Session Number E 02

Rutgers Global Nursing Research Collaborative: Building Capacity Through Training, Mentoring, and Multi-Site Collaborative Research

William Holzemer, PhD, RN

Suzanne Willard, PhD, RN, APN-C, ANCC, FAAN

Anne Marie Linn, MPH

Mastery of Leadership Competencies: Leader Led Learning or Mentorship?

Savathri Peters, MACur (HlthSy), BACur (HlthSy), BACur (Nsg), RGN, RM, RPN, NE

Mentoring Needs of Novice Clinical Facilitators

Izelle Loots, BACur, RN, RM, RCHN, RT

Gisela H. Van Rensburg, DLittetPhil, MACur, BACur (Hons), BACur, RN, RM, RCN, RPN

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