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Reflections on Nursing Leadership
Through informative articles, biographic profiles and personal narratives, Reflections on Nursing Leadership communicates the important contributions nurses make toward improving world health. Access the latest RNL feature articles now!

Journal of Nursing Scholarship
The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is the official journal of STTI and one of the most widely read and respected healthcare journals. It opens the first issue of the year to provide free online access to everyone. Look for the January issue on the Wiley Online Library.

Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing
Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, a peer-reviewed, evidence-based nursing journal, is a primary source of information to improve patient care. This STTI journal also opens the first issue every year for free online access. Look for the February issue on the Wiley Online Library.

Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository
A free STTI resource that provides nurses and nursing students a place to self-archive and disseminate research and evidence-based practice materials. Submissions to any collection under the Independent Submissions community undergo peer-review prior to acceptance. 

CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
A journal provided on the behalf of Wiley and the American Cancer Society, provides the evidence needed to promote healing and keep patients healthy.  

Free Continuing Nursing Education Courses

Elder Care Continuing Nursing Education Courses 
The Geriatric Nursing Leadership Academy, developed with a generous grant from The John A. Hartford Foundation in partnership with the Hartford's Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, presents three FREE continuing nursing education courses on elder care.

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