• Healthy Places, Healthy People, Third Edition

    Today's nurses are at the forefront of leading change and promoting social justice in healthcare. The newest edition of this popular book provides everything current and future nurses need to create a public health strategy in the communities where they practice. 

    This third edition includes practical material to help nurses assess Joint Commission preparedness and apply concepts that lead to health equity and a healthier future for their communities

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-94044666-0 | Release Date: 2016

  • Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2

    Medical errors now rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

    Anatomy of Medical Errors: The Patient in Room 2 is one nurse's personal story of survival and fact-finding as a victim of preventable medical errors. As this mesmerizing story recounts the author's struggles, it teaches nurses and other healthcare providers how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, recognize warning signs, and work collaboratively to provide transparent patient care. 

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781940446844 | Release Date: 2016

  • High Reliability Organizations

    High reliability is quickly becoming a primary focus for health providers as patient safety and quality standards are increasingly scrutinized. But what are high reliability organizations (HRO) and what do they look like in the healthcare field?

    This new book addresses the gap between understanding HRO and applying their principles to clinical practice. Authors Oster and Braaten provide tools and best practices that will improve and enhance patient safety and quality outcomes

    Price: US $64.95 | ISBN: 9781940446387 | Release Date: 2016

  • The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting & Finance, Second Edition

    The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, Second Edition provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that you weren’t taught in nursing school.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446585 | Release Date: 2016

  • Emergency Nursing: The Profession, the Pathway, the Practice

    Emergency Nursing provides students, new nurses, and existing emergency nurses the tools and information they need to pursue and sustain a successful career in emergency healthcare. Filled with facts, notes, and practical advice, this book is a fantastic resource for a student or nurse eager to learn more about emergency care.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446462 | Release Date: 2016

  • Nurse Burnout: Overcoming Stress in Nursing

    While nursing is a rewarding profession, the long hours, physical and mental exhaustion, heavy workloads, and organizational change are stressors that often lead to burnout. Adopting healthy coping behaviors are key for a successful career and overall life satisfaction! In this book, author Suzanne Waddill-Goad provides practical solutions and strategies for fresh thinking, including ways to prevent burnout in the first place, harness and manage overwhelming stress, and set new priorities to care for yourself.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835889 | Release Date: 2016

  • The Career Handoff: A Healthcare Leader's Guide to Knowledge & Wisdom Transfer Across Generations

    Authors Malloch and Porter-O'Grady share their own experiences to help present and future healthcare and nurse leaders with proactively preserving and sharing their valuable knowledge and experience across generations. Using an approach that emphasizes mentoring and sustainability of expertise, this book aims to facilitate smooth transitions and sustain the continued viability of healthcare organizations.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446509 | Release Date: 2015

  • A Nurse's Step-By-Step Guide to Transitioning to the Professional Nurse Role

    Written for student nurses, new nurses, and those returning to the field, this straight forward how-to guide will prepare you to confidently enter professional practice. From ethical issues to continuing education to coping with stress, the authors provide practical strategies and tools to help you reach your greatest nursing potential.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446226 | Release Date: 2015

  • Nurse on Board: Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

    Only a small fraction of healthcare board positions are held by nurses in the U.S., and it’s time that changed. Nurse on Board provides all the tools needed to attain and succeed in your first board role—or advance into ever-greater board responsibilities.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835926 | Release Date: 2015

  • The Staff Educator's Guide to Professional Development: Assessing and Enhancing Nurse Competency

    Higher acuity and more chronic patients, increasingly complex technology, and the rapid generation of knowledge all mean nurses must grow and adapt to continue providing high quality care for patients. This book provides nurse educators with the training tools they need to create a successful professional development program for nurses.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446264 | Release Date: 2015

  • Mastering Patient and Family Education: A Healthcare Handbook for Success

    Mastering Patient and Family Education presents a model that makes teaching patients and their families a central part of the healthcare system. This model provides nurses and healthcare professionals the tools they need to inform and educate patients so they can actively participate in their own treatment, improve outcomes, help identify errors before they occur, and reduce length of stay.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446301 | Release Date: 2015

  • Fostering a Research-Intensive Organization: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Nurses from Massachusetts General Hospital

    Fostering a Research Intensive Organization details the ways a strong nursing research agenda can positively impact patient care and influence the redesign of services necessary to nimbly respond in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Authors, and Massachusetts General Hospital nurse leaders, Jeanette Ives Erickson, Marianne Ditomassi, and Dorothy A. Jones provide a comprehensive review to support the practice environment as an important place to advance nursing science through research.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446004 | Release Date: 2015

  • Nurse's Etiquette Advantage, Second Edition

    In this highly anticipated, fully revised and expanded second edition, The Nurse’s Etiquette Advantage will prepare you to handle awkward and challenging situations that would normally diminish your confidence, tarnish your reputation, or derail your career aspirations. Written in a Q&A format and filled with practical tips, faux pas, and dos and don’ts, author Kathleen D. Pagana provides you with the tools you need to become a polished and confident professional.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446141 | Release Date: 2015

  • Reflective Organizations: On the Front Lines of QSEN and Reflective Practice Implementation

    The evolving world of healthcare requires educators and practitioners to be nimble, flexible, and responsive to change. Gwen Sherwood and Sara Horton-Deutsch focus on reflective learning as a catalyst for transforming traditional organizations and environments, promoting changes that support nurses and educators in learning from past experiences to craft future change.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835582 | Release Date: 2015

  • Designing and Integrating a Disaster Preparedness Curriculum: Readying Nurses for the Worst

    This highly anticipated book helps ensure that nursing students are as prepared as possible to respond to disasters, whether in their own neighborhoods or around the world, by giving nurse educators strategies and solutions for incorporating disaster preparedness into their curriculum.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446042 | Release Date: 2015

  • Cultural Sensibility in Healthcare: A Personal & Professional Guidebook

    In this highly informative handbook, Sally Ellis Fletcher offers healthcare providers a process that encourages them to consider their own attitudes, biases, beliefs, and prejudices when interacting with patients and co-workers. It challenges them to explore culture as it affects their professional roles, enabling more culturally aware and sensitive healthcare encounters.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554958 | Release Date: 2015

  • A Nurse's Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Dissertation or Capstone

    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of writing your dissertation or capstone project?  Worry no more! This concise how-to guide is packed with practical steps and tools to help you plan, document, organize, and write your final paper or project. Author and dissertation survivor Karen Roush, PhD, APN, gives you expert advice and insight to successfully finish your paper.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-940446080 | Release Date: 2015

  • Fostering Clinical Success: Using Clinical Narratives for Interprofessional Team Partnerships from Massachusetts General

    In Fostering Clinical Success, Massachusetts General Hospital nurse leaders share their model for creating, embedding, and fostering a narrative culture. Massachusetts General Hospital uses storytelling to significantly improve patient care and increase patient, family, and staff satisfaction while reducing costs.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835803 | Release Date: 2015

  • Mastering Pharmacogenomics: A Handbook for Success

    This text provides nursing professionals with a foundational knowledge of human genetics and genomics that can be applied in optimizing drug therapy and patient care delivery. Coverage includes essential pharmacogenomics competencies for registered nurses, critical properties of drug response and disposition, and ethics and patient care.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835704 | Release Date: 2015

  • Four Seasons of Grieving: A Nurse's Journey to Healing

    Beautifully illustrated in full color, Four Seasons of Grieving is a small but powerful book that is part guidebook and part memoir of one nurse’s
    grieving journey and the practical guidance and wisdom that she gleaned along the way.

    Price: US $19.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835964 | Release Date: 2015

  • Business Administration for Clinical Trials: Managing Research Strategy, Finance, Regulation, and Quality

    This unique resource provides a road map to managing responsibilities, fostering productive environments, managing finance and regulations, and more. Starting with a multidisciplinary approach to health care research administration, the authors share their tools, techniques, and tactics to create an effective research infrastructure.

    Price: US $44.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835551 | Release Date: 2014

  • The Nurse's Reality Shift: Using History to Transform the Future

    Despite scientific and technological advances, today’s modern nurses face many of the same challenges as the earliest nurses. This book sheds light on why nurses are where they are and, more importantly, how nurses can approach the future in a different way. It asks the hard questions the nursing profession must answer in order to move past its recurring challenges and progress into the future.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835629 | Release Date: 2014

  • B is for Balance, Second Edition

    This fully revised, expanded, and updated second edition offers even more practical tips, tools, and tricks for rebalancing your life. Learn how to set a course of action to build the life and career you want, need, and deserve. You’ll get tools and tips on how to simplify your life, reduce stress, manage your exposure to technology, and so much more.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835841 | Release Date: 2014

  • Critical Conversations: Scripts and Techniques for Effective Interprofessional & Patient Conversations

    Critical Conversations in Healthcare provides scripts and scenarios to help you reach your communication goals. Chapters feature dos and don’ts, reflective questions, and practical tools. Whether you are a new nurse at the bedside or the CEO of a major healthcare facility, this book will help you overcome conversation traps, improve patient experience, and more.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835469 | Release Date: 2014

  • To Comfort Always, Second Edition

    This award-winning handbook for nurses details how to care for patients at the end of life. Fully revised and updated, this is a practical guide to understanding the needs of both patients and families and the important roles nurses play in addressing those needs.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835506 | Release Date: 2014

  • Nurse's Law: Questions and Answers for the Practicing Nurse

    Nurse’s Law guides professional nurses and nursing students in examining legal issues related to scope of practice, informed consent, negligence,
    confidentiality, and other important topics. Using a case-based, controversial format, authors Mathes and Reifsnyder present and illustrate the legal context for nursing practice and provide answers for dealing with legal issues as they arise.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476009 | Release Date: 2014

  • Person and Family Centered Care

    Written by the top thought leaders in nursing today, Person and Family Centered Care offers a new approach that begins with the person, embraces the family, and encompasses all care delivery locations. At the forefront of this movement are the authors who present a clinical reference covering a vast array of patient care scenarios.

    Price: US $69.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835070 | Release Date: 2014

  • Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses, Second Edition

    Fully updated and expanded, this is one of the most useful books for nurses needing help with everything from writing a research paper to editing a published manuscript. The new edition includes expanded coverage of open access, online journals, social media, marketing your work, and tools for your writing projects.

    Price: US $44.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835421 | Release Date: 2014

  • Staff Educator's Guide to Clinical Orientation: Onboarding Solutions for Nurses

    Staff Educator’s Guide to Clinical Orientation helps you learn how to create and sustain a high-quality orientation and onboarding program that meets the needs of the nurses, organization, and patients. Whether you’re new to leading orientation efforts or a seasoned nursing staff development specialist, this book will help you analyze, design, and implement an orientation program, evaluate an individual’s competency, and so much more!

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835384 | Release Date: 2014

  • Population-Based Public Health Clinical Manual, Second Edition

    The first edition of this book has proven to be one of the most important texts in public health for students and practitioners alike. Focused on developing a competent public health nursing practice in diverse settings, the core text builds on the Henry Street Consortium’s framework of 11 competencies for population-based entry-level public health nursing. This second edition has fully revised and updated coverage, including evidence-based home visiting models, pathways to become a public health nurse, and more!

    Price: US $54.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835346 | Release Date: 2014

  • Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Health Care

    The framework provided in this book gives nurses and other healthcare professionals tools to reexamine the current state of interdisciplinary partnerships and build a more effective, caring, and sustainable healthcare system.

    Price: US $54.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835261 | Release Date: 2014

  • Mentoring Today's Nurses: A Global Perspective for Success

    Mentoring and coaching are critical components of professional success for nursing students. Today’s student populations are more globally diverse than ever before, adding new challenges for faculty. This book provides a framework for rethinking mentoring in a new and modern world.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554910 | Release Date: 2013

  • The Nerdy Nurse's Guide to Technology

    This lively and engaging guide helps break down the barriers to understanding and using technology in nursing care. It provides the tools nurses need to improve their practices, further their careers, and solidify themselves as assets to their employers.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554385 | Release Date: 2013

  • Mastering Simulation: A Nurse's Handbook for Success

    Simulation can be a valuable tool for academic and clinical institutions. Whether you are looking for a primer on simulation or information to improve readers’ existing knowledge and expertise, this book provides a solid foundation for improving patient outcomes.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835032 | Release Date: 2013

  • Re-Entry: A Guide for Nurses Dealing with Substance Use Disorder

    Written with compassion and insight, this is a must-have personal recovery compass for nurses traveling from addiction to professional reentry. It is also a resource for those who deal with coworkers, family, or peers who struggle with substance use disorders.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-938835155 | Release Date: 2013

  • Accelerate Your Career in Nursing: A Guide to Professional Advancement and Recognition

    Wondering how to navigate the myriad of degrees, certifications, honors, and achievements to find the path that’s right for you? This book helps you
    pursue your dreams by showing you a road map to professional nursing success.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554583 | Release Date: 2013

  • Leading Valiantly in Healthcare: Four Steps to Sustainable Success

    In Leading Valiantly in Healthcare, leadership expert Catherine Robinson-Walker provides a successful approach to leadership that can be sustained for the long haul. Through the use of concrete vignettes and real-life experience, this book helps the reader avoid leadership missteps and ascertain ways to mold himself or herself into someone who is not merely in a leadership position but who can lead with valor.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554835 | Release Date: 2013

  • Whole Person Caring: An Interprofessional Model for Healing and Wellness

    While holistic and alternative therapies and medicines have been around for centuries and proven to be useful tools for healing, there is still resistance when it comes to implementing them into hospitals and healthcare settings. Whole Person Caring provides a practical guide that will improve the health and well-being of employees which ultimately will improve patient care. Author Lucia Thornton supplies an interdisciplinary approach for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to transform their workplace into healing and healthy environments.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554996 | Release Date: 2013

  • Man Up! A Practical Guide for Men in Nursing

    The author and contributors of Man Up!—some of the most successful male leaders in nursing today—have chosen to defy the odds and pursue their passion for nursing care. Man Up! delivers expert advice, practical information, and a formula for success for male students and nurses at all levels.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554873 | Release Date: 2013

  • Night Shift Nursing

    Nurses who work nights are at higher risk for health problems than their day-shift peers. Night Shift Nursing provides tips and tools to stay healthy and successful. From energizing fitness routines and nutritious food options to reconstructing sleep patterns and balancing family and personal relationships, this book can help nurses love the night shift!

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554675 | Release Date: 2013

  • Toxic Nursing: Managing Bullying, Bad Attitudes and Total Turmoil

    Written especially for nurse leaders, managers, and administrators, this book offers numerous concrete strategies and real tools and techniques to turn around toxic workplaces, defuse conflict, and create positive work environments.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554422 | Release Date: 2013

  • The Nurse's Reality Gap: Overcoming Barriers Between Academic Achievement and Clinical Success

    This book focuses on challenges new nurses face in the clinical setting and the hard questions educators have to tackle to help students succeed in school and in practice. It also provides practical strategies for nurse educators to help students navigate the transitional period from classroom to bedside. Through firsthand accounts from new graduates, nurse educators will find insight and solutions to help their scholars succeed in their nursing careers.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554460 | Release Date: 2013

  • Claiming the Corner Office: Executive Leadership Lessons for Nurses

    Claiming the Corner Office is a practical guide for the nurse who aspires to have success beyond the bedside. Drawn from the authors’ personal experiences and those of many other successful nurse leaders, entrepreneurs, and governance experts, this book provides readers with the tools they need to achieve success in senior executive roles. Do you have what it takes to claim the corner office?

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554354 | Release Date: 2013

  • Nurse Manager's Guide to Innovative and Effective Staffing

    One of the biggest challenges for busy nurse managers is maximizing the capacity and capabilities of their nursing workforce. This book gives a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of staffing and care delivery without focusing on a view of traditional staffing.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554798 | Release Date: 2013

  • Creating & Sustaining Civility in Nursing Education

    Has a group of faculty members intentionally isolated a new colleague to make him or her feel uncomfortable or unwanted? This book teaches readers how to prevent or at least manage the stress of incivility in nursing education through empirical science, stories, exemplars, and evidence-based strategies. The author provides practical solutions that range from ready-to-use teaching tools to principles for broad-based institutional change.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554545 | Release Date: 2013

  • Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job

    No matter where you are in your nursing career, this is the book for you if you are struggling to find your ideal job. Full of tips, tricks, worksheets, a checklist, sample cover letters, and résumés, Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job will help you understand and strategically get through today’s job-search process.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554712 | Release Date: 2012

  • Nurse Manager's Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce

    This how-to book provides strategies and tools for the nurse manager when it comes to coaching staff in order to reduce conflict among each generational cohort of nurses.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554750 | Release Date: 2012

  • Fostering Nurse-Led Care: Professional Practice for the Bedside Leader from Massachusetts General Hospital

    This book details how to create a professional practice model and an environment in which initiatives can flourish and advance quality healthcare. It also delivers a nurse-patient relationship model based on mutual trust, respect, hope, and sensitivity to others while incorporating recommendations from “The Future of Nursing” report.

    Price: US $44.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476-306 | Release Date: 2012

  • Illuminating Florence

    Written by a leading Florence Nightingale scholar, this collection of quotes, essays, and images gives a deeper look into the legacy of Nightingale’s
    career. This inspiring book highlights the impact Nightingale continues to have on the profession more than 100 years after her death.

    Price: US $19.95 | ISBN: 9781-937554507 | Release Date: 2012

  • Reflective Practice: Transforming Education and Improving Outcomes

    Featured in this book is an entirely new framework for educators and students on the reflective practice process that can lead to new awareness, insights, and behavior to improve nursing care. It is the first to focus on reflection in all aspects of the learning process.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476795 | Release Date: 2012

  • Nursing Ethics in Everyday Practice

    From politicians to school teachers, ethics is a sensitive issue affecting all walks of life. Nurses are no exception. In fact, nursing carries the automatic assumption that nurses know exactly what to do, what is right ethically, and what they are being told to do.

    Nursing Ethics In Everyday Practice provides a framework that staff nurses can implement to resolve the ethical dilemmas they frequently encounter in everyday practice. The nursing ethics book is a guide to communication and ethics consultation. It will provide guidelines on current ethical challenges, and how to have moral courage.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476-504 | Release Date: 2012

  • Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-based Practice: Models and Guidelines, Second Edition

    The goal of evidence-based practice in nursing is to promote improved interventions, care, and patient outcomes. This second edition incorporates healthcare reform and the Institute of Medicine’s “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health Care” report and includes significant updates and changes to the exemplars and appendices.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476764 | Release Date: 2012

  • Mastering Precepting

    This evidence-based and pragmatic book is written specifically for nurses who are preceptors, nurses who are thinking of becoming preceptors, or nurse managers who must supervise preceptors, providing them with tools to be competent in their roles.

    Price: US $39.95 | ISBN: 9781-935476-597 | Release Date: 2011

  • Implementing Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses

    Evidence–based practice (EBP) has emerged as an important healthcare movement of the 21st century, but the challenge for many is converting the theory of EBP into action. In this book, real clinicians share their experiences with paradigm shifts to EBP, implementation of the EBP process to change practice and improve patient outcomes, personal experiences with evidence–based care, and transforming systems to an EBP culture.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-93547668-9 | Release Date: 2011

  • Volunteering at Home and Abroad

    Volunteering your time and talents to those in need can be a rewarding experience. Knowing that your efforts could improve the life of one person – or even the lives of a family or an entire community – can inspire you to reach out beyond your comfort zone.

    But how do you get started? This book serves as an excellent resource for finding a volunteer organization and selecting a program that is a good fit with your personal goals.

    Once you’ve embarked on your journey, how do you make the most of your experience? Do you know what cultural practices to take into consideration while providing care? How will you keep safe and healthy?

    Volunteering at Home and Abroad: The Essential Guide for Nurses helps you answer these critical questions and more. Authors Jeanne Leffers, PhD, RN, and Julia Plotnick, MPH, RN, FAAN, have volunteered extensively in both the United States and abroad and draw on their experiences to bring you this crucial roadmap for designing the best volunteer experience possible.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-93053898-6 | Release Date: 2011

  • When Nurses Hurt Nurses

    Bullies frequent hospital units, ambulatory care centers, clinics, and even emergency departments. Their targets? Their own colleagues and peers. This book explores relational aggression and the nature of nurse-on-nurse violence and explains why bullying occurs, who bullies whom, and, most importantly, how to stop it.

    Price: US $34.95 | ISBN: 9781-93547656-6 | Release Date: 2011

  • The Nurse's Social Media Advantage

    Blogs, chat groups, and other social media tools are changing the way health information is shared. This book shows you how to use social media and networking sites, participate in online communities, and effectively manage risks and liabilities.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-93547601-6 | Release Date: 2011

  • A Daybook for Nurse Educators

    Educators play a vital role in the development of the nursing profession. This encouraging book is filled with 365 inspirational and thought-provoking quotes solicited from top nurse educators around the world. Each month begins with a thought-provoking story or lesson and journaling space throughout allows for recording daily meditations and reflections. This book will give a lift to anyone who teaches, regardless of clinical or academic setting.

    Price: US $9.95 | ISBN: 9781-93547602-3 | Release Date: 2011

  • The Nurse's Communication Advantage

    Business communication skills can make or break a career. This book will teach you how to develop powerful presentation skills, understand when to tweet and post to Facebook—and when not to—run productive meetings, and more!

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-405184-96-2 | Release Date: 2010

  • Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Implementing & Translation

    In this follow-up to Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Model and Guidelines, the authors provide guidelines for managing the structure, process, and outcomes of EBP projects and evidence translation in a variety of healthcare settings.

    Price: US $19.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538-91-7 | Release Date: 2010

  • Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: Linking Evidence to Action

    The Evidence-Based Nursing Series is co-published with Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). The series focuses on implementing evidence-based practice in nursing and mirrors the remit of Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, encompassing clinical practice, administration, research and public policy. Models and Frameworks for Implementing Evidence- Based Practice: Linking Evidence to Action, looks at ways of implementing evidence gained through research and factors that influence successful implementation. It acknowledges the gap that exists between obtaining evidence and the practicalities of putting it into practice and provides direction to help to close this gap. This, the first book in the series, helps the reader to make decisions about the appropriateness of using various models and frameworks. A selection of models and frameworks are examined in detail including examples of their use in practice. The book concludes with an analysis and synthesis of the included models and frameworks. The Models and frameworks that have been included are based on a number of criteria: that they are internationally recognised, have undergone widespread evaluation and testing, are transferable across different settings, and can be used by different disciplines.

    Price: US $58.99 | ISBN: 9781-405175-94-4 | Release Date: 2010

  • Take Charge of Your Nursing Career

    Throughout your nursing journey, there is a wide variety of paths from which to choose—some obvious and some not so obvious. Let this book be your guide to exploring career options.

    Price: US $24.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538-85-6 | Release Date: 2010

  • The Nurse Executive's Coaching Manual

    In the face of a projected nurse-leader shortage, nurse executives need a resource for training and retaining the next generation of directors and supervisors. The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual is the only book on coaching for nurse executives. Written by expert executive coaches-both of whom are nurses-this book provides the nurse executive with an overview of the coaching approach, competencies, models, tools, and resources that will be applicable to coaching other leaders in a health care organization. This concept differs from mentoring in that mentoring is simply the transfer of knowledge from a more experienced person to another who is less experienced. Coaching is a learning and development strategy that provides the leader with the tools necessary to enhance individual and organizational performance, support succession planning, and help future leaders make successful transitions. It is a learning path that allows for self-discovery and innovation along the way.

    Price: US $19.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538-95-5 | Release Date: 2010

  • The Nurse Manager's Guide to Hiring, Firing and Inspiring

    Nurse managers will be empowered to be successful in all aspects of their positions with tools and tips for hiring the right person for the right job, making key personnel and budgetary decisions, and improving employee morale.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538-92-4 | Release Date: 2010

  • Interpretive Phenomenology for Nurses and Social Scientists

    Interpretative phenomenological analysis aims to offer insights into how a person within a given context makes sense of a phenomenon—usually these phenomena relate to experiences of some personal significance such as a major life event (acute or chronic illness, death of a loved one, change in economic status, etc.) or the development of an important relationship. Interpretive phenomenology augments the decontextualized stories—those told without consideration of the wholeness of one’s life—told by rational-empirical research studies of human beings. It reveals knowledge embedded in caring, cultural and social practices, engaged skilled actions, embodied know-how, and concrete ways people cope with everyday life events such as health, illness, injury, birth, suffering, and dying.

    Price: US $59.95 | ISBN: 978-1-930538-88-7 | Release Date: 2010

  • You'll Know You're a Military Nurse When…

    Military nurses understand the importance of teamwork, communication, and excellence in nursing. This book shares nurses’ stories that are courageous, heartbreaking, and patriotic—in the words of the nurses themselves.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538-99-3 | Release Date: 2010

  • Fit Nurse: Your Total Plan for Getting Fit and Living Well

    As a nurse, you make a difference in the lives of your patients every day—but do you sacrifice your health and fitness goals in the process?

    Fit Nurse will empower and inspire you to make a difference in your own life with:

    Comprehensive wellness plans that work, even with your demanding schedule
    Practical tips for improving your life
    Inspiration for reaching your goals
    Methods for increasing your energy level
    Proven professional advice on nutrition, fitness, weight management, and improving back pain—from someone who has been helping nurses restore their health and fitness for more than 10 years.

     So kick off your shoes, relax, have fun and become a Fit Nurse!

    Price: US $24.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538-94-8 | Release Date: 2010

  • Why Retire?: Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses

    Nurses are aging and the workforce is shrinking. Whether you’re a nurse or a nurse manager, you’re looking for answers.

    Join nursing expert Fay L. Bower and business/sociology professor William A. Sadler as they outline a solution using a new paradigm of aging"—the Third Age, a period of life stretching from age 50 to 75 that can be an energizing time for renewal and growth.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538764 | Release Date: 2009

  • Being Present: A Nurse's Resource for End-of-Life Communication

    In Being Present: A Nurse’s Resource for End-of-Life Communication, authors Marjorie Schaffer and Linda Norlander offer strategies to help nurses talk with patients and families about their needs, hopes, and wishes as they face their own death or that of a loved one. The strategies are based on research by nurses in the United States and Norway.


    Price: US $14.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538825 | Release Date: 2009

  • Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare Facilities

    Spurred by the healthcare building boom, Evidence-Based Design for Healthcare Facilities is an important and growing trend in creating safe and nurturing patient-care environments. Hospital administrators are continually searching for proven, cost-effective strategies to do everything from enhancing patient safety and staff efficiency to improving the budget and bottom line.

    Price: US $19.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538771 | Release Date: 2009

  • How to Manage Pain in the Elderly

    How to Manage Pain in the Elderly provides nurses a practical, clinical approach to ease suffering in older patients. This solutions-oriented handbook delivers clinical tips, case studies, and assessment questions to apply the methods within the book.

    You will find practical advice to geriatric nurses on pain assessment, pain medication management, palliative care, and more. Geared toward meeting the unique needs of the elderly, this book follows U.S. guidelines on pain.

    Awarded the 2010 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year in the medical-surgical nursing category.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538849 | Release Date: 2009

  • A Daybook for Critical Care Nurses

    A Daybook for Critical Care Nurses offers day-by-day inspiration with quotes, ideas, and clinical tips. Journaling space allows for recording daily meditations and reflections. 

    Compiled in conjunction with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), these entries will encourage and renew, drawing from the deep well of experience gained from life in the critical care community.

    Price: US $9.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538894 | Release Date: 2009

  • You'll Know You're a Nurse When…

    Nurses all have a moment, that moment, when they know: they don’t just do the work of nurses, they are nurses. This book shares these moments—humorous, touching, compelling, slightly crazy, and everything in between.

    Price: US $13.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538931 | Release Date: 2009

  • International Textbook of Reflective Practice in Nursing

    Reflective practice has been widely adopted as a successful method for developing nursing across many specialties. The International Textbook of Reflective Practice in Nursing provides a definitive synthesis of the current international literature and activity surrounding reflective practice within nursing. It provides a detailed meta-analysis of reflective practice, critical reflection and reflexive, addressing differences among them.

    The International Textbook of Reflective Practice in Nursing provides practical guidance on applying reflective practice to education, practice, and research in nursing, adopting the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International’s structure of knowledge, service, and learning. The knowledge section introduces the concept of reflection as a research and evaluative tool. The service section focuses on the ways reflection has been applied and implemented in clinical practice. The learning section examines evidence that contributes to the understanding of reflection as fundamental to the nursing curricula.

    Price: US $49.95 | ISBN: 9781-405160513 | Release Date: 2008

  • Nurse: A World of Care

    In a moving tapestry of words and photographs, Nurse: A World of Care, documents and celebrates the vital and often invisible work of nurses throughout the globe. The many faces and voices of nurses are captured in compelling detail by photographer Karen Kasmauski and writer Peter Jaret. Together they paint an unforgettable and varied portrait of the profession, from the nurse midwives who walk long distances to deliver basic health care in the remote villages of Bangladesh, to the Alaska public health nurse who lives out of a sleeping bag to reach her patients, to the Thai hospice nurses who comfort and care for patients with AIDS.

    As this book powerfully argues, nursing is critical to delivering health care in every corner of the world. Only by recognizing and supporting the work of nurses can we hope to heal our ailing health care systems and ensure that nurses will continue to be there when we need them most.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9780-981456508 | Release Date: 2008

  • Tales from the Pager Chronicles

    “I think courage isn't about looking like Grace Kelly as we walk into the lion‘s den. It's about being stinking afraid and walking in anyway.” So says Patrice Rancour, a strikingly humane, honest, funny, and poetic new voice, as she ushers readers through the 32 encounters in this day-in-the-life at a modern-day cancer hospital, her pager serving as her link from one human in need to the next, while she tends and ministers to both the living and the dead.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538726 | Release Date: 2008

  • Words of Wisdom From Pivotal Nurse Leaders

    Beautiful full-color photographs and the accumulated wisdom from 23 well-known nurse leaders make this a book for every nurse who seeks inspiration, tempered with real-world savvy.

    Price: US $19.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538832 | Release Date: 2008

  • Synergy: The Unique Relationship Between Nurses and Patients

    It is within nurse-patient relationships that nurses most meaningful contributions are experienced. Author Martha Curley, RN, PhD, FAAN, one of the originators and the foremost expert on the Synergy Model, believes fully realizing and expressing those contributions may be the best way to keep nursing strong at the bedside and in the boardroom.

    Price: US $19.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538511 | Release Date: 2007

  • Conversations with Leaders: Frank Talk From Nurses (and Others) on the Front Lines of Leadership

    The conversations inside began with a simple desire to bring leadership principles and lessons to a small gathering of community health professionals. Over the years, local and international leaders added their voices, and so the gatherings grew in size and might.

    This book presents 22 conversations with leaders who generously shared their personal and professional experiences. In clear and frank fashion, each of these leaders offers the unique wisdom earned by the sweat equity that is behind all achievement.

    Join us on a journey through leadership—one conversation at a time.

    Price: US $14.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538696 | Release Date: 2007

  • Nursing Without Borders: Values, Wisdom, Success Markers

    This book is for all the nurses who have crossed their own borders, or might like to. It provides both visionary lessons and practical advice. It is part history, part business textbook, part travelogue, part how-to, and part inspiration.

    Divided into three sections—“Values,” “Wisdom,” and “Success Markers”- Nursing Without Borders reflects the international nursing experiences of a host of nurse leaders representing diverse cultures. These leaders, pioneers in global nursing, paved a path of international partnerships and documented their stories for those considering international work.

    Price: US $24.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538702 | Release Date: 2007

  • When Parents Say No: Religious and Cultural Influences on Pediatric Healthcare Treatment

    Pediatric healthcare professionals are sometimes faced with an ethical, emotionally charged dilemma when treatment, even life-saving treatment, goes against the religious or cultural beliefs of a pediatric patient's family. The impact of these situations is quite profound. Healthcare professionals want to treat the child using all known technology and interventions, yet the child's parents may refuse to consent to all or part of the needed care.

    This book offers healthcare and social services professionals the information they need to create favorable outcomes when faced with parental refusal situations, including how to anticipate religious or cultural healthcare conflicts, how to work with the family and clergy to favorably resolve the conflict, and when and how to initiate legal action to save the child's life. Included are useful tools and checklists that should be posted in every emergency room and pediatric care unit.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538306 | Release Date: 2006

  • Ready, Set, Go Lead!

    This transformative handbook will help aspiring and experienced health care leaders alike as they embark-and continue-on their leadership journeys. In Ready, Set, Go Lead! Nancy Dickenson-Hazard combines her extensive international leadership experience with real-world examples to assist early-and mid-career health care leaders alike on their own leadership journeys. Fun and thoughtful exercises at the end of each chapter provide further opportunities for personal leadership growth that even experienced leaders should find beneficial.

    Price: US $14.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538740 | Release Date: 2006

  • Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care, Volume 1

    Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care, Volume I, is the revised and updated version of the immensely successful Making a Difference book that was first published in 2000. Like the original, this book reminds nurses why they chose their professions. Gripping the heart, it is a compelling collection of personal experiences told by nurses around the world. The stories are woven together and paint a true picture of how nurses impact the lives of patients from the moment life begins to the moment it ends. 

    Price: US $14.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538153 | Release Date: 2005

  • The HeART of Nursing: Expressions of Creative Art in Nursing, Second Edition

    This beautifully produced full-color book honors nurses who honor the art that is inside them; The HeART of Nursing. Each painting, each poem, each diorama and essay conveys the depth of feeling that lives inside every nurse everywhere.

    This second edition features more than 90 nurse-artist contributors, nearly 100 pages of new content, and three new chapters. These additions include Art in Research, Delicate Artistry: Nursing for Children, and In the Process of Becoming a Nurse-Artist featuring the work and story of Christina Impoco Nieves, repeat winner of the Sigma Theta Tau International Pinnacle Award for Media: Arts. It features more than 60 new pieces of art, including paintings, essays, poetry, exemplars, sculptures, photographs, and drawings. It also includes an extensive, new contributors’ index that identifies the chapter and page number of each nurse-artists’ work for convenient reference. Now in hardcover, we have included a bound-in book-marker ribbon to keep track of your favorite piece or to simply mark your place.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538160 | Release Date: 2005

  • Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing: A Model for Practice

    Nurses use and encounter technology in nearly every aspect of their profession. What does it mean to be technologically competent and caring as a nurse? How does technology support nursing work? How does it hinder nursing work? How can nurses care for their patients as technological advancements are introduced nearly every day? Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing: A Model for Practice provides insight and answers into how nurses can and must be both technologically competent and caring as they provide meaningful and essential nursing care.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538122 | Release Date: 2005

  • A Daybook for Nurses: Making a Difference Each Day

    From the author of STTI's award-winning Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care comes daily inspiration for all nurses in this daybook. These motivational vignettes will provide inspiration and encouragement to nurses as they work each day to make a difference in the lives of the patients, families, and communities they serve.

    Price: US $9.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538139 | Release Date: 2004

  • Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care, Volume II

    In this second volume of the successful Making a Difference: Stories from the Point of Care, nurses from around the world share their powerful stories of how the art of nursing makes a difference in the lives of the patients they care for, the families they encourage and the communities they serve. Share the triumph, courage, concern, compassion, sorrow and joy as nurses and their patients come alive through these poignant stories.

    Price: US $14.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538146 | Release Date: 2004

  • Pivotal Moments in Nursing: Leaders Who Changed the Path of a Profession, Volume I

    Designed to inspire nursing professionals worldwide to step into leadership roles, this book traces the paths of 12 legendary yet contemporary nurse leaders through the pivotal times in their lives that helped transform them into leaders, and thereby change the face of nursing.

    Through thought-provoking essays and follow-up questions, this book will challenge the old thinking that leaders are born with a path and a vision laid out for them.

    Price: US $29.95 | ISBN: 9781-930538115 | Release Date: 2004

  • Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: The Stories of Nurses

    Stories about nurses are scarce, but stories about nurses who have accomplished extraordinary feats are almost non-existent.

    This beautifully produced, full-color book breaks that trend with stories about nurses who, in their daily lives, have made outstanding contributions in extraordinary ways in their communities.

    From around the globe, authors have contributed over 100 stories and images of nurses guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and applaud as you learn of their accomplishments.

    These stories capture the diversity, intensity and heroism of nursing. Collectively, they form a fascinating mosaic describing the fullness of the nursing profession.

    Price: US $12.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538108 | Release Date: 2003

  • Stories of Family Caregiving: Reconsiderations of Theory, Literature, and Life

    This interdisciplinary book explores the experiences of men and women who provide long-term, life-sustaining care to family members. It employs a narrative approach based on stories from fiction, autobiography, and interviews with family caregivers that look at their experiences in all their contradictions, hopes, and fears.

    The authors examine the narratives of family caregiving, the theories of care in feminism and nursing, and the foundations on which these theories rest, challenging health professionals to think contextually about both theories and stories.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 978-1930538061 | Release Date: 2002

  • As We See Ourselves: Jewish Women in Nursing

    Read about nursing from a Jewish perspective, including excerpts of "real-life" stories of more than 100 Jewish nurses. The author explores Judaic roots in nursing history, discusses the contribution Jewish women made to the nursing profession and describes the experiences of contemporary Jewish nurses, including the recent initiatives of the Hadassah Nurses Councils.

    Inspired by the author's commitment to tell the untold story of Jewish women in nursing, this book speaks to STTI's mission of recognizing and celebrating contributions to nursing made by diverse ethnic groups.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9781-930538054 | Release Date: 2001

  • Virginia A. Henderson: Signature for Nursing

    This peer-reviewed, tribute publication celebrates the life and legacy of a nursing legend and international nursing treasure. This festschrift is a collection of essays about Virginia Henderson that addresses three major themes of her life: scholarship, leadership and humanitarianism.

    Price: US $7.99 | ISBN: 9780-965639125 | Release Date: 1997

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