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Distinguished Award Recipient

Internationally renowned nurse scientist and medical sociologist
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Alyssa Wenger Resized

Professional Development Opportunities

"We saw a great opportunity to help our chapter meet STTI’s mission of advancing world health by sponsoring a library."
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Anna Dermenchyan

Local chapter involvement

“Getting involved with my local chapter has given me numerous opportunities to enhance my leadership skills and work with teams of outstanding professionals,”
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Azza Ahmed-2

Improving Child Welfare

“Receiving this award strengthens my passion and enthusiasm to continue working in my research to improve children’s health through promoting breastfeeding and helping mothers overcome barriers to successful breastfeeding.”
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Benson Wright

Chapter connections

“STTI is the most important organization in my nursing career and provides opportunity and growth for every stage of my career.”
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Brendan McCormack

International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame Recipient

“I am a proud nurse and always will be."
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Debra Jackson

Intercontinental nursing connections

STTI provides an avenue to engage with nurses of all stages of career, in all sectors, and in all parts of the world.
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Member for 35 years

“For me, STTI is the standard and benchmark in nursing that best represents my moral compass as a professional nurse…”
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Eileen W. Richardson

Celebrate nursing history!

“I taught at the Salisbury School of Nursing for many years, a school which was started in 1896 by one of Florence Nightingale’s ladies."
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Elan Caruso-2

Mentoring Opportunities

STTI is “a wonderful and humbling experience filled with opportunities to learn from great nurse leaders and mentors in an incredibly supportive environment."
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Eric Hartley

Passionate Student Leader

“I have been very lucky with senior members of my chapters who love to engage younger members, and encourage us to take leadership roles.”
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Regional Volunteer

Promoting the Nursing Profession
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Igal Zlatkin

Interaction with other nurses

“Despite the differences between nurses, there are many common problems we all face in our countries and we can learn a lot from each other,”
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Jackie Cassagnol

When disaster strikes

Empowering people to serve as first responders in their communities.
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Jerico G. Alicante

Emerging Nurse Leader

Serves his local chapter in the Phillippines and elected to the Leadership Sucession Committee for Alpha Eta Chapter
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LGBTQ Health Researcher

"...knowing there are other nurses out there doing great work helps a lot.”
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