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Logo and name usage procedures for the Honor Society of Nursing

Since 1922, the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International has been forging a name for itself as a unique organization in the nursing profession that is synonymous with Health, Leadership, Scholarship, Compassion and Honor. This set of identity guidelines is designed to maximize the potential of the honor society name in three ways:

  • By reprioritizing the language in the trademark so that Honor Society of Nursing receives more emphasis. This will be a crucial step in demonstrating a broader definition of the organization.
  • By keeping the valuable Sigma Theta Tau International name and symbol as vital elements in the trademark, and making certain they are used in a consistent and respectful manner.
  • By creating a consistent system of usage for the trademark that will strengthen the Sigma Theta Tau International name and allow it to grow in an organized and unified way.

    The Sigma Theta Tau International trademark is the single most important element in the identity system. As the visual representation of the organization’s name, it should be treated with respect. Just as you would not allow the name to be mispronounced in a news conference, do not allow the trademark to be misrepresented visually. The trademark consists of two elements: the symbol and the type. In some cases, the symbol may be used without the type, but the type should not be used without the symbol.
    When used together, the elements have the strongest impact. Many of the identification guidelines depend upon relative size, proportion, and positioning of one design element with another. These rules have been developed through the careful consideration of many factors, both functional and aesthetic.

    Adherence to the guidelines is the key to the success of the identification program.

    Please read and follow instructions outlined in Policy for approval to use the crest.

    Formal Request
    Please submit the "Request to Use the Sigma Theta Tau International Name or Crest" and supporting documentation to headquarters for approval.

      I. Policy

      A. The name of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and the  official crest are the private and exclusive property of the honor society and their use is exclusively controlled and regulated by the honor society.

      B. Permission to use the Sigma Theta Tau International corporate name and/or crest may be authorized by the executive officer provided it is stipulated that it will be used only in the manner described by the requestor and only for the length of time specified by the executive officer.

      C. The use of the corporate name and/or crest by a chapter requires the addition of that chapter's name. (Approved - Sigma Theta Tau International Governing Council, June 15, 1988.)

      II. Procedure

      A. Use of the name and/or crest

      1. Approved uses include:

      a. official stationery, notepaper, envelopes

      b. printed materials, i.e. newsletter, journals, books, programs, membership materials

      c. banners, podium covers, posters, jewelry

      d. promotional/sales items, i.e. bookmarks, paper weights, book bags/totes, mugs, glassware, needlepoint patterns, pens, plaques, t-shirts, sweatshirts

      B. Design standards for the name and/or crest

      1. The design should:

      a. be appropriate to enhance Sigma Theta Tau International and the nursing profession.

      b. be consistent with the scholarly purposes of the organization, nurses, and nursing scholarship. Visual attributes such as color, contrast, readability, organization and simplicity are to be considered.

      2. Alteration of the crest is prohibited.

      3. Alteration of the name is prohibited. Appropriate formats are: Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International or Sigma Theta Tau International.

      C. Approval

      1. Requests are submitted in writing and are to be accompanied by a picture/drawing/description of the item/use of the name and/or crest. The request shall specify the length of time the name and/or crest will be used, a marketing plan for sales items including purpose, target group, sales price, volume that will be produced, plus profit margin.

      2. Requests will be reviewed by the executive officer and a written response will be sent within 30 days of receipt of the request. If there is question as to the appropriateness of the request, the executive officer will confer with the board of directors.

      The "Request to Use the Sigma Theta Tau International Name or Crest" can be printed and mailed in.

      D. Exceptions to the Approval Process

      1. Some items do not require the full formal approval process. The name/crest may be used on these items without sending headquarters the ""Request to Use the Sigma Theta Tau International Name or Crestapplication. These include:

      a. Chapter literature such as letterhead, newsletters, programs, etc.

      b. Chapter web sites. On a chapter’s website, the crest must be accompanied the chapter’s name and the college/university affiliation.

      2. Although formal approval is not necessary on these items, the basic guidelines must still be followed. They are:

      a. Alteration of the name and/or crest in any way is prohibited.

      b. The chapter name must appear in addition.

      E. Using the crest on a chapter's website

    1. As noted above, chapters do not need to seek written approval for use of the name or crest on a chapter's website provided the chapter's name and college/university's name also appears.

    Contact with additional questions or requests.

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