United Nations Grounds Pass Guidelines

Sigma Theta Tau International appreciates the interest in requests for United Nations grounds passes.  Due to this interest, and given that there is a limited number of passes available for any given event, STTI has implemented the following procedures. These procedures clarify the expectations of individuals using an STTI authorized grounds pass and provide a mechanism so that all STTI members can benefit from their United Nations experience. Please note that availability of an STTI authorized ground pass is not guaranteed.

Individuals requesting and receiving an STTI authorized ground pass are expected to:

  1. Be a current, active STTI member.
  2. Attend STTI-sponsored events or activities offered during the individual’s visit to the United Nations.
  3. Network positively on behalf of STTI while attending any event or activity. 
  4. Communicate at least three weeks in advance with the Global Initiatives department, a) to request the pass, b) to facilitate communication with the official STTI United Nations liaison, and c) for assistance in any advance planning.
  5. Submit a short, synopsis report regarding their United Nations experience to the Global Initiatives department for potential dissemination to our chapters, members, and regions.

If you have any questions or would like to make a request for a grounds pass, please contact the Global Initiatives department at



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