Session Number A 10

Fomites: From Colonization to the Risk of Infection on Tourniquets in Nursing Practice

Joao Manuel Graveto, PhD, MSN, RN

Pedro Miguel Silva, RN

Marta dos Santos Costa, RN

Comparisons of Health Status and Behaviors of Adolescent Immigrants and Non-Immigrants by Gender

Cheryl Zlotnick, DrPH, MPH, MS, RN

Hadass Goldblatt, PhD, MSW, SW

Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli, PhD

Omer Taychaw, MA

Yael Dishon, MA, RN

Efrat Shadmi, PhD, MPH, RN

Innovative Approaches to Promote Nursing Hand Hygiene Success in an Emergency Department

Michelle Patch, MSN, APRN-CNS, ACNS-BC

Paula M. Neira, JD, MSN, BS, RN, CEN

Barbara Maliszewski, MS, RN

Katherine DeRuggiero, DNP, RN

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