• Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Education: Evidentiary Examinations on Adults

    The Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program was developed to provide medical personnel with knowledge specific to the sexual abuse examinations for the collection of evidence and identification of injury that may have been sustained. The participant will learn to conduct and complete the evidentiary examination on adults. 

    Price: US $375.00 | CNE Hours: 43.80 | Course Number : SAFEprogram

  • Challenges and Tips for the Experienced Grant Writer

    The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to identify the historical challenges to the conduct of nursing education research, the increasing importance of evaluating "best practices" in nursing education and the sources of funding for nurses.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.90 | Course Number : FPRD07

  • Professional Appearance and Behavior

    Nurses are profoundly involved with engagements that take them away from the bedside. From interdisciplinary teams to business meetings, it has become common-place for nurses to participate in settings where making a professional impression is important. This course provides practical information on dressing appropriately, making introductions, and networking successfully. 

    Price: US $23.75 | CNE Hours: 1.90 | Course Number : CENE01

  • Preparing a Professional Presentation for Health Care Workers

    Whether it is a presentation to a hospital board or speaking at a conference, nurses have many opportunities to present their data and experiences. Presenting that information professionally can be difficult. This engaging course addresses how to speak in a professional setting and how to avoid "The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking."

    Price: US $21.25 | CNE Hours: 1.70 | Course Number : PROF02

  • Challenges and Tips for the Novice Grant Writer

    The purpose of this activity is to provide an introduction to your first grant submission by identifying challenges and tips for the novice grant writer.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.90 | Course Number : FPRD06

  • Exploring a Global Paradigm Shift

    This course provides information on the global paradigm shift (GPS) and describes the elements of current health, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems needing a paradigm shift. It provides an overview of the process of transforming personal, inter-professional, organizational, and systems paradigm shifts in thinking, feeling, and behaving: from treating or curing diseases to elevating health levels so the disease could not exist. This course will teach practicing nurses to effectively and professionally use social media tools to educate, advocate, collaborate, and communicate.

    Price: US $117.00 | CNE Hours: 15.60 | Course Number : GPS01

  • Complementary Health Approaches

    There is no doubt that conventional, or Western, medicine is useful for diagnosing, treating, and curing specific diseases. Conventional medicine, as we know it, has historically been focused on combating disease with the use of medication and/or surgery. Yet, by focusing solely on the treatment and cure of disease, conventional medicine excludes the many effective uses of complementary health approaches. This course examines the benefits of complementary health approaches and how nurses can use these modalities to enhance health and well-being.

    Price: US $57.00 | CNE Hours: 6.00 | Course Number : COM001

  • Scholarship of Teaching I, II, III

    This course will provide information to assist faculty to achieve career goals that lead to promotion and/or tenure as well as displaying, communicating, and documenting the scholarship of teaching.
    Part I:
    The content identifies strategies for successful teaching of adult learners to promote meaningful student learning.
    Part II:
    The content identifies strategies for successful teaching in classroom, clinical and online environments.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 3.20 | Course Number : FPRD01

  • Promotion on the Clinical Track

    The purpose of this activity is to enable the participant to develop and execute a plan for achieving promotion on the Clinical Track. While many educational institutions have guidelines for promotion on the Clinical Track, others are beginning to develop guidelines, and some lack these guidelines. This presentation will provide current information regarding the expectations for Clinical Track promotion in the areas of teaching, scholarship, service and practice. The importance of identifying a key mentor to serve as an advisor in the journey for Clinical Track promotion will also be discussed.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.40 | Course Number : FPRD04

  • Scholarship of Research

    The focus of this webinar will be on the Scholarship of Research which will include developing a Research Trajectory for faculty in a clinical, research, or education position in academia.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.90 | Course Number : FPRD02

  • Community Service

    The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to document scholarly accomplishments in the faculty role areas of practice, community service and engagement.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.90 | Course Number : FPRD03

  • Showcase Your Accomplishments: The Portfolio

    The webinar describes the types of portfolios, common content, and shows examples of content. Additionally, a review of the CV is presented.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.50 | Course Number : FPRD05

  • Health Care Leadership Program (Pre and Post assessment and 7 courses)

    In order to ensure quality patient care in today’s health care environment, nurse leaders are expected to exhibit a broad range of leadership skills necessary to keep job satisfaction and productivity levels high and turnover rates low.

    The program contains a pre- and post-assessment. The courses in this program will address the issues below along with performance improvement, systems thinking, health policy, and resource allocation. The curriculum for this program is based on the testing blueprints of four nursing leadership/management credentialing certifications currently available.

    Price: US $400.00 | CNE Hours: 54.60 | Course Number : HCLPprogram

  • Financial Management

    Health care leaders must be able to control patient care expenses and understand the flow of patient revenues. This course will address capital and operating budgets, evaluating productivity, and health care related legislation.

    Price: US $76.50 | CNE Hours: 10.20 | Course Number : HCLP01

  • Operational Structures and Processes

    This course will help increase knowledge in regards to organizational structure, management systems, and information technology. Additionally, the concept of population health, and the determinants that contribute to that health, will be addressed.

    Price: US $50.40 | CNE Hours: 6.30 | Course Number : HCLP02

  • Human Resource Management

    Leaders who understand the concepts and legal framework of effective human resource management develop satisfied staff which leads to improved retention, quality, productivity, and patient outcomes. This course will address recruitment, labor laws, staff performance, onboarding, staff development, and conflict resolution.

    Price: US $86.25 | CNE Hours: 11.50 | Course Number : HCLP03

  • Knowledge, Innovations, and Performance Improvement

    Creating a culture of continuous improvement can be a valuable means of demonstrating excellence and creating stability in any practice setting. This course will discuss performance improvement initiatives, effective communication techniques, project management, and strategic planning.

    Price: US $60.00 | CNE Hours: 7.50 | Course Number : HCLP04

  • Business of Health Care

    This lesson will illustrate how leaders must advocate for patient care by influencing stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence and engage in behaviors for the transformation of patient care delivery. Development of business plans, business strategies, and management and evaluation of projects will be discussed.

    Price: US $48.00 | CNE Hours: 6.00 | Course Number : HCLP05

  • Leadership and Management

    Leadership requires the purposeful selection of behaviors to successfully support a team’s effort to achieve shared goals. This course will examine the leadership process, facilitating change, and the leader’s role in implementing technology.

    Price: US $74.25 | CNE Hours: 9.90 | Course Number : HCLP06

  • Professional Practice

    This course will address professional development and provide recommendations for improving nursing specialty certification rates at your organization. Additionally, this course will define and delve into the different aspects of professional practice models.

    Price: US $275.00 | CNE Hours: 52.50 | Course Number : HCLP07

  • Health Care Ethics Certificate Program (Pre and Post assessment and 18 courses)

    This program examines key ethical issues, terms, concepts, and ideas that can become an everyday part of nursing practice. Reflective and guided exercises focused on personal philosophy, values, and working through ethical issues to help clarify when an ethical dilemma exists, what ethical issues are involved, and how an ethical position can be explained to others. The voice of the ethics-articulate nurse in collaboration with other health care providers is key to creating an ethically responsible nurse-patient relationship, unit team, or organization. The program includes a pre- and post-assessment and 13 additional courses containing 22 ethical case studies.

    Price: US $275.00 | CNE Hours: 52.50 | Course Number : HCEPprogram

  • Introduction to Health Care Ethics

    This course introduces students to ways of classifying and organizing levels of ethics. Learners will be presented with a basic overview of meta ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics.

    Price: US $22.50 | CNE Hours: 3.60 | Course Number : HCEP01

  • Ethical Issues

    Understanding the concepts that apply to the ethical principles of health care practice will enable the practitioner to more easily recognize an ethical dilemma and choose the right course of action. This course will also address end-of-life ethics, research ethics, and public health ethics.

    Price: US $72.00 | CNE Hours: 7.80 | Course Number : HCEP02

  • Ethical Principles

    This course introduces research from evolutionary biology explaining the origin of social morality. Scenarios from everyday life and clinical settings are used to demonstrate the use of the bioethical principle framework inclusive of autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and justice.

    Price: US $25.00 | CNE Hours: 3.10 | Course Number : HCEP03

  • Professional Ethics

    The basis for ethical nursing practice is personal integrity aligned with the provisions of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. When integrity is threatened moral distress can ensue. Moral distress will be defined, prevalence, sources and consequences identified. Strategies for supporting personal and professional integrity and creating an ethical practice environment will be discussed.

    Price: US $25.00 | CNE Hours: 2.00 | Course Number : HCEP04

  • Nursing Codes of Ethical Behaviors

    This course will explore the concept of ethical behavior and will allow learners to analyze their own values and to consider barriers to behaving ethically in the workplace. The course also includes a discussion of health care professionals ethical statements and the common attributes shared by all of them.

    Price: US $43.75 | CNE Hours: 3.50 | Course Number : HCEP05

  • Practical Ethics in the Health Care Setting

    Beginning with a discussion on bioethics, this course will discuss the application of ethics in the clinical setting. The course will also present ethical decision models to provide practical advice to resolve an ethical dilemma.

    Price: US $25.00 | CNE Hours: 2.00 | Course Number : HCEP06

  • Transforming Teaching and Learning through Reflective Practice

    This course focuses on how to create an environment for reflective learning, how to plan learning activities using reflective models and frames, and how to appraise assessment and evaluation strategies for reflective learning assignments

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.70 | Course Number : FKSD12

  • Faculty, Course, Program Evaluation and Accreditation

    This course is designed to help explain the layers of review used in nursing education including faculty, course, curriculum, and program evaluation strategies. Learners will gain a better understanding of the totality of evaluation data needed to support the quality improvement decision making process and program accreditation.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.25 | Course Number : FKSD10

  • Facilitating learning in the Clinical Environment

    Health care has shifted to a focus on health promotion, care transitions, and community-based care. In response to these changes, nurse educators must redesign clinical learning within a variety of environments. Learners are challenged to consider unique learning environments and innovative clinical education models. Strategies that facilitate professionalism, learner engagement, and achievement of clinical course outcomes across the domains of learning are proposed. Best practices for evaluating performance, giving feedback, and developing a remediation plan are suggested. Planning for success as an educator through mentoring, reflection, and ongoing development is encouraged.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.25 | Course Number : FKSD09

  • Identifying and helping students at Risk

    This course will describe the importance of cultural competence and its impact on academic success in culturally diverse nursing students with limited English proficiency.

    Describe cultural competence concepts and their impact on increasing academic success in culturally diverse nursing students with limited English proficiency.
    Recognize learning needs of culturally diverse nursing students for whom English is a second language.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.25 | Course Number : FKSD11

  • Designing Effective Multiple Option Tests

    The purpose of this course is to enable the learner to construct various types of multiple-option test items that will contribute to a test's measurement reliability and validity. Most nursing programs rely heavily on multiple-option test items to measure student knowledge of selected content domains. But when these items are poorly constructed or contain technical flaws, they contribute little to the overall measurement reliability and validity of a test. This course will demonstrate how to construct multiple-option test items that produce results in which nurse educators can have confidence when making assessment decisions.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.80 | Course Number : FKSD08

  • Assessing and Evaluating Clinical Learning Outcomes

    The words pass-fail are simple words, but words with major implications for students and the public. One of the most challenging clinical educator roles is determining tools and strategies to complete fair, reasonable evaluations of students’ clinical abilities. Providing competent new nurses for safe, quality patient care relates in part to good clinical evaluation skills. At a time when clinical agencies are called to task on safety issues and errors, addressing clinical evaluation concepts is more important than ever.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.10 | Course Number : FKSD07

  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom

    This course will challenge nurse educators to consider how shifts in healthcare and education pedagogy should change the way they teach.

    Analyze how the shifts in pedagogy and health care lead to new ways of teaching and learning.
    Discuss the need for connections in nursing practice and education and how they are aided by technology.
    Describe the hardware and software available to teach in a connect classroom.
    Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of student use of mobile computers in the classroom.
    Describe how to integrate connecting technology into the curriculum.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.30 | Course Number : FKSD06

  • Assessing and Evaluating Learning Outcomes in the Classroom

    Tests are only one means of evaluating student learning in the classroom and online environment. Teachers in nursing need to have a toolkit of multiple methods they can use for assessing learning and determining if students met the course outcomes.

    At the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of assessment and evaluation in nursing including methods they can use in their own courses for evaluating student learning.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.90 | Course Number : FKSD05

  • Creating Effective Distance Learning Courses

    This content will enable the learner to develop or improve knowledge of and skills in distance education teaching strategies.


    Identify distance learning resources needed for faculty and students.
    Describe best practices in distance learning.
    Develop a new learning object for a distance learning course.
    Identify assessment options in distance learning.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : FKSD04A

  • Academic Service Partnerships

    This presentation provides information about Academic Service Partnerships with details about components of effective partnerships and examples from the field to illustrate the application of those key components. Participants will learn about academic service partnerships, how to apply the information to their own efforts and how to share their successes

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.80 | Course Number : FKSD02C

  • Innovative Curricular Models

    This course is designed for the nursing educator and will provide information about various curricular strategies such as dedicated educational units, dual credit agreements, and flipped classrooms.


    Describe various innovative pedagogical practices and identify strategies for adopting each strategy into practice.
    Devise strategies for implanting innovative curricular models into curriculum and course planning.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.90 | Course Number : FKSD03

  • Basics of Curriculum Design

    This course presents an overview of the components of a curriculum and three ways that many nursing programs use to organize the knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs that prepare a student to enter the world of nursing practice.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 0.75 | Course Number : FKSD02

  • Understanding the Learner

    This program promotes understanding of diverse learners and approaches to facilitate their academic success. Interactions between learners’ traditions and expectations of professional nursing and healthcare in the US are analyzed to develop culturally appropriate strategies to facilitate their academic success.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : FKSD01A

  • How Students Learn

    This program will help faculty members understand the current state of learning science and be able to develop teaching activities designed to engage students in active learning.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.00 | Course Number : FKSD01B

  • The Pedagogy of Civility: Strategies to Create an Engaged Learning Environment

    Redesigning nursing education while simultaneously responding to the changing demographics of students entering nursing programs is a challenge for nurse educators. This complex mix requires faculty to be skilled at classroom management since academic incivility impedes learning and jeopardizes the welfare of others. Active learning activities maximize critical thinking and student engagement while decreasing uncivil and disruptive behaviors. This webinar highlights several evidence-based ready-to-use teaching tools to infuse your teaching repertoire, inspire student engagement, and foster a safe, civil learning environment.

    Price: US $35.00 | CNE Hours: 1.30 | Course Number : FKSD01C

  • Life Balance for Nurses

    Life Balance for Nurses will assist professional nurses to make informed, thoughtful choices based on an understanding of the importance of both personal and professional life balance.

    Price: US $52.50 | CNE Hours: 4.20 | Course Number : SC0001

  • Mastering Informatics

    This course is written by the top informaticists in healthcare, the book covers everything from planning and analysis to designing, testing, training, implementing, maintaining, evaluating, security, patient safety, analytic, mobility and much more. The content in the book Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success and the additional online information will help prepare you for the ANCC board certification exam in nursing informatics (RN-BC).

    This companion CNE course to Mastering Informatics provides additional content on each of the chapters included in the book Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success. By purchasing a new copy of Mastering Informatics: A Healthcare Handbook for Success, you can complete all of the continuing nursing education (CNE) units required for the nursing informatics exam from one product.

    Price: US $250.00 | CNE Hours: 30.60 | Course Number : INFprogram

  • The Nurse Instructor Educational Course

    The Nurse Instructor Educational Course helps you to understand nursing education as you evolve as a faculty member. Like many others who have come before you, you may not have had any formal training or experience in education or teaching methods. The focus is on understanding curriculum and course development, teaching methods and evaluation strategies, and the use of technology and social media in nursing education.

    Price: US $55.00 | CNE Hours: 4.20 | Course Number : ED0001

  • The Future of Nursing: What IOM Report Means to Me

    This course will explore and analyze the impact of the Institute of Medicine’s report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” Other coinciding factors, such as the Affordable Care Act, will be addressed to highlight new nursing care competencies needed to secure better health outcomes. This course will also inform nurses on the best ways to prepare for future changes in health care delivery through the transformation of their own practices and the education needed to achieve those transformations.

    Price: US $80.00 | CNE Hours: 6.50 | Course Number : TRA001

  • Integrating Technology in Nursing

    Beginning with the history of technology in teaching, Integrating Technology in Nursing explains to learners current technology used in education and clinical settings. The course also covers introducing technology to teammates, creating a business plan for technology, and how technology will be used in the future.

    Price: US $68.75 | CNE Hours: 5.50 | Course Number : TEC001

  • 2015 Biennial Convention: In the Quest for Excellence

    In this presentation from STTI's 43rd Biennial Convention, Dr. Sheila Tlou shares reflections on her personal pursuit for excellence and leadership and how she has used those lessons to inspire leadership in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Price: US $18.75 | CNE Hours: 1.50 | Course Number : CONV15C

  • Coaching in Nursing

    This course will help you improve your skills and incorporate coaching principles in to your practice whether you are a clinician, administrator, educator, or researcher. The workbook, is a joint effort between the International Council of Nurses and Sigma Theta Tau International is a hand-on guide filled with exercises, checklists, and conversation starters.

    Price: US $0.00 | CNE Hours: 1.30 | Course Number : COACH1

  • Geriatric Nursing Knowledge Assessment

    The Geriatric Nursing Knowledge Assessment is a resource for Registered Nurses to improve expertise and ability to properly care for patients and residents in long-term care settings.

    The assessment questions, developed by gerontological advanced practice nurses, are categorized according to competencies. Upon completion of the assessment, participants will receive feedback on the results, as well as a report indicating whether the competencies were met. The estimated time of completion for this assessment is up to 70 minutes.

    Price: US $49.95 | CNE Hours: 0.00 | Course Number : GNKA000

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