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Home : Chapter Information : Start a Chapter : Phase 2: Formation of an honor society

Phase 2:  Formation of an honor society

After a school of nursing receives information and pre-approval to proceed with the STTI honor society and chapter development process, the school of nursing shall form an independent, local nursing honor society. The honor society agrees to follow STTI's recommended honor society procedures and policies while forming and operating the honor society with intent to apply for official chapter status.

NOTE:  Although STTI provides support and resources to the developing honor society, the honor society is not affiliated with STTI until after the chapter charter application has been approved AND the official chartering ceremony has taken place.


Phase 2 Tasks:

1) Form a steering committee that will:

  • Choose a chapter structure
  • Obtain verbal support/approval from administration of institution of higher education and the dean/department chair of the school of nursing
  • Appoint a Board of Directors for the honor society




2) Form a Board of Directors that will:

  • Consult with staff
  • Establish honor society name (cannot be a Greek name)
  • Adopt STTI honor society bylaws template
  • Set goals for developing honor society
  • Determine developing honor society and chapter benefits for members​
  • Plan developing honor society's initial budget

  • Determine policies and procedures for utilizing STTI's membership eligibility requirements

  • Promote honor society to prospective members


Tools & Resources

Chapter Structure Models
Start a new chapter
One School of Nursing
Start a new at-Large chapter
Two or more Schools of Nursing
Become at-Large with an established chapter
School joins an existing chapter

Sample letters of support
(Request written letters of support 3-6 months prior to application date)

Orientation for Board of Directors of developing honor society




STTI Bylaws 101


Member Benefits

Planning & Establishing the First Budget

Implement & Utilize STTI's Membership Eligibility Requirements

Preparing Communications & Promoting the Honor Society

Thinking ahead to application submission ...

What to document, save and update during Phase 2
Document, save, and continually update the following in preparation for submitting your application:
(The honor society is eligible to submit chapter charter application 1-2 years after the first induction ceremony.)

  • Letters of Support 
         --Letter from University/College administration
         --Letter from School/Department of Nursing
         --At-Large applicants must submit these 2 letters from each school that will be
           affiliated with the chapter
         --Amendment applicants must submit these 2 letters from each existing school
           affiliated with the chapter and each applicant school that is joining the chapter
     NOTE:  All support letters submitted with the application should be less than one year old from the 
                             date of application submission.
  • Completed and adopted Honor Society Bylaws Template for current biennium
  • Current list of honor society officers (required and optional)-- revised and updated as necessary
  • Copies of honor society budgets for each fiscal year-- revised and updated as necessary
  • Written procedure for determining membership eligibility per STTI bylaws


Contact us
Staff at headquarters are available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions about honor society & chapter development.


Inside North America  
Telephone: 1.888.634.7575

 Outside North America
Telephone: +1.317.634.8171


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