Purpose and Overview

Beginning in September 2015, this program will focus on content to assist faculty achieve career goals that lead to promotion and/or tenure. A combination of online educational courses, webinars, and face-to-face workshops will focus on strengthening knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. In addition, the program will identify strategies for the successful creation and completion of a professional portfolio to document the nurse educator’s accomplishments across their career.  

Topics and Presenters:

Scholarship of Teaching

CNE Awarded:  3.2

This course will provide information to assist faculty to achieve career goals that lead to promotion and/or tenure as well as displaying, communicating, and documenting the scholarship of teaching.

Part I:

With the shortage of faculty, many staff nurses are stepping into the faculty role without adequate preparation for teaching adult learners in a variety of learning environments. Specialized instruction for novice faculty members will increase their knowledge and promote meaningful student learning. The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to gain information to assist faculty achieve career goals that lead to promotion and/or tenure.

Part II:

This activity is designed to assist faculty in tenure-track positions and clinical, non-tenure track positions to move through the ranks of the educational academy. The content identifies strategies for successful teaching in classroom and online environments. It will also relay information on the use of the professional portfolio to document the nurse educator's accomplishments across his or her career..

Part III:

In this activity, information will focus on recognition of effectiveness as a teacher scholar examining various outputs of scholarship of teaching.

CNE Awarded: 1.9

New nurse educators often begin teaching based on their own clinical experiences and lack the knowledge of the academic world. Few are knowledgeable about the “tenure and promotion” process. It is important to provide on-going professional development on a variety of topics, specifically promotion and tenure. Guidelines are often vague and leave faculty members guessing what is needed. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss career goals that can lead to a successful tenure process and to identify strategies to document accomplishments across the career for continued promotion.

Showcasing the Scholarship of Practice, Community Service and Engagement

CNE Awarded: 1.9

This activity highlights requirements for documenting academic accomplishments related to the professional practice aspects of the academic role. The need for practice at the academic level to be based on producing scholarly products that are disseminated in peer reviewed venues is emphasized. Securing funding for such academic endeavors is discussed as well. An academic needs to establish a defined program of scholarship in an area of practice engagement when practice is selected as the area of excellence for the purpose of promotion and/or tenure, regardless of academic tract.

Promotion on the Clinical Track 

CNE Awarded: 1.4

The purpose of this activity is to enable the participant to develop and execute a plan for achieving promotion on the Clinical Track. While many educational institutions have guidelines for promotion on the Clinical Track, others are beginning to develop guidelines, and some lack these guidelines. This presentation will provide current information regarding the expectations for Clinical Track promotion in the areas of teaching, scholarship, service and practice. The importance of identifying a key mentor to serve as an advisor in the journey for Clinical Track promotion will also be discussed.

Showcasing Your Accomplishments: The Portfolio

CNE Awarded: 1.5

Whether you are a nurse in practice or education, development of a professional portfolio is important to showcase your accomplishments. This activity will explore ways to create a professional portfolio and professional curriculum vitae.

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Mary Lou Bond, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN
University of Texas at Arlington

Mark Haykowsky, PhD
University of Texas at Arlington

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