Chair of the Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee (RCCC)

Julie Jones
Julie Jones, MS, RN-BC

RCCC Chair Statement
I have been a nurse over 15 years in various settings including Oncology, Women’s Health, Surgery, Medicine, Endoscopy, and most recently as clinical informatics nurse in the electronic health record department. 
At the state level, I am one of the founding members of Vermont Nursing Informatics which is the first state chapter of American Nursing Informatics Association. I have also served as President of the Vermont State Nurses’ Foundation and Vermont State Nurses’ Association District One Secretary.
I have been involved with STTI ever since I was inducted in 2002 into Kappa Tau chapter. At the chapter level, I have held various board positions including President, Governance Committee, Leadership Succession Committee, and Fundraiser Chair. As president of my chapter, I was able to increase communication, developing communication plans which help to increase membership and re-engagement of board members and members. I developed the use of new technology for members to participate in our chapter from across a vast geological area. I developed online registration and online payment for members to quickly and efficiently sign up for chapter events and making registration seamlessly for the different nursing organizations that she has been involved. Under my leadership, Kappa Tau chapter not only received the prestigious award of the Chapter Key Award (CKA) in 2011 but also receive the Ethel Palmer Clarke award for Chapter Programming by having the most points on the CKA. This was due to the inspiring idea of send out an electronic survey to our members to elicit content for the award. I helped the chapter to create a virtual awards process and started the social media venue.
At the Regional Level, I was Region 15 Coordinator, Program Committee Chair, and Technology Chair.  International level I was Chair of the Global Technology and Innovation Taskforce. As the Region 15 Coordinator, I established a robust regional committee that included a Global Initiative Committee which the main goals were to enhance both global membership and involvement in regional activities. The members of the committee were from chapters throughout the region including our European chapters.  Through chapter donations, we were able to raise over $2500 from 13 chapters within Region 15, reflecting a 40% response rate. The funds that were raised will support several $500 leadership education grants for members outside the U.S. to attend the Leadership Summit in Europe, the Research Congress in Mexico, or Biennial Convention. In addition, the remaining funds will be used for membership subsidies for global members within the region.
Thank you for electing me to serve as chair. I would like to help chapters to engage and increase membership using technology tools. I would like to strengthen the Regional Coordinator (RC) orientation program to give them the tools that they need to become successful in their new roles; provide an electronic mentorship program for the outgoing RCs to be paired up with the incoming RCs to guide them along the way. I would like to increase the visibility and interaction between the RCs and their chapters.

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