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Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International Events
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find the topics for submission?
Information on the Calls for Abstracts and examples of topics for submission is available on the Web site.

Safety Tips and Code of Conducts

2. What are the submission guidelines?
A link to the online submission system is provided on the the Call for Abstracts pages. The online system provides general instructions for submitting an abstract. You are able to view the submission guidelines without submitting an abstract

3. Can I make a change on my abstract submission?
Yes, changes may be made to your abstracts. To make a change, you'll need your ID number and password. Please note that changes cannot be made to your abstract after a submission deadline has passed.

4. Where do I get my ID and password?
You created your ID and password when you first submitted the abstract. If you no longer have that information, please send an e-mail to Include the name your submission was saved under.

5. What do I do if my abstract does not fit into one of the topics listed?
The topics listed are determined by the event planning committee based on the theme of the event as well as key research priorities established by STTI. The topics will be used to assign abstracts to reviewers. Your abstract will not be scored based on the topic you selected. Additionally, the topics are used to give STTI an idea of how to group the presentations into sessions. When grouping presentations, STTI also looks at the title and abstract of the presentation.

6. Can I still submit an abstract for an STTI event if I have already presented or published my work in another place?
Yes, you may still submit an abstract; however, the abstract being submitted cannot be an exact copy of what has already been submitted or published previously. Because of copyright infringement laws, we cannot review an abstract that has been previously published or has the possibility of becoming published. Abstracts can discuss work that was used in a prior presentation or publication; however, the abstract text and focus must differ from the previous presentation or publication.

7. How do I submit if I do not agree to all of the terms in the participant agreement form?
In order to submit an abstract, a participant agreement form with acceptance of all terms must be completed. These statements are required by our accrediting institution and ensure STTI is in compliance with all copyright laws. If there is a specific question about the form and what is meant by the statements, please contact, and we will provide an additional explanation as to why the statement is required.

8. Do presenters have to register?
Yes, presenters are required to register by the early registration deadline for at least the day(s) they are scheduled to present. More information on registering for the event can be found on the  Web site.

9. How do I know if you received my submission? How do I know if my submission is complete? Will I receive confirmation that my submission was received?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion of your submission. Please note that many e-mail systems see these confirmation e-mails as spam and will move to them the junk mail folder automatically. So, if you don't receive your confirmation, please check your spam folder.

In addition, you can view your submission by going to and entering your ID and password. The information you see on the Web site is the information we have on record for you. Your submission is complete when all of the required information has been submitted. To ensure that the information entered has been saved, close the window. Then, log back in to your submission. If you see the information when you log back in, the information has been saved in our database. Additionally, if you see that the list of categories on the left-hand navigation bar is completely linked, you have completed the entire submission.

10. Can I submit more than one abstract?
Yes, you can submit more than one abstract; however, space and time constraints may allow only one selected presentation per author/organizer.

11. Can I submit an abstract to more than one type of session?
Yes, you can submit more than one abstract; however, space and time constraints may allow only one selected presentation per author/organizer.

12. How many abstracts submitted as first author/presenting author will be accepted for oral presentation?
No more than one abstract for oral presentation by any first author/presenting author will be accepted; however, he or she may be listed as a contributor/co-author on more than one accepted abstract.

13. What is meant by the terms “first author” and “presenting author”?
These terms are being used interchangeably for the purpose of the abstract submissions. The presenting author, or first author, of an abstract should be a person who has had significant input in the development of the abstract, plans to attend the conference and participate in the presentation, and will be able to respond to questions posed by the attendees. This person will also be the main contact and receive conference-related correspondence from the conference staff regarding the status of the abstract.

14. What are the qualifications for the first author/presenting author and other contributors of a submitted abstracts?
For the general oral/poster sessions, the first author must be a nurse. Other contributors may include non-nurses, as appropriate to the content.

15. Is the number of poster presentations by an individual limited?
Yes. An individual can be the first author/presenting author for only one poster.

16. Can a first author/presenting author have both an oral and poster presentation?
Yes. A first author/presenting author may present during both the oral and poster sessions. However, the content must be deemed adequately different to justify two separate presentations.

17. How many authors/contributors may be listed on an abstract submitted for review?
The number of contributors for any particular abstract is not limited. It is expected that all listed contributors should meet the criteria for authorship/contribution. While only the presenter author will be contacted regarding presentation specifics, the abstracts posted online will include the names of all contributors.

18. When there is more than one author/contributor, is there a requirement that the first author make the presentation?
Yes. Although other contributors may be involved in the presentation as time permits, the person identified as first author/presenting author on the original abstract is expected to provide a significant portion of the content during an oral presentation and to be available to answer questions during the attended poster session(s).

19. If an individual has been invited by the conference committee to speak on a specific topic, is he or she eligible to submit an abstract on another topic?
Yes. Invited speakers are eligible to submit abstracts for consideration as oral/poster sessions.

20. Once an abstract has been accepted, is it possible to add or otherwise change the list of contributors?
Yes. We will add to or change the information pertaining to any contributor with a written request that can be sent to Additions and changes will only be accepted through the deadline for submission.

21. If an accepted oral presentation is withdrawn or canceled, how, if at all, will that space be filled?
A list will be maintained of the abstract rankings determined by the peer-reviewers. If a presentation is withdrawn or canceled, the next highest-ranking abstract author will be identified and notified of his or her acceptance if time allows. No reassignments or substitutions will be made outside of this process.

22. Are members of the Abstract Review Panel, Conference Committee or other affiliated groups eligible to submit abstracts?
Members of the various committees may submit abstracts for review. All reviewers are required to identify any potential conflict of interest and abstain from rating abstracts or judging presentations, as appropriate. A blind review process is followed and no individual will review his or her own abstract.

23. What is the process for submitting abstracts after the published deadline has passed?
No abstracts will be accepted after the published deadline. The online submission process will close at that time so that no further abstracts may be posted.

24. How is the number of accepted abstracts determined?
The acceptance rate is determined by the quality of abstracts received and space available. For instance, the number of abstracts accepted for oral presentation is limited to the number of rooms available during the scheduled concurrent sessions. Similarly, the number of posters is limited to the anticipated poster exhibit space. There is no other formula (i.e., a given percentage) used, other than the reviewers’ ratings/recommendations.

25. What opportunities are available for nurses who wish to make presentations at an honor society event?
There are four different types of presentations that may be made by nurses during an event. These include a poster and/or oral presentation, invited speaker presentations and participation in a symposium.

26. What opportunities are available for non-nurses who wish to make presentations at an STTI event?
There are four different types of presentations that may be made by persons who are not nurses during the conference. Two include the invited speaker presentations and symposia. The others are the oral and poster presentations as a co-presenter.

27. How are presenters for the poster and oral presentations selected?
Poster and oral presentations are selected through a blind peer-review process of abstracts. All nurses are invited to submit an abstract (see Call for Abstracts) for consideration. The number of abstracts selected is dependent on the actual number of times and spaces for the concurrent oral presentations and the actual poster space.

28. What types of content are appropriate for the poster and oral presentations?
The material must lend itself to either a visual poster display or a 15-minute oral presentation. The content should address research or practice-related information relevant to the theme of the event and address the objectives for said event.

29. What are special sessions?
Each year, the conference committee and other standing committees of STTI recommend topics and speakers for special sessions at the upcoming conference. The recommendations are based on many factors, including previous conference evaluations/comments, the literature and new practice developments. In addition, there are several chapter-related sessions that are of interest to delegates. These presentations are typically scheduled for 75 minutes, allowing for more detailed discussion of the selected topic.

30. How are the “invited speakers” determined?
Often, invited speakers are selected based on the feedback from earlier presentations they have made at various nursing programs. While many of the invited speakers are nurses, other individuals are also invited to present during these sessions, depending on their expertise. Persons interested in being invited to participate as an invited speaker during the STTI conference should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae and a list of topic areas on which they are qualified to speak to the Educational Resources Department (

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