Explanation of Membership Dues 

Membership dues for the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) are comprised of international and chapter fees. The international portion of the STTI membership dues will be increased, effective 1 July 2017. Currently, the international dues are:

            High Income     US $69.50

            Middle Income  US $27.80

            Low Income      US $13.90

*These fee categories are based on a country’s GNI per capita as defined by World Bank Basic Indicators table.

The STTI international dues have not been increased since 2012. After serious deliberations by the International Board of Directors, and in accordance with the international bylaws, the Board voted in February 2017 to increase the international dues. Based on the international bylaws, the amount of the increase was determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Effective 1 July 2017, the international dues will be: 

            High Income     US $73.00

            Middle Income  US $29.20

            Low Income      US $14.60

Chapter fees are set by individual chapters. A listing of chapter fees can be found within the Chapter Directory. Members that need assistance with the cost of dues can submit an Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy request form.  

During the 2003 Biennial Convention, the House of Delegates approved a change to the honor society’s bylaws that grants the International Board of Directors fiscal authority over fees. This means that in addition to other fiscal responsibilities, the board has the ability to make incremental restricted dues adjustments, based on the rate of inflation. This enables the board to fully manage the honor society's resources—allowing them to respond to economic conditions, inflation and the increased costs of doing business—all while strengthening member services.

When adjustments are made to the international or chapter portion of the membership dues, STTI international bylaws state that the increase in dues cannot exceed the cumulative increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since the last increase.

For more information regarding membership dues please contact the Constituent Center.
Phone: 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) or +1.317.634.8171 (International)
Email: memserv@stti.org.