2017 International Nurses Day
Making a difference through philanthropy


Virginia Henderson Fellow

Donors who pledge US $10,000 (or the 2017 Gross National Income World Bank equivalency) are recognized as a Virginia Henderson Fellow in the STTI Foundation's Heritage Society.

Roberta A. Rolland
     in gratitude to Dr. Melanie Kalman as a mentor and dear friend

Annual Donors

The list below consists of members and chapters who made a new cash gift or pledge of US $60* or more between 1 April - 12 May 2017.
*Or equivalent based on a sliding scale that is anchored by the World Bank classifications based on per capita income. 
Michael Arena
    in memory of Julia Arena
Patricia Ann Bush
Raul Anthony Correa
Gwendolyn Lancaster
    in honor of Michael Lancaster
Rebecca H. Ipjian

Linda A Streit
    in memory of Frank Domico
Terry Walsh Gottlieb
     in memory of Grace Walsh
Cathleen Anne Marie Wheatley
Tamara D. Whittle

In preparing this list, every effort was made to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, we apologize
and ask that you call the Foundation at 888.634.7575.