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Getting published: STTI book offers insider writing and publishing tips for the novice nurse writer

Third edition of how-to writing guide provides expanded insight from nurse author and editor

Nursing is more than just patient care. Whether turning a dissertation into a published article or contributing a chapter to a book, writing can be a core necessity and tool for nurses. While nurses spend years learning about human anatomy, deciphering the anatomy of writing, can seem much more difficult. 

Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Third Edition, is a practical and useful guide for nurses who need to bridge the gap from incomplete sentences to a published manuscript. Award-winning lead author and editor Cynthia Saver, MS, RN, removes the fear and confusion most nurses have about the writing and publishing process.

In this new edition, published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Saver walks readers through each step and provides the tools necessary for effective and successful writing. 

Equipped with nearly three decades of publishing experience and with more than forty years in the nursing field, Saver, along with 25 of nursing’s top writing experts and decision makers, shares important insights to increase the likelihood that an academic manuscript is accepted for publication, whether the author is a nursing student or an established nurse.

Instead of adhering to the rigid style of traditional textbooks, Saver presents an easy-to-understand guidebook that covers topics ranging from dissertation, clinical and peer-review writing to tips for properly documenting sources, how to effectively utilize illustrations and advice for marketing a finished work.

The fully-revised, third edition includes an expanded exploration of topics such as:

• How to collaborate and coauthor with professionals in other healthcare disciplines. 
• How to avoid being the victim of predatory publishing
• How to navigate Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE).
• How to write qualitative studies and report the different instruments used. 

“Our goal is to show you that although it takes some work to write effectively, it is within every nurse’s reach to do so — and you can even have some fun while doing it,” Saver said. 

Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Third Edition
By Cynthia Saver, MS, RN
ISBN-13: 9781945157219. Published by STTI, May 2017
Price: US $54.95. Soft cover, 488 pages. Trim size: 8x10
Available at

About the author:
Cynthia Saver, MS, RN, is an award-winning author with nearly 40 years of experience in nursing that includes more than three decades of publishing experience as a writer, editor, and Senior Vice President of editorial. Before leaving to found her own company, Saver was Executive Vice President of Editorial for Nursing Spectrum / Gannett, Inc. She has written for and edited many nursing publications, including Nursing Management, Nursing Spectrum, American Nurse Today, AORN Journal, Nurse Week, OR Manager, Journal of Nursing Regulation, and American Journal of Nursing. She is President of CLS Development, Inc. and is an Author-in-Residence for Nurse Author & Editor.

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