Volunteer Opportunities

Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee (RCCC)

Provides leadership that establishes and maintains networks for communication and sharing among chapters, regional committee members and members of other international committees; develops a vision and leads STTI initiatives to support and maintain the vitality of chapters.

Benefits to you

  • Gain leadership experience leading a committee of regional volunteers
  • Serve in a valuable role to assist chapters to achieve their highest potential
  • Develop relationships with a wide variety of STTI members: regional coordinators, regional committee members, chapter leaders and individual members
  • Learn a variety of best practices in association management and organizational development/administration that can be applied in your professional and personal lives

What you will do

  • Plan, lead and develop the work of the region and regional committee
  • Communicate with chapters and chapter leaders on a regular basis
  • Monitor and evaluate activities and progress of chapters and make recommendations to the RCCC and Board of Directors as appropriate
  • Accomplish additional work of the RCCC, subcommittee work and participation in chapter sessions, Leadership Forum (formerly Chapter Leader Academy) and Biennial Convention

Your commitment

  • Members are elected by majority vote at the House of Delegates for a term of two years
  • Attend six (6) to eight (8) telephone conference calls with committee
  • Attend four (4) to six (6) telephone conference calls with chapter leaders
  • Attend calls with regional committee members and subcommittees as needed
  • Attend one RCCC meeting (February/March of even-numbered year); Leadership Forum (formerly Chapter Leader Academy, September of even-numbered year); and Biennial Convention (November of odd-numbered year)

Acceptance criteria

  • Active member involvement in STTI
  • Knowledge and leadership experience in STTI, preferably with program and chapter development
  • Ability to commit the necessary time in contacting chapters and serving on committee

How do I apply?

Anyone interested in being considered for a regional elected position should:
  • Complete a VIProfile, indicating the following interest category: Elected and Appointed Officers – Regional committees



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