Understanding STTI and Chapter Dues

A. Fees
The fee structure for chapters has been set according to World Bank classifications based on per capita income designated as low, middle and high. (see Sliding Scale, below).

In countries where it is not feasible to use the standard method of collecting fees and/or to eliminate the risk incurred by exchange rate, chapters may collect fees in their country’s currency. The international portion of fees will be sent to STTI in U.S. currency.

All fees paid to STTI, either by individual members or chapters, will be calculated in U.S. currency.

B. Services

All chapters, regardless of location, will have the same opportunities. Some services, however, may be different in order to accommodate the unique situation existing in different countries. For example:

  1. Chapters may be responsible for sending their own renewal notices and collecting their own fees.
  2. Headquarters may send mailings in bulk quantity to the chapter, which then will assume responsibility for distribution to members.
  3. Jewelry for the Society may be created by a licensed supplier, approved by the Society, in each country where a chapter exists.
  4. Chapters and members outside the U.S. may be responsible for additional taxes and customs fees on merchandise orders.

To review dues information, visit the Explanation of Membership Dues Page

Individual Membership Fees - effective July 2012
High Income* - US $69.50
Middle Income* - US $27.80
Low Income* - US $13.90

*According to World Bank classifications  ​​

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