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Nurse Faculty
Leadership Academy (NFLA)

formerly Nurse Faculty Mentored Leadership
Development Program (NFMLD)

Academy Overview

A 20-month mentored leadership experience serves as the foundation for the NFLA curriculum. Each Scholar (junior nurse faculty member) selects an expert leadership Mentor who participates in the academy workshops, site visits, and guides the Scholar through the leadership development journey of the NFLA. The Scholar and Mentor are paired with an expert faculty member who actively provides consultation and guidance. This triad — Scholar, Mentor and Expert Faculty Member — forms the basic functional unit of the academy that works collaboratively to achieve the Scholar’s leadership development goals.The academy curriculum includes a variety of educational strategies for developing leadership knowledge, competence and outcomes.

Participant Triads

What are the educational and leadership components of the NFLA experience?

Nurse faculty selected as Scholars in the NFLA will:

  • Participate in two intensive three-day leadership workshops with their chosen Mentor.The NFLA Expert Leadership Faculty members will conduct the workshops and be appointed to complete the Triads.
  • Design an individualized leadership development plan with guidance from their Mentor and NFLA Expert Leadership Faculty member (Triad).
  • Communicate regularly with Mentor and Expert Faculty (Triad).
  • Utilize the Triad relationships to meet the expectations of the NFLA in three domains:
    • Individual Leadership Development,
    • Advancing Nursing Education through the Team Project and
    • Organizational Scope of Influence.
  • Arrange for and facilitate two virtual Expert Faculty site visits.
  • Create, implement and lead a sustainable educational team leadership project which results in improved educational outcomes for students (or faculty) at Scholar’s institution.This project serves as one medium for the Scholar to develop new leadership skills and behaviors.
  • Participate in Expert Faculty-led monthly electronic learning activities and discussion groups.
  • Document the leadership development experience via personal journaling.
  • Submit evaluations and reports as requested
  • Attend NFLA celebration activities including presentation at STTI’s biennial convention.

Implementation of Faculty Leadership Development Program at Scholar’s School of Nursing

The Scholar’s employing School of Nursing is charged developing or improving their faculty leadership development program for junior nurse faculty as a result of their participation in and commitment to the Academy program.

An explicit goal of the NFLA is to promote faculty retention and cultivate high performing, supportive work environments in academe through the personal leadership development of junior nurse faculty. A key factor in achieving this goal is the engagement of the sponsoring academic institution in activities which provide support for faculty development and mentoring relationships. Though many schools of nursing currently have active faculty development and mentoring programs in place, STTI would like to work with the Scholars’ schools achieve this goal.


Faculty Leadership Development Toolkit

STTI will provide a Faculty Leadership Development Toolkit which contains resourcesfor schools of nursing to develop and/or enhance their programs for faculty leadership development and mentoring relationships. Developed by NFLA faculty, this toolkit will be available in February of 2013 to the employing institutions of the Scholars, Mentors, and Expert Faculty members.


Applications for the
2012-2013 cohort
are closed.




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