Chapter Charter Criteria

The following are the process and criteria used by the international Governance Committee and its Charter Review Task Force members to evaluate whether an honor society has met the requirements to become a Sigma Theta Tau International chapter.

Review Process Description

Two independent reviews of all applications received are conducted by members of the Charter Review Task Force. The bylaws and guideline criteria listed below are used to measure the applicant’s readiness for becoming a chapter. The results of the reviews are sent to the full Charter Review Task Force for a recommendation on whether to approve the honor society to become a chapter.

The Charter Review Task Force’s recommendation is forwarded to the international Governance Committee for another review and recommendation to the international Board of Directors. The Board of Directors makes a determination based on the information obtained by the Governance Committee.

Bylaws Criteria (from 2009-2011 International Bylaws, Article IV.)

Section 2. Organization of a Chapter
     a. Criteria for Chapter Development
           A chapter may be established in an educational unit that is an integral part of an institution of higher education and that grants a baccalaureate/equivalent degree, which leads to the first professional nursing degree, and/or a graduate nursing degree. The baccalaureate/equivalent or graduate degree nursing program within the institution of higher education shall be accredited by a recognized accrediting body. In the event there is no nursing accreditation system in place in the potential chapter’s country, the program shall provide evidence of its quality. The group desiring a chapter shall petition the Sigma Theta Tau International Board of Directors and comply with approved policies and regulations.
     b. Chapter Models
            1) One (1) school without a chapter
One school meeting the criteria listed in Article IV. Section 2. a. establishes an honor society under the Society’s guidelines.
            2) Two (2) or more schools without a chapter
Two or more schools each meeting the criteria listed in Article IV. Section 2. a. establish an at-large honor society under the Society’s guidelines. The at-large honor society will apply to become an at-large chapter.
            3) Amending an established chapter’s charter
One or more schools meeting the criteria listed in Article IV. Section 2. a. establish an honor society under the Society’s guidelines. An at-large chapter is formed by amending the established chapter’s charter to include the school(s) comprising the honor society. An existing at-large chapter may split into separate chapters following established guidelines. Two or more established chapters may merge to form an at-large chapter following established guidelines. 
            4) Alumni Chapter
An established chapter may become an alumni chapter when a school of nursing no longer offers an eligible degree. Active members must agree to meet all of the requirements for a chapter in good standing with the exception of inducting members a minimum of one time annually.            
           5)    Other models may be considered by the Board of Directors.

Guidelines Utilized by Governance Committee

  • The honor society has obtained support from university and nursing school officials for a Sigma Theta Tau International chapter.
  • The honor society has operated for at least one year following the first induction ceremony date before application.
  • Adequate funds or sources of funding to operate the chapter for at least 12 months have been acquired.
  • The honor society will have at least 50 active (dues-paying) honor society members at the time of chartering.
  • The honor society applies Sigma Theta Tau International’s standards related to membership eligibility and chapter operations by adopting current model of honor society bylaws.
  • At least one business meeting and two events or programs have been hosted annually.
  • The honor society’s anticipated number to be inducted annually appears to offer viability.
  • The honor society is using a reasonable induction and renewal fees, and revenue projections for each in proposed budgets are based on realistic figures.

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