Chapter Program Ideas 

Are you looking for new program topic ideas? Maybe you are wondering if your chapter activities are meeting the needs of your members.  Here you will find educational program ideas that cover a wide range of topics—from electronic communications to managed care.

Health Care Reform

  • "Health Care Reform: How Does it Affect Nursing?"
  • "Health Care Reform and America’s Nurses: Agenda for Change"
  • "Creating Nursing Opportunities in the Midst of Healthcare Restructuring"

Social Issues

  • "Minority Access to Health Care"
  • "Homeless Health Care Projects"
  • "A New World-Nursing Issues Have Changed Since AIDS First Appeared
  • "Nurseweek/Healthweek"
  • "Reproductive Issues in the Age of AIDS"
  • "Domestic Violence: A Health Care Approach"
  • "Women and HIV"
  • "Cultural Diversity: Perspective for Health Care Providers"
  • "Private Troubles/Public Issues: Abuse and the Role for Nursing Intervention"

Current Changing Roles

  • "Nursing into the Next Century: Regulatory, Perspective, Education, Policy and Community-Based Linkages" 
  • "Transformation of the Health Care Professional’s Role"
  • "Multimedia Revolution: It’s Impact on Nursing"
  • "Evaluating Changes in Health Care: A Public Health Prospective"
  • "Men in Nursing and Professional Conduct Issues"
  • "The She-He Phenomena in Nursing Gender Relations-Perceptual Differences of Male and Female Nurses About the Male Nursing Role"
  • "The Role of the Nurse in International Health"
  • "Diverse Nursing Roles"
  • "Transformation of the Health Care Professional’s Role"
  • "Nursing’s Passion for Change"
  • "Nursing on the Move: Broadening our Community Horizons"
  • "Global Issues in Nursing: Toward Health for All in the Coming Millennium"- STTI Research Conference

Ethical Issues

  • "The Ethics of Managed Care"
  • "Medical Ethics in Health Care"
  • "Health Care Ethics: Ethical Responsibilities and Economic Realities in an Environment of Managed Care"

Professional Growth/Development

  • "Taking Advantage of Change"
  • "Interventions for Anticipating Grief"
  • "Humor in Nursing"
  • "Revitalize for Success: Maximize Your Value"
  • "Empowerment"
  • "Rekindling the Zest for Scholarly Pursuits"
  • "Putting Prevention into Practice"
  • "The Gift, the Power and the Strength of Humor in Healing"
  • "Compassion"
  • "Developing Critical Thinking"
  • "Managing Multiple Commitments"
  • "Therapeutic Touch"
  • "Volunteer Work with Operation Smile" (this is targeted toward a specific organization but could be related to any organization the chapter chooses)
  • "Entrepreneurship: Forging Your Own Career in Nursing"
  • "Enriching Nursing through Research"


  • "Managed Care: Concepts and Strategies"
  • "30 Minute Gourmet Recipe: Integrating Research into Nursing Education and Clinical Practice" 
  • "Alternative Approaches to Teaching and Precepting: Mentoring a New Generation of Nurses"
  • "International Nursing: The Oriental Expression"
  • "Managed Care"
  • "Diverse Opportunities in Public Health Nursing"
  • "Creating Order Out of Chaos: The Role of Research Utilization in Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice"
  • "Pain Assessment and Pain Management"

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