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Home : Chapter Information : Tools & Resources : Guidelines for Scholarships

Guidelines for Scholarships

Chapter leaders can utilize these guidelines in establishing a scholarship at the chapter level.

I. Purpose of the Fund
The purpose of the scholarship fund is to recognize outstanding scholarship by qualified nurses and/or nursing students which will advance knowledge in the area of nursing science and practice.  The fund provides monies for the awarding of scholarships to individuals.

II. Fund Sources

  • Private donation without restrictions to STTI policies
  • General chapter funds as approved in the budget

III. Processing Fund Monies

  • The Finance Committee of the chapter recommends funds in the budget from the general fund or designated funds for awarding scholarships. This budget is approved by the chapter and administrated by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer expends monies from the scholarship fund to the recipient(s).
  • The Executive Committee of the chapter announces the scholarship program. The Committee approves the recommendations of the chapter committee responsible for the scholarship process (example: Scholarship Committee) and may allocate additional funds for scholarship on the basis of availability.
  • The chapter committee responsible for the scholarship process reviews applications; recommends the awards of scholarships according to the policies of the chapter as they correspond to the bylaws of STTI; and monitors fund usage by recipients. A five-year record should be kept by the chapter on all recipients of monetary awards. Information on recipients should include name and address, amount of award, and how the person was selected and criteria utilized.

IV. Criteria for Awarding Scholarships

A. Applicant Criteria
     1. Enrolled in a baccalaureate program in nursing, or
     2. Nursing student enrolled in higher degree program in nursing
B. Application
     1. Submit an application and a written statement of personal and professional goals in
     2. Signed formal agreement for money usage
     3. Attachments:
          a. Transcript of undergraduate records and graduate work completed.
          b. Letters of recommendation from two faculty members and one professional
          c. Vitae, if desired
C. Preference will be given to STTI members, other attributes being equal*
D. Competitive basis for fund allocation
     1. Quality of written goals
     2. Contribution or potential contribution to nursing and public benefit
     3. Scholarship fund budget and number of proposals submitted

V. Scholarship Allocation
The amount of a scholarship will be determined by the amount of funds requested, the number of requests and the availability of monies in the chapter scholarship fund. (The chapter should establish a maximum amount to be awarded to each applicant.)

VI. Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee consists of three appointed chapter members who have experience in nursing education. It is recommended that one member hold an earned doctorate if graduate students are considered. One chapter officer should be designated as ex-officio, ordinarily the Treasurer.

VII. Publicity

A. Publicizing availability of scholarship widely
B. Publicizing the criteria for awarding scholarships and the selection process
C. Scholarship recipients
D. Final reports should be made available at chapter meetings
E. Awards may be reported in chapter newsletters or on chapter Website
F. Completion of the studies are announced in chapter newsletters or on chapter Website

VIII. Scholarship Application Deadlines
Chapters should establish the number of times awards are made each year or biennium and when those deadlines are.

IX. Sample Items

A. Chapter Scholarship Application
B. Chapter Scholarship Agreement of Financial Expenditures

* No member of the awards, scholarship, research committees or the chapter board of directors is eligible for funding while in office.

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