Evidence-Based Practice Award
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The Evidence-Based Practice Award is the process of integrating knowledge and clinical experience to achieve excellence in nursing practice. It is characterized by a high level of curiosity, critical thinking, continuous learning, reflective practice, and the ability to seek and use a spectrum of interdisciplinary resources in care delivery.

The Evidence-Based Practice Award, formerly known as the Clinical Scholarship Award, was established in 1997 to recognize a nurse, group of nurses, or organization who is self-motivated and foster a practice environment that promotes and values creativity, questioning, data-based decision making, access and synthesis of new knowledge, and the use of innovations to improve practice and clinical outcomes.

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Past Award Recipients


2015 Award Recipients

Rona F Levin, PhD, RN
Clinical Professor and Director, DNP Program
New York University College of Nursing
New York, USA
Alpha Omega Chapter #046
Upsilon Chapter #018

Dr. Levin is clinical professor and director, DNP Program at New York University College of Nursing. Previously, Dr. Levin held positions at Pace University, Lienhard School of Nursing from 2001 through 2011, including Project Director of the Joan M. Stout, RN Evidence-Based Practice Initiative, during which time she created shared appointments with two clinical agencies for the purpose of integrating EBP into the nursing services. Dr. Levin is also Professor Emeritus of Felician College, where she served as Director, Division of Nursing and then Director, The first and second editions of her book (co-edited by Dr. Harriet Feldman), Teaching Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing, published by Springer won American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Awards. In 2008. She received the Jesse M. Scott Award for exemplary integration of research, education and practice from the American Nurses’ Association. 

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