Uploading Candidates in the Online Induction System

There are two ways to upload candidates. One way is to add candidates individually by selecting the Add Inductee button on the Manage Inductee page. The second way is to upload a CSV file with a list of candidates.

Follow these tips to ensure your candidates are uploaded successfully:

Required Information

  • Names (First/Given & Last/Family)
  • Mailing address, city, state and postal code
  • E-mail address

CSV Data Tips

  1. Do not use punctuation or # signs in the name or address fields. It is acceptable to use the @ symbol and a . (dots) in the e-mail address field
  2. Do not change the names of the column headers
  3. Do not add or remove columns in the CSV template
  4. Use proper spelling and spacing of names, addresses and e-mail addresses


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