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Home Care Nursing
Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment
By Tina Marrelli

As our global population ages, the percentage of those over age 60 will nearly double in size. This demographic shift will increase the demand for home care nursing as healthcare providers seek to keep older adults healthier and out of acute-care settings. Home Care Nursing: Surviving in an Ever-Changing Care Environment, is the definitive resource for understanding the challenges and complexities of home-based healthcare. Written without jargon or insider acronyms, Home Care Nursing is a practical yet comprehensive guidebook valuable to anyone connected to home care nursing services.

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The Power of Ten, 2nd Edition
The Power of Ten, Second Edition
By Susan Hassmiller and Jennifer Mensik

In this all-new edition, authors Susan B. Hassmiller and Jennifer S. Mensik connected with more than 50 national and international nurse leaders to survey the most pressing issues in the profession. From that feedback, they compiled a new list of top 10 priorities: educational reform, academic progression, diversity, interprofessional collaboration, systems thinking, voice of nursing, global stewardship, practice authority, delivery of care, and professional handoff. Through essays, actions items, discussion points, and data, The Power of Ten, Second Edition will help nurses take a bold step toward not only continuing the conversation but leading the way into the future of nursing.

The authors' royalties from this book will be donated equally to American Red Cross nursing programs and the American Nurses Foundation.

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Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2
By Donna Helen Crisp

A recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine estimates that more then 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. Donna Helen Crisp was almost one of them.

In her new book, Donna Helen recounts her struggles and teaches nurses and other medical professionals how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, recognize warning signs, and work collaboratively to provide transparent patient care. Your order from Nursing Knowledge International includes:

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 Implementing the EBP Competencies in Healthcare
Implementing the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Competencies in Healthcare
By Bernadette M Melnyk, Lynn Gallagher-Ford, Ellen Fineout-Overholt

Hospitals and healthcare systems around the world have attempted to build and sustain evidence-based practice (EBP) cultures and environments, yet they have struggled to clearly understand what EBP competency means. Implementing the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Competencies in Healthcare clears up that confusion and serves as a guide for clinicians, leaders, faculty, EBP mentors, and students in achieving EBP competency, facilitating evidence-based decision making in daily practice, and accelerating the speed at which research knowledge is translated into real-world settings to improve health outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.

Healthy Places, Healthy People, Third Edition
By Lisa E Skemp, Melanie C Dreher, and Susan P Lehmann

To provide the best possible patient care and effectively improve a community’s future health, nurses need practical advice, realistic strategies, and the core public health leadership competencies that transcend categorical public health concerns. The third edition of Healthy Places, Healthy People provides everything that current and future nurses need to prepare, gather, organize, and analyze basic community information to create a public health strategy.

 High Reliability Organizations
High Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook for Patient Safety & Quality
By Cynthia A Oster and Jane S Braaten

Patient safety and quality are of increasing concern to the entire healthcare spectrum, from consumers to payers, providers, organizations, and governments. High Reliability Organizations: A Healthcare Handbook for Patient Safety & Quality presents practical examples of HRO principles in order to establish a system that detects and prevents errors from happening even in the most difficult, high-risk conditions.

 The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance
The Nurse Manager's Guide to Budgeting & Finance, Second Edition
By Al Rundio

Today’s nurse managers are expected to manage budgets, patient-staffing ratios, and handle many details not taught in nursing school. A basic knowledge of budgeting and finance is needed, but where can nurses learn this? The revised and updated second edition of this popular book provides practical tools, tips, and strategies to help nurse managers succeed.

 Nurse Burnout: Overcoming Stress in Nursing
Nurse Burnout: Overcoming Stress in Nursing
By Suzanne Waddill-Goad

The very practice of nursing, while a rewarding profession, comes with a price. Long hours, physical and mental exhaustion, heavy workloads, and organizational change are stressors that often lead to burnout. Adopting healthy coping behaviors are key for a successful career and overall life satisfaction. In this book, author Suzanne Waddill-Goad provides practical solutions and strategies for fresh thinking about nurse burnout.

 Emergency Nursing: The Profession, the Pathway, the Practice
Emergency Nursing
By Jeff Solheim

Emergency nursing is a unique specialty within the profession. Author and emergency nursing expert Jeff Solheim, gives students, new nurses, and current emergency nurses practical advice, insights, facts, and notes for pursuing and sustaining a successful career in this fast-paced, demanding, and very rewarding field.

 A Practical Guide to Forensic Nursing
 A Practical Guide to Forensic Nursing
By Angela F. Amar and L. Kathleen Sekula

Written by two of the top names in forensic nursing, this practical, evidence-based guide helps nurses understand and apply forensic nursing science in their practices. The authors highlight sociocultural diversity and relevant legal, ethical, societal, and policy issues while including challenges and potential solutions in the practice area.

 The Career Handoff
The Career Handoff
By Kathy Malloch and Tim Porter-O'Grady

Authors Malloch and Porter-O'Grady share their own experiences to help present and future healthcare and nurse leaders with proactively preserving and sharing their valuable knowledge and experience across generations. Using an approach that emphasizes mentoring and sustainability of expertise, this book aims to facilitate smooth transitions and sustain the continued viability of healthcare organizations.

A Nurse's Step-By-Step Guide to Transitioning to the Professional Nurse Role
 A Nurse's Step-By-Step Guide to Transitioning to the Professional Nurse Role
By Cynthia M. Thomas, Constance E. McIntosh, and Jennifer S. Mensik

Written for student nurses, new nurses, and those returning to the field, this straight forward how-to guide will prepare you to confidently enter professional practice. From ethical issues to continuing education to coping with stress, the authors provide practical strategies and tools to help you reach your greatest nursing potential.


 Staff Educator's Guide to Professional Development
Staff Educator’s Guide to Professional Development: Assessing and Enhancing Nurse Competency
By Alvin D. Jeffery, M. Anne Longo, Angela Nienaber

Staff Educator’s Guide to Professional Development leads you through the nuts and bolts of nursing professional development practice (along with some theory). These practical tactics will help you assess and evaluate competency, develop creative learning activities, revise large educational programs, and everything else in between.

 Mastering Patient & Family Education
Staff Educator’s Guide to Professional Development: Assessing and Enhancing Nurse Competency
By Lori Marshall

Mastering Patient & Family Education: A Healthcare Handbook for Success presents a model that moves PFE to a central part of a health system. Author Lori C. Marshall will guide you through every step of the process-from building a strong foundation for self-care management, to maximizing knowledge transfers through tools and technology, to establishing a health system approach for patient and family education. Using the tools and resources in this book, nurses and healthcare professionals can better educate patients so they can actively participate in their treatment and ultimately improve outcomes.

Nurse on Board: Planning Your Path to the Boardroom
By Connie Curran

Nurses represent the largest professional group in healthcare and are closest to patients, families, physicians, and the community. Their insight and experience is invaluable, yet only a small fraction serve on healthcare boards. In her book, the late Connie Curran challenges nurses at every level to get involved and find their place at the boardroom table. Gain insight into what and who nurses need to know and how to be effective board members, whether in hospitals, nursing organizations, corporate boards, or other non-profit organizations.


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