The Circle

thecircle_36x36 copyThe Circle -  STTI's professional networking site, developed to connect members with each other, their chapters, regions and headquarters. The Circle also hosts chapter websites.

Your chapter website is already built, and all chapter leaders have access to edit the content.

How to Access The Circle

Since The Circle is a benefit exclusive to active STTI members, access is granted by signing in:

  • Visit

  • Click on the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the screen, and use the following information to sign in:

    • Email address on file with STTI 

    • Password: 7-digit member identification number
      or the password created at the time of induction.
      Your member number will always act as an alternate password. 

2015 Circle Chapter Website of the Month

January - Chi Zeta​ 

February - Gamma Tau

March - Beta Chi

April - Rho Tau​

May - Lambda Chi​

June - Upsilon Rho


Training Resources

  • Click on your profile in The Circle and then select the All Chapter Officers workgroup.
    • This workgroup connects you with all STTI chapter leaders. It contains a resource library, discussion forum, training and deadline calendar, and announcements.

  • Watch a three-minute tutorial to show members how to update their profile, preferences and subscriptions

  • Register for an upcoming webcast (on right) or request one-on-one training from STTI staff

Upcoming Training Opportunities 

All webcasts for chapter leaders are posted in the All Chapter Officers workgroup calendar. 
Leader Lines
All chapter leader tips, tools, and training sessions are communicated through Leader Lines (the monthly newsletter for chapter leaders). Leader Lines is delivered the first Friday of every month.

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