitian National School of Nursing was held on 18 October 2010, where Dr. Ellen Palmer of Delta Theta chapter, and Dr. Jerry Myers spoke about their medical missions after the earthquake. An ICN nursing library was donated.

Epsilon Epsilon Chapter - International Year of the Nurse Celebration
To celebrate the International Year of the Nurse, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at Bradley University co-sponsored an event with the Bradley Nursing Student Association (BNSA) on October 28, 2010. Attendees included chapter members, BNSA members, Bradley nursing students, and faculty and students from the Methodist College of Nursing. Approximately 75 people attended.

The speaker for the event, Douglas Pavkov, BSN, RN, ACRN, has worked as a nurse in the Heart of Illinois HIV/AIDS Center for over eight years. He started the program by providing an overview of HIV and AIDS, which included diagnosis and treatment. During the majority of the presentation, he shared his experiences when he traveled to Africa with the Association of Nurses in AIDS care. His role there was to teach the African AIDS workers so that after he left, they would be able to 1) carry on the work of caring for people with HIV/AIDS and 2) teach others (who were not infected) how to prevent HIV transmission.

While the International Year of the Nurse Celebration has ended, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter plans to co-sponsor another event with BNSA during the next academic year.

Epsilon Mu Chapter - Community Service for African Refuge Center
The African Refuge Center (AFC) Staten Island, New York, is a community-based organization which aspires to improve the quality of life for African immigrants, refugees and low-income families. Their aim is to enhance the well-being of people who have faced abuse, poverty, desertion, depression and the effects of war. Epsilon Mu collaborates with AFC to promote community engagement and facilitate access to meaningful resources and activities.  The AFC offers programs that include human rights and social justice project, partnership in community health (PICH) program, Drop-In Center and Youth Center.

One such program in June 2010 was the Immunization Awareness program. Volunteers from Epsilon Mu met with the Community Leaders of the AFC to develop a program promoting health and immunization awareness. Community members were asked to serve on the task force and offer suggestions to teach the community. It was decided the best way to educate the community was to develop a program involving a skit. Issues surrounding immunizations were highlighted, such as necessity of immunizations for children to be able to attend school, young infants to be immunized to protect them from diseases, caregivers of children needing immunizations and reasons to immunize against pneumonia and the flu. A panel of nurses/nurse practitioners then conducted a question and answer session. A Jeopardy game with information on immunization and health partnerships in the community was played. Finally, a directory with community resources was developed and distributed to the participants. A resource like this was valuable to the nurses as well for reference when referring the community to agencies/facilities with services, hours and locations available. 

Epsilon Omicron Chapter - Works with Region on Global Efforts
Epsilon Omicron Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Epsilon Theta Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Epsilon Theta Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Eta Delta Chapter Supports Global Medical Mission
Eta Delta Chapter contributed $3,000 to support a global medical mission: Nursing Students Gain Experience in Kenya. During the summer of 2010, Dr. Sandra Jenkins (Eta Delta Chapter) and seven Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing students participated in a medical mission trip in Kenya at a local orphanage. The students learned clinical skills which were then utilized in the community in Kenya.

Eta Omega Chapter - Supporting Nursing Students' Global Outreach
The Eta Omega Chapter of STTI has supported our students who are part of the Nursing Students without Borders group who travelled to Ghana Africa in January 2010 for 3 weeks under the supervision of Faculty member and Eta Omega Member Valerie King by financially supporting with $500.00 grant to allow them to purchase the necessary educational supplies and equipment to provide health teaching to children and families in Ghana, Africa.

In addition, the Eta Omega Chapter supported the Nursing Students without Borders financially with a $500.00 grant in January 2011 to provide educational programs and a networking meeting with Nurses in Ghana during their 3 week return trip.

The Eta Omega Chapter supported further global outreach with a $120.00 grant that provided newly inducted Eta Omega members who were students in their final semester community rotation to provide dental hygiene education and toothbrushes to inner city children in the Lowell Massachusetts school system. This activity provided improvement of oral health to a diverse group of elementary school children. 

Gamma Mu Chapter - International Service-Learning Programs
The Gamma Mu chapter of STTI began its contribution to global health in 2006 when one faculty member from the School of Nursing initiated a service-learning program to Guatemala with undergraduate nursing students. The program met with such success that a trip was planned for the following year. Since that year, an increasing number of faculty have initiated trips to low-income countries to provide health education and medical care. At the present, faculty members of Clemson University are facilitating and leading annual international service-learning programs in Guatemala, Ecuador, Eleuthera in the Bahamas and Tanzania. Each faculty member is an active member of the Gamma Mu chapter.

A major focus of these trips has been to increase nursing students’ awareness of global health needs and to distinguish between health priorities of high and low-income countries. Students conduct community assessments through collection of statistical data, interviews with key informants from the community, home visits and tours of local health facilities. Each group of students contributes to the health of the local community through medical clinics established by visiting medical mission teams or providing health education to the indigenous people of the country. The fall 2010 trip to Guatemala piloted a “promotora” program to empower local women to improve the health of their own family and community. Again, this pilot was so successful that plans are being made to continue the program this fall.

An additional focus is placed on increasing cultural awareness and competence. Dr. Roxanne Amerson, past president of Gamma Mu, has conducted several research projects to evaluate how these experiences influence the cultural competence of nursing students who engage in international service-learning. Students are challenged to reflect upon their own biases and to demonstrate how nursing practice is adapted to meet the unique needs of culturally diverse populations. Dr. Amerson’s research indicates that students who engage in international service-learning are able to apply their knowledge of theculture in the health care environment within the US. Many of the students who engaged in these trips have now gone on to participate in international mission trips as practicing nurses.

Gamma Mu also strives to share their knowledge of international health needs with the local community. In 2007, the Gamma Mu chapter began offering educational programs annually. Since that time, members of Gamma Mu chapter have presented at local, regional, national and international-level conferences on international student experiences. In November of 2010, Gamma Mu partnered with Mu Rho Chapter to present Global Health Care: Nursing Round the World. This collaborative effort showcased the work of 7 faculty members who have engaged in global health programs around the world. 

Gamma Phi Chapter – Reaching Out
Gamma Phi chapter is committed to improving the health of the world. The chapter has taken a multi-pronged approach to our responsibility to global health. We work both locally and globally.

Locally, we participate in walks for health as both ‘walkers’ and ‘sponsors.’ We rotate yearly between the Chicago Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Society. We have begun a new program where Gamma Phi members offer monthly ‘Lunch & Learns’ at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind for their employee’s continuing education. The Topics are structured based on the ‘disease of the month’ e.g. February is Heart Month and May is Asthma Month. Gamma Phi members had their first opportunity to work as a group to impact those needing food assistance when the chapter repacked food at the Greater Chicago Food Depository in June 2011. We had such a great experience we have another food repack scheduled for the fall, 2011. Other Gamma Phi members volunteer their time and talents for many diverse groups such as clinics and community groups. 

The chapter collects recent edition textbooks from members that are sent to nursing schools in Africa who do not have access to recent material. The books have been sent to schools of nursing in Ghana and Kenya. Gamma Phi has collected around 100 textbooks with publication dates of 2005 or later. It is important that nursing students, regardless of their global location, have access to current information. On a yearly basis, numerous Gamma Phi members organize and participate in medical mission trips to countries including Haiti, Guatemala and Belize. 

Gamma Xi Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Gamma Xi Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Iota Alpha Chapter - The Call to Serve: A Footprint on Global Health
Three newly inducted members of Iota Alpha Chapter expressed interest in joining Dr. Hofmann’s elite team of nurses and nurse practitioners (sponsored by the Foundation for Peace) in the medical mission to the Dominican Republic in January 2011. We eagerly and quickly sought the information, supplies, donations and support we needed.

The community of San Pedro de Macoris welcomed us. As senior nursing students, we were afraid of saying and doing all the wrong things. But we quickly adapted to the pace and gained the confidence and knowledge from our peers and preceptors. We were able to build trusting relationships within a 15-minute time constraint and a culture barrier. If we didn’t have that trust, then the goals of the mission would not have been successfully achieved.

We were able to quickly assemble our version of the Presidential-Call-to-Action's “Neighborhood Team” – which Dr. Morin defines as a team that addresses specific local and global health issues. After our return from the Dominican Republic and in the months following, the “team” recruited newly inducted Iota Alpha members to help organize next year’s medical mission. We have been able to coordinate multiple fundraisers to benefit the Foundation for Peace and volunteers who will be participating in the January 2012 medical mission to the Dominican Republic. 

The chapter’s “Neighborhood Team” identified short and long-term goals, which include:
1. Continuing to recruit nursing students and registered nurses as volunteers  for the Foundation for Peace; 2. Organizing a committee that concentrates on community volunteer opportunities in New Jersey; 3. Creating exciting and new fundraising events for the members of STTI and the public to enjoy; and 4. Inspiring nurses from all areas of practices to fulfill their instinctual call to help others.

Iota Iota Chapter - Service Learning and Mentoring
Through the BYU CON Global Health and Human Diversity (GHHD) required course, approximately 20% of our chapter membership (faculty, students and alumni) have participated in service learning activities for periods of 2 to 6 weeks each spring in  countries such as Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Ghana, Taiwan, Tonga, Finland, Russia, Scotland and India, as well as local sites such as the Navajo Nation, refugees in Salt Lake City, prisons, rural areas and Walter Reed Hospital. Experiences included working in hospitals/clinics/public health settings; conducting health fairs; assisting local NGOs; building houses; painting and repairing the clinic; and making newborn blankets and kangaroo pouches for the NICU. BYU has taken approximately 128 students each spring for local and international service learning experiences for the past 15 years. Westminster College has also provided service learning opportunities locally and internationally in areas such as Thailand & the Navajo Nation.

Additionally, Barbara Mandleco worked with Marie Driever & Janet Larsen to create a module for Russian nurses on nursing research. The first module will be available to Russian nurses through the Russian nurses’ association. Dr. Mandleco was part of a three American nurse team that presented workshops in the fall of 2010 to Russian nurses in Archangelsk, Russia. Dr. Lynn Callister mentored Jordanian and Russian nurses to get their writings published. 

Iota Nu - Works with Region on Global Efforts
Iota Nu Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Kappa Eta Chapter - Medical Mission Trip
This year the Kappa Eta chapter participated in its first medical mission.  Being a small chapter with only two baccalaureate-level nursing programs, they worked hard to send seventeen students (all new Sigma members!) to the Dominican Republic. Through the Foundation of Peace and in collaboration with other schools and Sigma chapters, the chapter was able to send these members to the Dominican Republic for one week. In that week, the members donated their time, energy and expertise to bring healthcare services to this underserved area. The members provided first aid, nursing care and health teaching to the families in an impoverished region of the Dominican. This was not a course requirement; in fact, the students received no compensation for this endeavor and paid for the majority of the trip with their own money. This project was driven by caring and a willingness to help people who desperately needed assistance. Other members of the chapter organized a fundraiser to collect supplies (medicine, bandages, hygiene products, etc.) to bring to the Dominican people.  

Kappa Psi Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Kappa Psi Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Kappa Tau Chapter - Partnership with College of Nursing in Bangladesh
Nurses must be educationally prepared to meet the needs of people from diverse backgrounds by understanding how cultural, racial, socioeconomic, religious, and lifestyle factors affect health and health care delivery. A powerful strategy to enhance the development of cultural competence that allows the students to step beyond the classroom is learning through immersion, living and learning in another culture. Beginning in January 2008, selected nursing students have travelled to Bangladesh to learn about public health nursing in a developing country and how health care is provided in clinics, hospitals, and home visits.

Kappa Tau's partner, the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT), College of Nursing, is educating students on a very shoe-string budget. The underlying social context includes low status and pay for nursing as a profession; it is one of the few countries of the world where there are more doctors than nurses. The Bangladeshi partners benefit from access to curriculum materials, current clinical expertise and interaction with visiting faculty and students. We benefit from professional development opportunities for volunteer faculty and access for students to raise their cultural awareness and competency in a low-income country.

Kappa Tau Chapter supports the nursing program at IUBAT by providing needed educational models. The first year (2010), we sent an Advanced Childbirth Simulator for demonstration of all standard obstetrical procedures; a 3-D cervical effacement and dilatation model; and a vinyl pelvic model set. In 2011, they asked for CPR training materials and will also be receiving training arms for IV insertions. In this way, we support the IUBAT nursing program, which in turn, will provide needed health care to the Bangladeshi people thereby enhancing capacity building and sustainability.

Kappa Tau Chapter also supports students travelling to Bangladesh with small stipends and a forum on their return. Every year, students present their work at a Chapter meeting; create posters that are displayed at Chapter events, as well as at the University of Vermont and national conferences. 

Lambda Delta Chapter – Contributing to Global Health
The Lambda Delta Chapter partnered and collaborated with “The Center”, an organization classified as a 501(c) (3) organization whose mission includes nutrition programs and providing assistance related to housing and transportation, to address the health issues of the homeless HIV stricken population of Asbury Park, NJ.

Many of the clients of The Center, struggle to make ends meet. The chapter collected basic things needed to provide comfort and hygiene, like toiletries and things that people are not able to get with food stamps. The chapter also collected non-perishable food for the Center’s pantry.  This is an on-going project that was started in 2010, so far the chapter has already donated twice to this organization.

Lambda Tau Chapter Supports Yellow Ribbon Girls 
In December of 2010 Lambda Tau selected to contribute to the Yellow Ribbon Girls which was started when MAJ John Stich, an Army Critical Care Nurse, was deployed as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in early 2003 when he asked his family to get involved in assisting soldiers and Iraqi orphans.  With donations for these ribbons, over 15,000 packages have been shipped to soldiers and orphans in war zones in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  The soldiers express their gratitude in letters and notes on how much this means to them.  Lambda Tau hosted one of the organizers of the Yellow Ribbon Girls, Patty Philippi, a former nurse, at their December 2010 meeting.  Members of Lambda Tau brought items for shipment for Patty to include in packages being sent to the soldiers.  Lambda Tau also assisted with the shipping of the packages.

Mu Mu Chapter - Local Health Education in the Year of the Nurse
Mu Mu Chapter conducted a health awareness event held on the town square of Liberty, MO during the weekly Farmers’ Market.  More than 50 people received blood pressure screening and/or blood glucose exams. 141 people received literature on sun screens, summer skin care and skin cancer prevention.  Numerous opportunities for teaching allowed the chapter members to interact with residents in a positive and health-enhancing way.  Large signage on the booth promoted William Jewell College’s Nursing program, and many attendees asked questions about the Year of the Nurse and the local implications. Not only Liberty residents were affected, but many others from outside the local area stopped to talk with the chapter nurses.  Market organizers have asked the chapter to return next year because of the enthusiastic response of attendees.

Mu Omicron Chapter - Nurse Educators Making a Difference One Book at a Time
Mu Omicron’s Global Initiative titled: Reaching out far beyond the USA borders: Nurse Educators making a difference one book, one mannequin at a time has been successful. 

The chapter has collected used nursing textbooks and journals that were shipped to St. Paul University Iloilo in the Philippines.   Mu Omicron has also fundraised enough money to buy St. Paul University’s Nursing Program four teaching stethoscopes, fifteen stethoscopes, five adult blood pressure cuffs, one pediatric blood pressure cuff, and three large adult blood pressure cuffs.

The chapter had hoped to purchase a mannequin for St. Paul University, however due to the large amount of money required to meet the two goals of collecting books and stethoscopes and cuffs in addition to the unexpected high costs of shipping the books to the Philippines, the chapter was unable to do so. Mu Omicron is very pleased with the large volume of nursing books, nursing journals and clinical equipment sent to help with their nursing education.

Mu Omicron would also like to thank its fellow chapters in region 12 for their support during this initiative. They are:

  • Kappa Delta Chapter, La Salle University
  • Upsilon Alpha Chapter, Moravian College

Nu Rho-at-Large Chapter - Multivitamin Drive for Orphans in Haiti
Nu Rho-at-Large Chapter took advantage of an opportunity to reach out to children in Haiti following the earthquake of January, 2010 by collaborating with chapter member Jami Fulwider who was planning a medical mission trip to Haiti.  For the chapter’s February educational program, attendees were asked to bring children’s multivitamins for admittance, in lieu of monetary payment for contact hours. 

Upon returning from her medical mission, Mrs. Fulwider wrote an article for the chapter newsletter detailing the trip as well as the health concerns of the people of Haiti.  She also described the role of the nurse volunteers and indicated the team reached more than 800 patients during their mission.

In addition to their outreach in Haiti, the chapter has made philanthropic donations to Project Cure as well as Clinic with a Heart, a local free clinic for low-income and refugee residents in the county.  The chapter is partnering with Clinic with a Heart to provide an educational program that will focus on the health needs of the population the clinic serves. 

Omicron Beta Chapter - Helping the Community Through Volunteer Nursing
Two activities demonstrate the chapter’s contributions to global health. The first activity, initiated by member Dean Chatfield, took place at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp for 68 campers that all have one of 40 neuromuscular diseases. Dean and several chapter members volunteered to give compassionate care, educate campers and family members and contribute to the health and well being of each camper. They were able to experience a variety of issues that face children around the world and were also able to make a difference in their lives. While at this camp, Dean was interviewed for the local Labor Day telethon and was shown on television. He was also interviewed for the Reflections on Nursing Leadership (RNL) magazine. 

Dean has also served as a chapter leader to involve members at the “Project Homeless Connection.” This is an event where the homeless people of Rochester gather to find information and services that they are not likely to find on the streets. The effort was featured on the local news. An example of the group’s involvement at the foot clinic was washing the feet of homeless individuals, including giving foot education, massages and new socks. As leader of this initiative for the chapter, Dean notes, “this experience really touches some ... and they are so thankful that they actually have cried.” The chapter recognizes that global health also involves the residents of your own community who may be in need of nursing interventions.

Omicron Tau Chapter - Service Project Trip to Tanzania, Africa
In December 2009, two Omicron Tau Chapter nurse members travelled with 4 nursing students to visit and work at the Machame Lutheran Hospital located in Tanzania, Africa. While in Tanzania, the nurses and nursing students became an integral part of the hospice and palliative care team as they toured and worked at the hospital, day clinic, and orphanage. In addition, they made several home visits with the hospice and palliative care staff to care for their clients and families in their homes.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences in the African culture, health care system, hospice and palliative care as compared to the United States. Prior to the trip, the students and Omicron Tau Chapter members held a community wide monetary and medical supply drive for the hospital. The trip participants transported these medical supplies and distributed them to the Machame Lutheran Hospital health care system.

Upon return, the nurse members involved the nursing students in multiple presentations on their trip experiences and what was learned to Omicron Tau Chapter members, conferences, and other nurses at the local health care systems.

In December 2010, a second similar trip was completed by one Omicron Tau Chapter nurse member with 4 other nursing students. Both groups of nursing students described the trip and experiences as amazing and forever life-changing. Omicron Tau Chapter continues to support the Machame Lutheran Hospital Palliative Care Program as a partner with the Kilimanjaro Hospice Initiative, Cortez, Colorado. The chapter regularly sends medical supplies and monetary donations to the program to support the care they are doing for their clients and families in Tanzania, Africa. Ongoing communication also occurs by e-mail with various nurses and other health care professionals at the Machame Lutheran Hospital. This communication involves sharing knowledge and expertise on health care conditions, nursing care, and medical treatment involving the clients served.

Pi Omicron Chapter - Maintains relationships with nurses around the globe
Since inception, Pi Omicron Chapter has been a diligent supporter of intentional global health.  During the Biennium (2009-2011), the chapter worked diligently to create and transmit a vision for nurses in the Rio Grande Valley about global health. Global health was intertwined throughout both Scholarship Day Programs and Research Day Programs. The chapter was fortunate to have many local, national and international speakers who have considerately enhanced the chapter’s ability to further excellence, leadership and scholarship in nursing. Additionally, the chapter has been fortunate to have many local, national, and international speakers who have considerately enhanced the chapter’s ability to further excellence, leadership, and scholarship in nursing. Our objectives were to enhance the culturally competent providers in a wide variety of primary, secondary, and tertiary health care setting. The chapter was fortunate to have nurse educators and nursing students from teams with prominent educators, leaders and researchers share knowledge to help improve the health of the world’s people. In addition, exchange students from Thailand participated in the programs by sharing their cultural practices and customs, preferences and communication styles. These continuing education programs empowered the attendees with valuable resources to advance their awareness and knowledge of the global health care delivery and the professional nurse practice.  

Pi Omicron Chapter also continues it’s enduring international relationship with nurse, nurse educators, and nursing student in Mexico and Thailand. Members of the Board of Directors have met with faculty members from Facultad de Enfermeria, Enfermería de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL), Monterrey, NL twice each year to discuss university affiliation with Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon. UANL  was the first nursing school in Mexico to offer an MSN program, and is also the only school in Mexico offering a PhD in Nursing. The purposes of these meetings are to plan joint ventures in our chapters. In the planning phase are initiative that includes scholarship, leadership, evidenced–based practices, professional development and scholarly research that will shape the future of healthcare. The chapters discussed exchange programs where the nurse educators and students can interact and share knowledge. Pi Omicron Board of Director members met twice with nurse educators from Naresuan University, The School of Nursing, Naresuan University Phayao Campus, Phayao Province. Naresuan University is a government-sponsored university in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand. The Nursing faculty came to UTPA’s campus to discuss a university affiliation and to strengthen our relationship. There is already an ongoing strong relationship between the two universities. UTPA has received students from Naresuan for two years, and University of Texas-Pan American Nursing Department and the Chapter have been involved in an exchange program for 2 years as well.

Rho Delta Chapter - International Breast Feeding Day
Members of the Rho Delta Chapter carried out a number of activities to disseminate knowledge, build linkages and capacity, promote health and provide philanthropic support.  To give special attention to, and address the health needs of, a vulnerable population; in August 2010 the International Breast Feeding Day was celebrated.  In collaboration with nurses from education and practice, obstetricians and consultants for lactation management, activities to promote breast feeding practices were conducted. These included counseling to promote the father’s role in breast feeding, clarifying mothers’ concerns related to feeding practices. Sessions were conducted for nurses and midwives to enhance their role in promotion of breast feeding practices and to deliberate on challenges faced by them as well as to identify strategies to confront these challenges. These sessions were attended by more than 200 participants. At the end of the session a quiz competition was arranged. Additionally an open invitation was routed for poster competition related to the theme. Winners of the quiz and poster competitions were acknowledged publically which boosted their moral. Activities provided were to use natural resources and to provide low-cost, high-quality intervention with high-impact on global health.

Tau Chi Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Tau Chi Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Tau Epsilon Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Tau Epsilon Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Theta Zeta Chapter - Service: An Avenue to Contribute Global Health
Students are encouraged to discuss potential service activities for both the fall and the spring terms. This activity brings forth suggestions and leaders. During this biennium, student members have served in the role of Theta Zeta Team Leader for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk (2009 & 2010) and for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides walk (2010 & 2011). These student leaders successfully organized the team, recruited Theta Zeta members and others to walk in the event and/or sponsor a walker, and captured a substantial financial donation under the auspices of Theta Zeta. The Theta Zeta students are such great leaders that these organizations are seeking out Theta Zeta as continued participants and for expanded roles! For example, during this biennium, Theta Zeta has noted the need for and been responsible for setting up and manning the First Aid station for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk. Likewise, a student member served as the leader of the Theta Zeta team’s participation in Project Linus which involved making blankets to be distributed to children in need.

Additionally, the chapter supported one member and two student members to partner with a Christian charities organization to provide service in Jamaica. As a result of the experiences of these Theta Zeta members, the Chapter hopes to strengthen this initiative in the future. The members brought back a wealth of information with suggestions for how Theta Zeta may make even greater contributions to meet the health care needs of this population.

Xi Chapter - Walk for Water for Haiti
The United Nations General Assembly designated an annual World Water Day to recognize the difficulty in obtaining clean water in many parts of the world and the ensuing risk of waterborne disease. The Provost at the University of Pennsylvania dedicated the 2010-2011 academic year as the Year of Water. Xi Chapter began to work with Global Health Affair at Penn to plan an event that would help alleviate the water conditions in Haiti. The Haitian nursing schools have no running water and neither do their affiliate clinics. In fact, Penn nurses in Haiti report, “the clinics don’t have clean water and nurses use a communal bowl of water for hand washing purposes.”  The chapter was awarded a Water Grant from the Office of the Provost to support our event. Our mission was now to provide a water filtration system to the National School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and its affiliated clinics. Through the Office of Alumni Affairs at Penn we were able to develop a webpage and a registration page that would accept all types of payment. Additionally, we had support from a number of student organizations at Penn School of Nursing.

On the day of the event, 20 March 2011, we had ~300 participants from a variety of schools and organizations. Opening remarks were made by Councilwoman Blackwell and representatives from several Haitian groups. The Walk for Water for Haiti was a 5k walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania  that symbolized the struggle that Haitian women endure every day in their efforts to obtain clean water. The Walk participants carried 5 gallon buckets filled with water – some participants carrying the buckets on their head. The Walk for Water was an overwhelming success due in part to of five chapters of Sigma Theta Tau International: Alpha Nu, Delta Rho, Kappa Delta, Mu Omicron, and Xi

The people of Haiti have always struggled for access to clean water and the devastating earthquake of January 2010 only compounded this issue. The Walk for Water for Haiti netted funds in the amount of $12,000, and at this time we have a team of nurses and engineers in Haiti conducting a needs assessment to determine how best to provide clean water to Haitian nurses and their patients.

Xi Iota Chapter - Works with Region on Global Efforts
Delta Theta Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment Internet access. Examples of annual contributions efforts includeXi Iota chapter contributing 100 dollars annually toward uniforms for the graduates of RANSON in Bangalore, India.

Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Xi Iota Chapter also created "Health Disparities: A Comparative Analysis between the United States and United Kingdom" to be taught each summer in London, England.

Xi Psi Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Xi Psi Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Zeta Lambda Chapter - Member Global Activities
In 2010 and 2011, the Zeta Lambda chapter produced programs open to the public and healthcare professionals with emphasis on global healthcare concerns. In the fall 2010, invited guest Retired Brigadier General Peggy Hengeveld presented on Healthcare issues of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Veteran student organizations were also present to add to the discussion. 

Following in Spring 2011, the chapter heard an undergraduate inductee, Kathryn Deremer, present about her experiences on a medical mission trip in Africa as she responded to the call for nursing leadership in third world countries including orphanages. 

Currently, the chapter has a presentation this fall from Past President & Awards Chair Annette Kostelnik and Eileen Mueseler, O.D., who will share experiences from their recent medical mission trip to earthquake victims in Haiti. We are especially excited to have been able to add this beginning global dimension to our chapter’s achievements as we are a small rural southwestern Pennsylvania chapter.

Zeta Pi Chapter- Works with Region on Global Efforts
Zeta Pi Chapter is one of the chapters in Region 6 partnering with nursing schools in India to help strengthen their nursing programs through teaching and financial support. An International Council Nurses (ICN) Mobile Library for the nursing students and faculty at the Rebekah Ann Naylor School of Nursing (RANSON) in Bangalore, India was donated along with computer equipment to augment internet access. Since 1999, Region 6 chapters have partnered to purchase nurses uniforms for the RANSON graduating nurses. Additionally, the International Year of the Nurse Consortium, held 19 November 2010, provided donations for Haiti National School of Nursing, Grace Children’s Hospital and RANSON. The total of $11,000 was received in sponsorship donations.

Creating a Legacy of Personal Leadership Category

Alpha Eta Chapter - Margretta Madden Styles Award
Alpha Eta Chapter values strong and effective leaders and has created an award to honor nurses who demonstrate excellence in leadership.

First presented in 1987, the Margretta Madden Styles Award is named in honor of our esteemed former Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco. The purpose of the award is to recognize legacies of excellence in clinical practice, teaching, administration, or research among our Alpha Eta members.

Alpha Eta Chapter selected Dr. Sally Rankin as the 2011 recipient of the Margretta Madden Styles Award. Dr. Rankin is the Associate Dean for International Programs at UCSF School of Nursing and Director of the UCSF-WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Clinical Training in Nursing.  She served as Chair of the UCSF Department of Family Health Care Nursing from 2004-2010 and has been involved in international health as a nursing professor for the past two decades. Most recently she has worked in Malawi in Central Africa conducting a NIH-funded study on HIV prevention and care. In addition to her busy international interests, Dr. Rankin is well-respected by students and colleagues and is a past recipient of the Nursing Doctoral Students Mentor of the Year Award.

Delta Rho Chapter - Leaders without Borders
Delta Rho has had outstanding leadership throughout the past 30 years. The past president, Ksenia Zukowsky, has especially moved the chapter forward through her efforts to promote Delta Rho as one of the sponsors for the annual Visiting Scholar Program. Offered in October, nationally-known speakers are invited to present on such issues as Obesity and AIDS. Members are invited to attend as well as JSN students, as yet another way to welcome this community and advance  knowledge. Dr. Zukowsky was recently honored during our past induction with the STTI Presidential pin for her work with Delta Rho.

Delta Rho’s active board members are equally as outstanding, meeting the challenge and commitment to their chair responsibilities. Current President, Julia Ward and Research Chair Theresa Yeo initiated the research symposiums offered each fall and spring in an effort to attract student interest in STTI and enhancing knowledge through research. Since its inception within STTI’s website, Dr. Ward has maintained the Delta Rho’s Chapter site with information about events past and present. She has initiated a call for community leaders through TJUH intranet and through her efforts, four new members have been accepted into the Chapter.

Epsilon Omega Chapter - Tornado Recovery
Following the tragic events of April 27, 2011, members and faculty at the University of Alabama mobilized to provide immediate service to the thousands affected by the tornados that tore through the city of Tuscaloosa. According to Dr. Olivia May, EO member, numerous students and faculty showed up at the Druid City Hospital Medical Center emergency room the night of the storm.  Hundreds of patients were seen. In the days that followed she and others ran a mobile clinic treating individual injuries, families’ grief and loss and workers’ exhaustion.

Following more than two weeks of intense volunteering by so many persons from within and surrounding the community, Dr. May wrote: “The volunteers are amazing! We still have nurses flowing in from all over ... Nursing students keep coming too. I heard one today say that she is amazed at the amount that she has learned about nursing over the last week.  The volunteers just keep coming.....and for that we should be very grateful."

A collaborative initiative several months later began from a Membership Ambassador Call. Tracey Hydrick, EO Membership Ambassador, took on the work of organizing the workday. Students from the University of South Alabama had asked how they could assist their neighboring school. The Membership Ambassadors—new members filled with enthusiasm—arranged collaborative projects. The result was a two-day “Nursing Students with a Cause” hosted by Epsilon Omega. As part of the hosted workday, members from the two chapters met and collaborated. On 4-5 August 2011, 14 students and faculty members volunteered their time through Give Tuscaloosa, a volunteer and dispatching organization which has coordinated efforts since the tornadoes. The group provided hands-on work to sort and assist with pick up of the many donations being received by the Temporary Emergency Services Center and the Forest Lake Baptist Church, which were distribution points for thousands of donations of goods, clothing and canned goods. All members of the team were struck with a new appreciation for the extensive size of the affected areas. They were touched by stories of terrifying fear, seeking safety, survival and grief. The outpouring of appreciation for the student’s trip was best stated by Dean Sara Barger, Capstone College of Nursing, who welcomed the group, stating “you cared enough to come.”

Epsilon Phi Chapter - Student Leader Program
The Student Leader program, founded by past Chapter President Gretchen Schumacher in 2008, has developed into a very successful component of Epsilon Phi chapter activities. The program is open to Seniors in the undergraduate nursing program. In this competitive program, all newly inducted juniors are invited to apply and received applications are reviewed by Board Members. Student Leaders are selected based on applicant’s potential as leader, commitment to nursing, and academic achievement.  Epsilon Phi has had five Student Leaders since 2008 and the experience has benefitted the chapter, the members, and the leaders themselves. The first two leaders went on to take officer positions in the chapter (Secretary and Treasurer). They have made multiple contributions including organizing a special student focused spring meeting and mentoring the new student leaders that proceeded them. The third and fourth leaders, took it upon themselves to develop new strategies for recruiting and retaining students to the chapter. And at the Spring Induction ceremony, Epsilon Phi inducted more new members than ever before. The fifth student leader is just starting her journey. So far, she had taken a large project with the President-Elect to coordinate the award and honors the chapter gives out, and standardize those policies and procedures.

Epsilon Xi Chapter - Nursing Leadership Honored
Epsilon Xi Chapter President, Cathy Peters, discusses her involvement after September 11th:
In the fall of 2001, I was fortunate to volunteer in New York City after the events of September 11th. My nursing career began in New York at Lenox Hill Hospital. Living in Manhattan changed my life in countless, positive ways. It was an honor to give back during such challenging times. Six months later, in the spring of 2002, there was a New York State Conference on “Transcending Trauma”, for which there was a call for narratives. My contribution was a memorial collage of newsprint and magazine copy,known as “Homage to New York”. In 2003 “Homage” was chosen, and I was deeply honored to receive the Sigma Theta Tau Award for Nursing Excellence: Media Art. The original work is now part of the permanent collection of the New York Historical Society. Ten prints were made, one of which hangs in the University of Rochester School of Nursing (with a plaque identifying the Sigma connection). Recently the board of Epsilon Xi presented a print of “Homage”, to the President of the University, Dr. Joel Seligman in a ceremony honoring nursing leadership. Two important events were recognized as part of the ceremony: the 10th anniversary of September 11th and the upcoming 30th anniversary of our chapter. The dean of our nursing school and senior hospital management were present, including the chief nursing officer and director of operations, all of whom are members of Sigma Theta Tau. It was a wonderful, joyous celebration of our profession.

Gamma Phi Chapter - Professional Nursing Staff Past President's Council
STTI has a Past President’s Council that serves as a supportive group to the organization and the current president and president-elect.  A Gamma Phi member adapted this concept and created the Professional Nursing Staff (PNS) Past President’s Council (Council). This council serves in an advisory capacity to the PNS President and Executive Committee. The Council, launched in April of 2009, has grown to be an extremely viable and effective council. The Councils quarterly agendas focus heavily upon PNS operations and challenges to the organization. The Council provided guidance and expertise on PNS initiative that included: PNS Code of Conduct, PNS Rules and Regulations, PNS Bylaws, and PNS Student Affiliate. In addition to discussion at the quarterly meeting, two members (both Gamma Phi members) assisted with writing and editing draft documents.

Gamma Theta Chapter (Alumni) - Alumni Chapter Continues to Grow with Leadership
Gamma Theta has had great leadership throughout the years; however, the Chapter could not be as successful without our active members. All the members are special, however, in the past Dr. Abigail Mitchell RN, MSN, DHEd received the Nurse of Distinction Award, which was co-sponsored by District 1 and the Buffalo News for her significant dedication to the education and advancement of nursing careers, and that same year Mary Story RN, MSN, MPH was presented with the Ruth T. McGrorey Award. This award is District 1’s most prestigious award and honors an active, contributing member. Karen Ballard RN was inducted as a fellow into the American Academy of Nursing. Nursing Research and Scholarly activities is another area in which the Chapter participates on a regular basis. The latest poster presentations included: Frances Crosby RN, EdD, Connie Shields RN, EdD, Jeanette Hughes RN, MS, CPHO, and podium presentation at the 2010 Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science by Dr. Abigail Mitchell. The dedication of all our members is outstanding; the list of achievements is very long and scholarly. 

Every year the Chapter recognizes a need in the community and finds ways to support that community. During these difficult economic times, Heart, Love and Soul continues to assist needy families in Niagara Falls, and the Chapter goal is to help this organization with basic necessities. However, not all of these great endeavors could exist without the chapter’s main leader, mentor, coach, and past President, and current Chair of the Governance Committee. Mary Lorich is the person behind the scenes creating the welcoming environment for all members (current and future):  she takes care of the Induction, the newsletter (with assistance of other members), and the meeting dates, but foremost she is the building block of the Chapter. Without her the Chapter most likely would not have so many active members and so much participation. The Chapter has grown in the past few years, as we continue to have successful inductions every October.  It is striving and surviving as an Alumni Chapter.

Iota Chapter - Nashville Flood Relief
In the floods that engulfed Nashville in 2010, local chapter members contributed time, donations and care to help those affected. Marty Conrad, a Red Cross Disaster Nurse and member of Iota Chapter described the beginning of the floods. “They came so quickly! On Sunday morning, after sustained and torrential rains, the ground could not hold more and flooding began in areas that did not usually flood.”

Students and faculty manned shelters. Students spent hours helping in many ways. There was a major problem with dislocation of the homeless. They started coming to the shelters because their tent city was flooded. There was really no place for them. In the shelters they worked with a child with seizures and another with HIV. One NP came by boat to the Lipscomb shelter. It was later called a 500 year flood. At the Red Cross, they took donations of blood and sent to area hospitals.

Conrad was the only RN in the shelter who was not assigned to the blood drive. “It is a whole different set of needs when you ask 200 persons who don’t know each other and come from very different backgrounds to sleep together in a shelter.” She took students to assist in the shelter. The shelters had originally been opened on Saturday night but many thought they could stay at home. Workers had to go door to door in the middle of the night to evacuate the hotel.

Marty herself was positively influenced to become a nurse by a Red Cross nurse who had made it easy to volunteer. She hopes the Region can implement a course in disaster preparation. Students were impressed with how meaningful it was to have persons help one another.

Kappa Tau Chapter - Heart of Leadership Dinners
During our Kappa Tau Board meetings, we came to realize that we needed a time when members could come together to socialize, meet new members, and discuss how we each are expressing leadership in our nursing careers. We recognized that at the heart of leadership is self-care as well as deep connection with others.

The annual Heart of Leadership dinner began. It is held at a local restaurant where there is a large back room. We begin with a cocktail hour, followed by a 3 course meal. It attracts new nurses and veteran nurses. We go around the room and introduce ourselves, talk about our leadership strengths, challenges, and interests. One year, a member spoke about her efforts with healthcare teams in Haiti after the earthquake. People catch up with old friends, make new connections, and network with each other. We subsidize new student members so they can attend. Board members reach out to new members, making them feel welcomed and involved. 

The Heart of Leadership dinner is a resounding success. Each year between 20 and 40 nurses attend. February 2012 will be our 8th year. Heart of Leadership dinner has proven to be an event that is informal, social, nurturing and inspiring.

Lambda Delta Chapter – Making a Difference
Member Tanya Hubbard initiated a project called “The Alabaster Box” in 2009 in collaboration with Christ Temple CLG, Neptune N.J. This project focuses on women and families affected by domestic violence.  In getting this project together she solicited for clothing, monetary donations, gift cards, toiletry and other basic necessity items.   Tanya also volunteers as a tutor for the “Helping Hands” Tutoring Program and collaborated with “180 Turning Lives Around”, an organization that deals with domestic violence. She plans to explore more avenues so that she can provide outmost assistance to this population. With Tanya’s personal leadership, Lambda Delta will join her in this on-going and recurring project.

Members Liz Vasquez and Lolita Jacob spearheaded a unique fundraising event collaborating with Bruce Gallipani, the musical director of “Rockit for Kids” band, to hold a concert to support various Chapter initiatives.  Lambda Delta’s exceptional fundraising event made a difference to all attendees including the guests and families of the young musicians in the band. About 125 people supported the event, and everybody went home happily “rocking”. The chapter was able to raise a net of over $1,400. Proceeds generated from the event helped Lambda Delta finance some activities like research grants and student scholarship programs.

Nu Chapter - Community Service Workday
The Community Service Workday initiative began after a member discussed how Birmingham had been affected during the tornados. They could not participate in the workday at Tuscaloosa and decided to organize another one. They developed a collaborative project with Habitat for Humanity, with chapter members providing the labor. They worked side by side with community members to assist with building. New inductees participated as well and Nu Chapter Board members and officers.

On Saturday, September 17, members of Nu Chapter (University of Alabama at Birmingham) worked with Habitat for Humanity assisting with building a house. It was indeed a success with Nu Chapter members diligently working. This is a community of homes being built by Habitat in partnership with other local groups. Nu Chapter assisted with the Jackson and Marsh-Marshall family home. The turnout was great with Nu Chapter, UAB students and local churches. 

Rho Delta Chapter - Creating Legacy of Personal Leadership: Rho Delta Chapter Members’ Achievements
Rho Delta Chapter provides opportunities for young members to enhance their leadership abilities by serving as the chairs of both the Publicity and Research & Scholarship committees. Additionally each of these committees includes members currently enrolled in undergraduate programs; Amin Didar, BScN Year IV serves on the Newsletter committee which is chaired by Saima Merchant and Zara Rafiq Sajwani, BScN Year IV is member Research & Scholarship committee which was co-chaired by Laila Ladak & Rozina Barolia. In addition to producing detailed newsletter, Amin and the Newsletter Committee were responsible for preparing for the chapter’s 10th anniversary celebration and compiling information from the chapter’s archives.  Zara and the Research & Scholarship committee reviewed research proposals and conducted a workshop (details of the workshop were later published in the chapter newsletter).  Tasks included marketing, registration, inviting speakers and logistics.

Experiences obtained during these processes prepared Amin and Zara to develop competency and management skills as future leaders. Members of Rho Delta are flourishing professionally and are leading in nursing fields in all areas including education, research, administration and service. Thus they are creating legacy of personal leadership.

Upsilon Omicron Chapter - Tornado Recovery 2011
Following the devastating tornados on April 27, 2011, the neighboring rural community of Phil Campbell was devastated. Members of Upsilon Omicron worked together to get student and faculty teams on the ground. It was especially meaningful because UO President Laura Williams’ husband had grown up there so these were close neighbors and friends that they assisted. Dr. Williams organized groups of students over the weekend to assist in the community.

The area is very rural and in addition to loss of homes, much livestock had been released or injured in the aftermath of the winds. Families had lost members. Over 3000 homes were destroyed, most in lower income areas. Thirty of thirty-one businesses were destroyed in one town.

Students and faculty participated in the University initiative “Caring for the Pride” to assist students and families from nearby communities that were affected. Students and faculty assisted with debris clean up, comforted families who were in shock and supported the local hospitals and clinics. SNA held a student-driven collection for food, blankets, supplies, and other needed goods. Another indicator of the community involvement was that although the chapter (located in Florence, AL) had not been affected and induction went on, none of the graduate inductees could attend, citing needs to be at the hospital to care for the victims in the wake of the storms. 

Zeta Xi Chapter - Tornado Recovery Efforts 2011
The College of Nursing students and faculty responded to the needs of the people in their community, the Anniston-Gadsden-Jacksonville area. In an effort to record the many stories around the region of chapters and members contributing to the tornado and other disaster efforts, Drs. Shelton and Waits shared their stories of students and faculty efforts in the immediate aftermath. They had provided thousands of meals being taken over several weeks to the workers and community members trying to recover from the devastation. 

Faculty and students worked side-by-side at the Red Cross, churches and in communities. Some volunteers provided medications to those who had lost theirs. They helped the Health Department distribute tetanus vaccines. They took meals to those in the field to the many volunteers who came from as far away as Texas to help. Students made first aid packs and distributed these. Nurses from the college have worked individually in the communities since the tornado, said Cindy Tubbs, clinical associate with the college. The college invited students to come out to areas around Webster’s Chapel and help provide health screenings and first aid through in-home visits, Tubbs said. Tuesday afternoon, Tubbs, Pritchard and Sarah Latham, Dean of the nursing college, made a home visit to Donna Farrell, who was recently released from UAB Hospital’s intensive care unit. Farrell broke her back, neck, some ribs, shoulder blade, and other bones -- and had a punctured lung -- as a result of her trailer getting picked up by the tornado and slung down a ditch. She had titanium rods inserted along her spine to prevent it from collapsing and spent a number of hours in surgery, said Mike Farrell, her husband, who flew back from Kabul, Afghanistan to be with her. Donna’s recovery is going splendidly, Latham said at the conclusion of the health evaluation, conducted in the unfinished basement of Donna’s parents’ home. The family is living there until a renter moves out of the home’s top floor apartment. “You’re sort of a miracle,” Latham said. Donna answered with a wry smile and said she’ll feel special when she gets rid of some of the medical equipment she has to wear.

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