Online Diversity Resources
" is the online trade publication for diversity, the premier dedicated source of original, managerial-level information on the business benefits of diversity. We publish original content every business day and send a free e-mail newsletter to 60,000 people, six days per week. Although our original content is only available to paying subscribers, diversity news briefs, published under license from the Associated Press, are available for free."

Diversity Resources, Inc:
"Diversity Resources provides information and training materials on diversity and multicultural issues in the workplace."

The American Institute for Managing Diversity:
"Founded in 1984, the American Institute for Managing Diversity (AIMD) was the first national, nonprofit diversity think tank created for the purpose of advancing the field of diversity management. AIMD helps organizations understand the business imperative for managing diversity, provides ongoing insights into the strategic implementation of diversity management, identifies and categorizes trends in diversity management, and suggests new areas of research critical to successful application."

Diversity Database, University of Maryland:
"The University of Maryland's Diversity Database is a comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources."