Session Number J 04

Establishing a Research Academy Collaborative: Benefits, Challenges, and Preliminary Outcomes

JoAnn D. Long, PhD, MSN, MA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC

Alyce Ashcraft, PhD, RN, CNE, FNGNA, ANEF

Cindy Ford, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, CNE

Jamie K. Roney, MSN, RN-BC, CCRN-K

Charles Randall Stennett, MSN, RN, CHSE

Karen Baggerly, MSN, BSN, RN, NEA-BC

Collen LeClair Smith, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN

Lisa Marguerite Fallon, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN

Checking the Pulse of Cultural Competency: A Comparison of PA Magnet and Non-Magnet Facilities

Rita K. Adeniran, DrNP, RN, CMAC, NEA-BC, FAAN

Monica J. Harmon, MSN, MPH, RN

Identifying Key Components of Professional Practice Models for Nursing: A Synthesis of the Literature

Diane Esma Twigg, PhD, MBA, BHlthSc (Nsg) (Hons), RN, RM, FACN, FACHSM

Susanne Megan Davis, MN (Rsch), BAppSc (Nsg), RN, MACN

Susan Slatyer, PhD, BNurs(Hons), RN

Linda L. Coventry, MS, BSc, DipAppSc, RN

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