Delegate Orientation Resources

Job Description

A Delegate serves as the chapter's representative in all House of Delegates activities throughout the biennium. A delegate is certified, obligated and responsible to vote; carry out particular instructions of the chapter; complete assigned delegate duties and report to the chapter on actions during the House of Delegates. Delegates must:

  • be listed in the Chapter Management System as a delegate
  • have regular access to the Internet and email*
  • have a current address, telephone number and email address listed with STTI
  • be a dues-paying member of the chapter s/he is representing

*Delegates who do not have access to the internet or email will receive ballots and information via mail

NOTE: If any authorized delegate cannot participate in an electronic or convention House of Delegates for any reason, it is the delegate's responsibility to:

  1. Notify her/his chapter and STTI, and
  2. Transfer all materials concerning the House of Delegates to an alternate

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