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2014 International Nurses Day Donor Wall
Thank you for celebrating International Nurses Day with a gift to advance nursing! 


Heritage Society Donor

Virginia Henderson Fellow

Lynda Law Wilson

Annual Donors
Members and chapters who made a new cash gift of US $60* or more between 21 March - 12 May 2014.
*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income.
Teri L. Ahrens 
Yvonne Alger 
Karen L. Anderson 
Nancy L. Anderson 
Joan Arslanian 
Rebekah C. Asensio 
Linda L. Austin 
Mary Aydelott-Slavet
     in honor of Barbara Goodfellow
Marianne Baernholdt 
Dorothy C. Baker 
Corazon G Barrios
     in honor of all the Nurses for Nurses Week
Robin Bartlett
     in honor of Charlotte Herrick
Elizabeth Anne Batten 
Mary E Beatty
     in memory of Ray Ann Huttle
Nola M. Becket 
Katherine J. Blake 
Rosina Bloomingdale 
Mary Lou Bond 
Jill E. Bormann
     in honor of Kathleen Burns
Sandra M. Boyd
     in honor of Tucker
Robert Briseno
     in honor of Clinical Informatics
Ann Marie T. Brooks 
Dorothy J. Brundage 
Earline L. Bryan 
Sarah S. Buckley
     in honor of Cyndy Curran
Alfreda A. Burblis
Cleo A. Burgard
     in honor of Janet Bingle, RN
Ann O. Cain
     in memory of Marjorie A. Smith
Caroline Camunas
Karen L. Carlson 
Rita Clifford
Robin B. Cohen Jaffe 
Karen Coleman 
Chriseda Colucci-Reuben
     in memory of Albert Colucci
June M Como 
Mary Courtney 
Emma L. Dann 
Patricia Lee Declue
     in memory of Margaret Snyder
Susan Delonis 
Irene L. DeNave 
Judith L. Devlin
     in honor of Katherine C. Devlin, RN
Audrey C. Drake 
Sandra B Dunbar 
Susan M Duty 
Doris S. Edwards
     in memory of Lillian Steck Hartwell, RN
Kathy A. Ennen 
Julie S. Fairman 
Jacqueline Fawcett 
Winston Field 
Delores Fox
     in memory of Marjorie King, EdD
Betsy Frank 
Pamela K. Fuller 
     in honor of Dr. Sandra Wise
Teresa L. Fuller
     in memory of Suzan Meyers
Maria G C C. Galaviz 
Pamela J. Galehouse 
Nancy Rollins Gantz
     in honor of Mary E. Rollins and Dr. Joellen Koerner
Lorna H. Garcia
     in honor of Esperanza C. Garcia
Julia Slack Garner 
Nan M. Gaylord 
Gretchen A. Geist 
Cynthia J. Gibson
     in honor of Jane Tuttle
Bonnell W. Glass 
Davina J. Gosnell 
Jennifer S. Graber 
Doris R. Grinspun
     in honor of Nelly Garzon, 
     STTI and Nursing
Betty L. Haddon 
Michele Hamilton
     in memory of Ella W. Allison
Cynthia Hartman 
Jean Haspeslagh
     in honor of Jane Kohner
Kathryn V. Hayes
     in honor of Dr. Patricia Dunn
Violet L. Hayes 
Nan L. Hemphill 
Frances B. Hilliard 
Pamela Jean Hodges
     in honor of Dean Poldi Tschirch
Marita B. Hoffart
     in memory of my godson, 
     Joshua Robert Miller

Anne Therese Hofmeyer 
Layla A. Hogan 
Carol Holland 
Marion T. Hudson 
Carol J. Huston
     in honor of Patricia E. Thompson
Doreen M. Hutchinson 
Elva M. Hyre 
Pamela J. Jackson-Malik 
     in memory of Tytyne Higginbotham
Connie Jastremski 
Judith A. Jennrich
     in honor of Dr. Connie Curran
Barbara H. Johnson 
Wanda P. Jones 
Dayle Hunt Joseph
     in memory of Dr. Janet Hirsch
Judy M. Judd 
Ruth H. Kahn 
Marinela L. Kaminsky 
Rochelle R. Karp 
Colleen A. Kerstein 
Barbara Kiernan 
Connie D Klink
Hester C. Klopper
     in memory of Dr. Leana Uys
Elaine M. Kopp
     in honor of Janice L. Hinkle,
     PhD, RN, CNRN
     and in memory of Lillian Catherine Kopp

Mary W. Lagaard
     in honor of Sylvester Wotzka

Epsilon Xi Chapter
Pi Pi Chapter
Tau Lambda-at-Large Chapter
  in memory of Dr Leana Uys

Linda Lamberson
     in memory of Carol Doane
Diane L Lang
Suzette M. Lees 
     in memory of Charles W. Murray
Ronnie E Leibowitz
Joan A. Lentino
     in honor of Louise Hedstrom, RN, DNSc
Shirley Dean Lewis-Brown
Lori Angela Ley
Tanya Faye Lott
     in honor of my mother, Frankie Lott
     and my great aunt, Barbara Walters

Carol J. Loveland-Cherry
Margaret Lunney
     in honor of Dr. Mary O'Donnell, 
     CSI Chairperson and Fundraising 
     Chair of Mu Upsilon

Mildred E. Madsen
Kathy M. Malloch
Laura Burton Marrero
Gladys Maryol
Joan J. Mathews
Juli Cordelia Maxworthy
J Eileen McArow
Cynthia S. McCullough
Dorothy M. Meehan
Connie L. Miller
     in honor of Dr. Karen Grigsby
Elizabeth S. Minassian
     in honor of Lillian Ruth Sweeney, RN 
     and Edna Dillon Christensen, RN

Sylvia Modeste
Mamie C. Montague
Brian D. Morr
     in honor of Dr. Ellen Palmer
Susan R. Morrison
     in honor of Dr. Ainslie Nibert 
     and the HESI nurses

Lily Ng
     in memory of Betty Ng
Ainslie T. Nibert
     in honor of Susan Morrison, 
     PhD, RN, FAAN, 
     Sally Schrefer, 
and Anne Young. EdD, RN
Raihana Noorzad
Mary E. Norton
Peter John Oates
Diana M. Oetker
Patricia O'Hare
Abimbola Ojurongbe
Janet Lyson Ostendarp
Cynthia A. Oster
Claire M. Pagliara-Miller
Ellen L Palmer
     in honor of Peggy Palmer Francis
Betty S Parker
Margaret A. Pemberton
Nilda Peragallo
     in honor of Manuel Peragallo
Shannon E. Perry
Leslie Phelps Perlik
     in memory of Marion Ford Perlik
Jeanne M. Picariello
     in memory of Ciro and Theresa Picariello
Robert V. Piemonte
     in memory of Luther Christman
Cathlin B. Poronsky
     in honor of Dr. Karen H. Morin, 

Timothy Porter-O'Grady
Kathyann Pugliese
Susan Quilalang
Karen T. Reuter
Rosemarie M Rhodes
Silvana F. Richardson
     in memory of Sr. Grace Clare Beznouz
Alison M. Riggs
Susan Douglas Rivers
Lorraine Y. Robinson
     in honor of Rancho Los Amigos 
     National Rehab Hospital

Gail A. Rock
Caleb A Rogovin
     in honor of Patricia Gonce Morton, PhD, RN
     University of Utah, Dean, School of Nursing

Mary C. Russell
Ellen M. Sanders
     in memory of Kathleen Hoover Papes
Jenny L. Sauls
     in memory of Patsy N. Forrest
Mary Jane Sauve
Marcia Schachner
Vaunne B. Schell
Kathryn A. Scherck
     in memory of Charla Renner, RN
Sonja R. Scholz
Kathy E Sears
Susan E. Shapiro
Mary Jane Shepherd
Narda M. Shipp
Erica Shomody
Terry J. Siek
     in memory of Linda S. Siek, RN
Rene T. Sleezer
Guy Somers
Susan M. Stash
Susan H. Storey
Virginia K. Stowe
Debora Taylor Swisher
Donna Tanzi
     in honor of Diane J. Peyser
Michelle Taylor-Smith
     in honor of Gloria Enk, RN
Beth Baldwin Tigges
June H Tomlinson
Carole E. Torok
     in memory of Bernice Grace Kalemkarian 
     and Dorothea Grace Bellows

June Trammell
     in honor of Dorothy Otto
Valerie Rita Valencia
Patricia L. Valoon
Joyce Ann Verran
Susan Wanda Vines
Hermine J. Warren
Clarann Weinert, SC
     in memory of Therese Sullivan, PhD, RN 
     Zeta Upsilon Chapter

Lucy A. Willard
Marisa Louise Wilson
Elizabeth H. Winslow
Leigh Wintz
Judith A. Yumen


In preparing this list, every effort was made to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, we apologize and ask that you call the Foundation at 888.634.7575.
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