Session Number D 09

Using Nursing Documentation as a Proxy for Quality of Care at Public Hospitals in Jamaica

Jascinth L. M. Lindo, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN

Rosain N. Stennett, MPH, BSc

Anderson-Johnson, MSc, BScN, RGN

Donna Marie Bunnaman, EdD, MScN, RN, RM

Veronica H. Waugh-Brown, MPH, RN, RM, FNP

Kayon G. Stephenson-Wilson, MScNEd, RM, RN

The Ottawa Model of Research Use: Lessons Learned From a Nurse-Led Hypertension Pilot Study

Godfrey Katende, DNP, RN

Primary Health Care Management of Childhood Atopic Eczema

Kaarina Meintjes, DCur, MCur, BCur, RN

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